The 7 Best Online Gradient Generator Tools in 2021

Best Online Gradient Generator Tools in 2021

As I said before, I enjoy testing online color tools and sharing my experiences about them, and now I am going to review the 7 Best Online Gradient Generator Tools in 2021! In today’s world, there are so many smart assistants available that you can’t compete without them, so choose wisely! Maybe we should read some definitions as a warm up?

Color Gradient Definition

Assume you are going to add both joy and peace in one of your design elements, what would you do? There are some solutions, one idea is to use a transition from yellow to blue, as colors can evoke emotions. This is an example of where color gradients play a role!

What are the benefits and applications of color gradients?

While pure colors may limit your design’s potential, gradients allow you to create endless variations. It is a simple way to add depth and dimension in a 2D design. Still, it’s not just about the trend, but gradients are back in style now!
Gradients, even a very slight gradient, can be applied to almost any design. As you may notice, using color transitions in illustration, make them more realistic. There’s been a lot of re-brandings using color gradients in logos, a quick example is Instagram’s new logo recently. Also, adding gradients in texts, icons, backgrounds, or patterns make them appear more professional. Of course, there are no limits in the world of design!

What are different types of color gradients?

Even though there are five types of gradients, all start with a color and gradually blend into another in a few steps. Several factors will impact the final look, such as area size, shape, and gradient style.

  • Linear color gradients:
    It is a gradient in which the starting step can make a straight line with all of the other steps.
Linearcolor gradients of blue and red
  • Radial color gradients:
    Radial color gradients are created when the centered hue blends into the next step to form a circle.
Radial color gradients of blue and red

These two where the most common forms of gradients! Let’s see more:

  • Angle color gradients:
    Around the starting point, angular gradients sweep counterclockwise, with the angle defined by the line between them.
Angle color gradients of blue and red
  • Mirrored color gradients:
    Mirrored gradients work just like you would expect. The color is mirrored both on the right and left sides of the starting point.
Mirrored color gradients of blue and red
  • Diamond color gradients:
    Diamond gradients are created by starting from a point and extending into a corner of a diamond-shaped shape.

There can be more types of gradients too, like blend or mesh gradients! But this can get a little complicated & is not the main concern of this post.

What you will see in this post:
  1. What is a gradient generator Tool?

What is a gradient generator Tool?

A color gradient generator is a tool that helps you create accurate gradients, by adjusting colors, steps angle and choosing the format. As I discussed about the importance of transitions in colors before, it is wise to choose a fast and professional tool which can make you enjoy designing! So, let’s introduce The 7 best online gradient generator tools in 2021 now!

1. Dopely Free Gradient Generator Tool

Dopely online gradient generator tool helps you to generate both linear and radial gradients with any color you like, with more than 16 stop points and edit all of them with Hue, Saturation, Lightness, super easy & professional!
In addition to a full-scale preview of your gradient, it’s super easy to change the angle or the distance of steps by simply dragging them!

Similar to other Dopely tools, you can save (css, url, pdf, png, jpg, svg), share, or like your color, or even pick random one from millions of color transitions. Moreover, you can upload a photo or enter the url of an image directly into this tool, to choose a color from it to get the color codes. There’s a modern yet comfortable feel to the design. Also, the final results are seen within a second after entering the color code. Since it is an integral part of Dopely tools, you can apply the results instantly to other tools like color toner, color palette generator, color blender, and more.

Dopely Free Gradient Generator Tool, Best Online Gradient Generator Tools in 2021
Dopely Colors – Free Color Gradient Generator

2. CSSGradient Free Gradient Generator Tool

The CSSGradient free tool allows you to create gradients with 2 and 3 steps in the color of your choice! As an interesting feature, you can pick colors from a color wheel and even adjust color transparency to get the hex or RGBA code. Also, you could change the angle, or the distance of steps from each other just by dragging!
(I think the “add bottom” and the “upload an image” couldn’t work properly, but if it does for you, It’s worth working with!) Free Gradient Generator Tool
CSS Gradient — Generator, Maker, and Background

3. Ultimate CSS Free Gradient Generator Tool

Ultimate CSS gradient generator is a Photoshop-like CSS gradient editor by ColorZilla. Since it is more of a gradient editor than a gradient maker, you have to start designing a gradient with a limited number of color transition samples. You are able to add lots of hue steps, change the color and opacity of each, and choose the location. But there are only four angle choices, and you wouldn’t get color codes.

As ColorZilla’s gradient editor provides importing color transitions from an image (either by uploading or entering the URL), You can convert a gradient in an image to a CSS format. But please consider that it not smart enough and may export random gradients.

Colorzilla Free Gradient Generator Tool
Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator –

4. Color Space Free Gradient Generator Tool

It is a well-designed minimal gradient maker, which helps you create two-color-gradients and three-color-gradients only one click! So, you can enter the hex code or choose the color from color wheel, and get to see the preview and CSS code.

Learn UI design Free Gradient Generator Tool
ColorSpace – CSS Gradient Color Generator

5. Learn UI Design Free Gradient Generator Tool

This toil helps you create conic, radial and linear gradients. Even though you have only 2 steps, 5 choices for angles, and you will get to see the color transition in 3 color system, but you can level up the precision. This is a unique feature that will make your color transitions look brighter! Also, you can export your gradient as a CSS code or a SVG file.

My Color Space Free Gradient Generator Tool – gradient generator tool

6. Coolors Free Gradient Generator Tool

Despite Coolors’ popularity among designers, its gradient maker shares similar features with other competitors. Like adding steps, choosing color by color wheel or hex code, changing opacity and rotation (8 angles) and defining the type of gradient (linear or radial). Also, you have access to random color transitions and the CSS export.

CSS Free Gradient Generator Tool
Create a gradient – Coolors

7. CSS Free Gradient Generator Tool

This tool helps you generate linear or radial transitions between two colors and get a hex, rgba or a css output in 8 angles. Cute tool, But only for fast and limited designs!

My Color Space Free Gradient Generator Tool
CSS Gradient Generator – Make and generate beautiful gradients

Finally, we are finished with comparing the 7 Best Online Gradient Generator Tools in 2021! Now it is time to hear your ideas!

What do you think? Have you ever used a gradient generator before? What are other color transition makers you recommend? Which one do you prefer? Let me know what you think! Your suggestions will be added to the list! Also, you can find more comparing posts between different tools here on Inside Colors blog to sharpen your assistance! Have you seen “The 7 Best Online Color Converter Tools in 2021”?

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