Flower colors: Complete guide to know them!

flower colors

What will be your first choice for a gift? I bet everyone’s first choice is flowers. One of the reasons for choosing them is because of the different colors they have. Flower colors can affect anyone’s creativity, mood and way of thinking. Stranger than that, each flower color has its own meaning.

Today we are going to step into a world full of flowers. And next to that, let’s understand the meaning of the colors of the flowers. Also, learn what flower color to use when arranging a bouquet or planting a garden. And other tips! If you love flowers like me, walk with me in their world!

What is the strongest feature of flowers? Probably colors!

Color is the strongest element that controls emotional power. Therefore, the correct use of colors in anything is important and vital. Even if that thing is a flower design. It doesn’t matter what design and type of flower is chosen, first of all we should consider the colors. For this, you can use color theory and color wheel.

The article below gives you complete information about color theory, if you want to know more. Touch it!

Using the Color Wheel in Floristry

  1. First, it speeds up the process of choosing flowers and accessories.
  2. Secondly, it creates bouquets and harmonious arrangements.
  3. Third, using the color wheel gives you millions of ways to choose a suitable combination.
  4. Fourthly, by using the color wheel, you can be sure that none of your flower arrangements are similar.

Do you want to design a bouquet with the help of the color wheel? I can bring you a few steps closer to your goal. For this purpose, you can use the Dopely online color wheel!

a graphic picture of color wheel

What is the meaning of different flower colors? Here, this is a guide!

When you give flowers to someone or when you want to fill your bouquet or garden with beautiful flowers; Knowing the meaning of each flower color can help you convey a special message with the color of the flowers you choose. Here is a guide for you:

The meaning of red flower

Red flowers always represent love, passion for us. Other than that, it may also represent courage and respect. For this reason, red flowers are considered a suitable gift for Valentine’s Day.

Example for red flowers


There are different types of geraniums, one of which is red. Planting these flowers is great for people who have a yard. This flower is a sign of passion, happiness, health, good wishes and friendship.

a picture of red geranium

These flowers are known as the flowers that grew from the rubble in Europe after the First World War. For this reason, it is a symbol of consolation, memory, peace, death and even eternal sleep.

a picture of red poppy
Red rose

Rose has always been a symbol of love. Of course, there are roses in different colors, but the most common one is red. Do you want the meaning of different colors of roses? If you are curious, the button below will take you to find the answer!

a picture of red rose

The meaning of orange flower

Orange is one of the bold, energetic and lively colors. These have made the orange flower a symbol of excitement, passion, joy and warmth. The presence of these flowers in your surroundings makes it bright and increases your energy.

Example for orange flowers


The marigold flower represents strength, endurance and the light that lives within man. Also, this flower is often associated with the sun. Because the appearance of its blossoms is similar to the sun.

a picture of orange marigold

Zinnia flower has different meanings. This flower is a symbol of goodness, friendship, endurance, daily reminders and lasting love. It is appropriate to give this flower to an absent friend whom you have not seen for a while.

a picture of orange zinnia

In religious symbolism, the lily flower is often a symbol of the Virgin Mary and is depicted to represent the resurrection of Christ. They also represent purity, innocence and rebirth. Each lily color has a meaning. You can read them in this article!

a picture of orange lily

The meaning of yellow flower

Yellow is forever associated with energy, happiness, calmness, warmth and excitement. Yellow flowers also represent friendship and new beginnings. If someone around you is not feeling well, giving them a bouquet of yellow flowers will increase their mood because it is impossible to smile after seeing this color of flowers.

Example for yellow flowers


In fact, sunflowers are a symbol of loyalty to the beloved and respect and honor to the other person. Also, it is a sign of a long and happy life. For this reason, sunflowers are used for wedding anniversaries, birthdays and weddings.

a picture of yellow sunflower

This flower is available in different colors, but its yellow color is purity and innocence. Indeed, a freesia bouquet means friendship and trust and you can gift it to friends, colleagues and family members.

a picture of yellow freesia

Because daffodils have a long history in different cultures, we can use it for different situations. Because, daffodil is a symbol of admiration, courage, hope, rebirth and one-sided love. Therefore, you can use this flower for sympathy or apology. Also, a legend says that if you buy a branch of daffodil, you will bring bad luck, but a bouquet of daffodil brings good luck.

a picture of yellow daffodil

The meaning of green flower

Green is the color of nature and one of the colors of spring. Therefore, it is a symbol of renewal, rebirth, health, resilience and good luck. Giving green flowers as a gift, either alone or in combination with other colors of flowers, indicates new beginnings and optimism.

