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And it’s got all the team collaboration features you’d want in a high-fidelity prototyping tool: multi-player editing, easy sharing, inline commenting, reusable components, mobile

Contrast Checker
Dopely superfast contrast checker helps you to check the contrast ratio between colors. So, you can pick the best colors.
Create Palette
with Images
Create palettes baked on image.This Feature enables you to extract the color palette of an image. Upload your image and there you have its color palette.
Easy to use
Color Converter
Color converter gives you whatever color you like. You can simply convert one color to another one by entering the code or other details.
Color Harmony
This tool is similar to a color wheel. It shows the best-matching colors. You can use the color harmony finder to find out what colors go better together.
Colors History
of all Element
In this section, all of your works will be saved and you can come back to check them anytime. Color history keeps all your color-related works.
Super Fast
Color Toner
You can use a color toner tool to see different shades, tints, and tones of a color. You can also adjust it the way suits your needs.

Why you Should useour Plugin

because it offers whatever tool you might need for your designing, and nothing’s left out. Dopely plugin is fast and provides you with all the practical options and instruments you require when working with colors. You can apply the Dopely plugin to your design apps and tools and use it whenever you want.

All in one
Dopely plugin offers you all the tools you need in your design works. You can find all the things that help you for a better design here.
Great performance
It is practical and fast and won’t take you so long to get your work done.
Easy to use
It’s easy to use and you will learn how to work with it in a jiff. The design has made all the tools and options accessible and nothing difficult or confusing.

Get Awesome Feature, without Extra Charge

The Dopely plugin will give you everything you need and want to have a unique and high-quality design.