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About Dopely Colors
The Heart of Our Colorful World
Why we are Dopely

There is a term in nanotechnology called Doping. Doping means replacing less than about 3% of atoms in a lattice with other types of atoms (impurities). This tiny change can play a very huge role in lattice properties and improve lots of lattice behaviors.

Color in design is like impurity in a lattice, it is not that much but got a whacking effect on the result! Struggle with choosing the right color, and adjusting them to fit the design perfectly, is one of the biggest concerns of a creative person.

How it all get started

Dopely born as an instagram account sharing lots of appealing palettes in order to make choosing colors easy. But it wasn't the final way to help. The idea of making a versatile tool for working with colors came up and now, is at your disposal!

We are Dopely! We dope your designs with the awesome full set of color tools to make them stand out! We help your talents to be seen and help you react to your goals much faster!

We as a team
Mehdi Khodamoradi
Color lover, Product guy, Designer,Dreamer.
I go beyond making things look pretty.
Mohammad Moallemi
Comb-Shaped software engineer • Passionate about startups • Serverless freak
I turn ideas to products.
Reza Hasani
Head of Front-end Development
The Front-end Conductor
I've always been pursuing my dream of creating a wonderful international product. hope you enjoy it!
Shahriar Habibian
This is Shahriar. I have loved to make people feel good and make them a happy environment since the time I got to know myself. Now, I help people work together better and have joyful time in the company :)
Amir Ali Abdorazzagh Nezhad
Back-end Developer
See, I'm a magician!
I can drink coffee and convert it to code, more I drink, more I code.
You don't believe me? checkout our features ;)
Zahra Sabah
Front-end Developer
Hey, I'm Zahra. I'm a Front-end developer at Dopely. I enjoy developing cool features for you.
Mahdie Ahmadi
Front-end Developer
I'm an electrical engineer who is programming and designing web page all day and have no life quotes
Zahra Saedi
Product Designer
Hi, this is Zahra
A tired designer and retired programmer who is always looking to learn new technologies.
Mina Estahbanati
Product Designer
Hi, I am Mina.
I love purple and I enjoy painting .
I'm here to create a good user experience for everyone.
Fatemeh Kabiri
SEO Manager
Hi! This is me! One part studying, two parts experiencing and three parts loving life! I love exchanging “happy birthday”s, so let’s get in touch!
Erfan Nourian
Social Media Manager
Hi, this is Erfan. A lucky person who has a lovely family and friends:)
Faeze Behzadi
Content Manager
As you can guess, I'm Faeze; A multifunctional person, that doesn't know what she likes exactly!
I'm here to manage every content that you can see. Hope you love them!
Fatemeh Saadat
Product Marketer
You can call me the energy bomb of the team, who makes lots of loud noises and makes others laugh.
I love working with others, learning new things and be helpful
Amin Honarvar
Graphic Designer
I'm a multidimensional nerd who loves fantasy and adores science,An introvert with social skills that does PR and social media
Negar Shokrollahi
Content creator
Hi, I'm Negar. I'm 21 and I love reading and writing. And also, I love making the world a better place.
Zahra Zamani
Content creator
This is Zahra. I'm interested in writing, poetry, books, music and anything that makes me feel alive! :)
Nazanin Kouhpeima
Content creator
Hi, It's Nazanin. I'm crazy about writing, photography and dancing. The world to me is like a colorful owl.