7 Freeform gradient inspiration!

Surely we have all seen the rainbow for once. Rainbow colors are a kind of gradient, because, by nature, it is a slow and gradual transition from purple to red.
A gradient is a gradual combination of colors that do not have a clear boundary between them, hence it is also called color transitions (remember the rainbow).
Gradiens has some different types: Linear, Radial, Diamond, Angle, Reflected, Blur, and Freeform gradients! all of these types are great in their place, but Freeform gradient is great always!

P.s: You can read about all of this gradient types, and generate Linear or Radial gradints, in Dopely Gradient generator

1st free form gradient idea:

You can make Freeform gradients in Adobe illustrator. You can have any point which you want, and there is two way to have colors, connected or disconnect points. Here’s the relation between colors to have the best result!

Freeform gradient inspiration with: 334A9A + B359A2 + FFC72 + EE317D

Freeform gradient between 4 colors by dopely.top

2nd color gradient idea for your designs:

Freeform gradient inspiration with: 378ECD + 81CEC6 + E4F3F2

bright gradient inspiration by dopely colors

3rd Freeform gradient idea:

Freeform gradient inspiration with: B13F97 + 95C2E8 + D8C3DF

gradient inspiration with blue, white and purple by dopely colors

4th idea:

Freeform gradient inspiration with: FAF283 + 9BD3AC + 99B373 + FFFFFF

free form gradient inspiration with four colors by dopely colors

5th Freeform gradient inspiration:

Freeform gradient inspiration with: F7CE68 + F9AB73 + FEF4F3 + CDECF7 + B4D7F2

Color gradient idea with four colors by dopely colors

6th color gradient inspiration:

Freeform gradient inspiration with: 1B75BC + 662D91 + 262262 + 180F33 + C0E8F9 + EAF7FA + BFE6EC + E6E7E8

color gradient inspiration for your desings by dopely colors

7th Freeform Gradient idea:

Freeform gradient inspiration with: 961758 + 1ِD1B4C + 2E4A8C + FFFFFF + FBB040


If you liked this Freeform gradients, you can see more and more ideas in Dopely colors instagram account! Use this gradients and share in your IG account with #madewithdopelycolors!
Hope you ENJOY!

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