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Dopely VS. Coolors

There is no better color tool than Dopely's!

Comparing Dopley Colors to Coolors, one of the popular design assistants today; you will see Dopely has more Tools, Explores, Features and color information! Imagrationing from a web tool you already get used to may be hard at first, but it might be worth the future!

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Dopely is Better, It's not my word It's Yours...

And Why Dopely is Better?

To meet all of your color needs, Dopely offers a full set of color tools!

Complete Set of Tools
A world of colors is right at your fingertips! There are various types of powerful color tools like palette generator, gradient generator, color wheel, code converter, toner, blender, mixer, extractor, contrast checker and yet, this is not the end of adventure! We will always get your back!
Never Lose Inspiration
Dopely brings endless inspiration when it comes to colors. Trying to find a color, palette, gradient, typography color, brand palette, or photo colors? There is no better solution for all than Dopely! All you have to do is scroll explorers and get amazed!
Unique Features & Exports
There are always few things that can make Dopely stand out from other solutions. It can be the friendly feeling of its design, different creative types of templates to present your color palette, six types of exports, and the support of more applications.
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Want more Proof?

Take a quick look at the table below, convincing?

Competition Table for Dopley Colors vs. Coolors

Palette Generatordoesn't have different templates
Gradient Generatorlimited rotationfixed opacity
Color Converter
Color Toner
Color Wheel
Contrast Checker
Color Blendernamed as Gradient Palette, limited to 30 stepslimited to 50 steps
Color Mixer
Color Extractor
Color Harmony
Collage Maker
Color Palettes
Brand Palettes
Color Gradients
Color & Photos
Color & Typographys
Color Blog

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