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Create, manage, and explore amazing color palettes, gradients, and color-types!

Find the perfect color tools and resources for any project.
From color palettes to everything you could ever want to learn about color.

Palette Generator
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Dopely free color palette generator tool for designers to make awesome color schemes

Color palette generator-color producer

Color palette generator makes color palettes and enables you to manage your color palette however you like it.

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Dopely free color wheel tool for designers

Color wheel-color schemes checker

Color wheel shows you different color schemes, so you can choose more harmonious color combinations

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Dopely free color toner tool to adjust tint, shade and tone

Color toner-Color modifier

Color toner enables you to see various shades, tint, and tones of each color. And helps you see which suits your needs better.

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Dopely free color converter tool to have color name and rgb, cmyk, hsl, hwb, ncol, pantone, lab, and hsb code

Color converter-info teller

Color converter provides you with the information of each color. Enter the target color codes and receive its details and info.

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Dopely free contrast checker tool to choose best type and background color

Contrast checker-Color evaluator

Contrast checker allows you to compare two colors and choose the pair with the best contrast ratio level.

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Dopely web tool helps you to generate linear and radial gradients up to 16 stop colors

Gradient generator-gradient changer

This tool generates radial and linear gradients and you can shift the linear gradient colors. It also shows the number and codes of the colors.

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Dopely online color mixer helps you to create colors by combining up to 15 colors

Color mixer-combination maker

Color mixer shows you the result of combining a number of colors. It provides the name and codes of the final color. (the number and proportion of mixing is optional)

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Dopely web tool helps you blend two colors and create a transition palette in adjustable steps

Color blender generator-color palette maker

Color blender tool combines two colors and it results in a color palette which is different shades of the mixed colors.

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Dopely's online color extractor tool gives you  color maps & the percentage of each color color.

Color extractor-color mapper

Color extractor extracts all the colors of an image with all their details, including the percentage. In the end, you can have the color map of the image.

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 Dopely's online color picker tool helps you to pick the desired color from color wheel

Online color picker-another color converter

Online color picker allows you to pick a color in the picker area and obtain its codes and info. But here you don’t need to enter codes (only pick a color).

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Dopely’s online color harmony finder tool helps you to create different color schemes.

Color harmony finder-pair finder

With the help of this tool, you can find the best-matching colors with your chosen color. Color harmony finder provides complementary colors.

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Find everything and anything about more than 16 million colors in Dopely Color Pedia

Color pedia-info teller

In color pedia you can either choose or search for a color and get its all info, codes, name, tones, color conversions, etc.

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Dopely color palette explorer offers you thousands of trending, popular, and latest color schemes.

Color palette explore-random color finder

Color palette explorer gives you pre-made color palettes. You can choose any color palette and modify it as you wish.

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Dopely colors explorer offers you thousands of trending, popular, and latest colors with names and hex codes.

Color explore

Color explorer provides you with a variety of colors, also their names and codes. You can randomly pick or search for a color to get the details.

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Dopely gradient explorer offers you thousands of trending, popular, and latest color gradients.

Gradient explore-random gradient finder

You can access lots of gradients and adjust them based on your needs. In the end, you can apply it on your palette and save it.

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Dopely color and typography explorer offers you thousands of trending, popular, and latest colors and type.

Color and type explore-checked colors

Here you can see a vast range of pre-made text-on-background models to compare the best colors with the proper contrast ratio level. You can obtain each colors’ codes by choosing them.

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Dopely Color & Image Explorer provides thousands of photo color palettes

Color and image explore

Color and image explorer gives you access to hundreds of color palettes based on images. Click on any image and you can see its palette.

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A picture from Brand palette explore in dopley colors web app with so many palettes from famous brands in 3 lines and each line has 6 palettes. The image has eighteen color palettes and a search tool.

Brand palette explore

In brand color palette explorer you can search and find your favorite brand and have its palette in a jiffy. You can also save them for later use or edit. You can have all the color information of each palette as well.

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A picture from a converter tool in dopley colors web app. RGB to CMYK color convertor with purple and with background and a paragraph about how this tool works.

Color Converter Landing

Want to know another format of your entered color? Put it in the Dopely color convertor and receive another format of it.

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Endless colors

Step into the infinite land of colors, and even beyond, bring colors into your life by using the tools available and keeping your color information up to date.

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