Example for green flowers

Green anthuriums

Green anthuriums represent growth, hope, strength and endurance. In addition, this anthurium color is a good way to reduce stress and create a visible connection with nature.

a picture of green anthurium
Bells of Ireland

These tall green flowers, despite their name, are not native to Ireland. They are a symbol of good luck. Actually, they are not flowers and are actually calyxes with small flowers inside.

a picture of green bells of Ireland
Green cymbidium orchid

These green orchid flowers represent health, prosperity, strength and longevity. Its pink type is a symbol of grace, kindness and femininity. There are extraordinary orchids with special colors, each of which has a meaning. This article is ready to answer your possible questions!

a picture of green cymbidium orchid

The meaning of blue flower

Blue flowers bring relaxation, peace and openness. This color of flowers helps to reduce stress and release negative emotions.

Example for blue flowers

Forget-me-not (Myosotis, Scorpion grasses)

In fact, this flower which has a difficult name shows true love and deep respect. Giving this flower to a person you love means you’ll never forget them. Forget-me-not symbolizes fidelity and being truthful to someone you love.

a picture of blue forget-me-not

Iris flower represents royalty and wisdom. The blue iris symbolizes faith and hope. The white iris shows purity. Therefore, to show somebody that you’re loyal to them, you may want to give them a blue Iris flower.

a picture of blue iris
Blue delphinium (Larkspur)

Blue delphinium implies openness to new experiences and positivity. This flower connotes joy, warmth, fun, and happiness. So, if you want to tell a person that you enjoy her company, maybe this is your flower.

a picture of blue delphinium

The meaning of lavender flower

It seems, lavender is derived from purple, but it has a different meaning than purple. This color of flowers is a sign of femininity, youth, elegance, grace and elegance.

Example for lavender flowers


Lavender flowers most commonly represent purity, silence, devotion, serenity, grace, and calmness. The lavender purple symbolizes royalty, elegance, luxury, and refinement.

a picture of lavender

The lavender color of these flowers represents elegance, feminine beauty, pride and royalty. This flower was also a symbol of motherhood and childbirth. So it is associated with love, sense and fertility.

a picture of violet daisy

In fact, this flower, which is an ornamental flower and comes in different colors, has contradictory symbols. In this way, it means anger, but it also shows hope.

a picture of violet petunias

The meaning of purple flower

Purple is a common color for flowers and has royal roots. Giving these flowers alone or together with other colors shows success, admiration, dignity and pride. It also gives a lively energy to the surroundings.

Example for purple flowers


Blue-violet is another purple flower. The blue-violet shows faith, affection, love, and intuition. Also, Blue-violets are unique and special as romantic gifts. Consequently, if you’re trying to show your love, you can go with a Blue-violet flower.

a picture of purple blue-violet
Blue salvia

Last but not least comes Blue-salvia. The blue-salvia is associated with healing. The flower also shows wisdom, well-being, and long life. Its lilac color represents purity and youthful innocence.

a picture of purple blue salvia

In fact, these flowers have a long history. Traditionally, they are a symbol of gratitude, stability, romantic support.

a picture of purple bellflower

The meaning of pink flower

Pink flowers, like red flowers, can represent love and passion. But pink has another meaning. These flowers represent tenderness, happiness, innocence and kindness. Because this color is also associated with femininity, pink flowers are the best gift for Mother’s Day.

Example for pink flowers


It’s a sign of caution. So, the Begonia connotes warning about misfortunes of the future and new situations. However, it can also symbolize gratitude and respect.

a picture of pink begonia

The carnation flower represents adoration, pure love, and good luck. It can also show regret that a love cannot be shared.

a picture of pink carnation
Cherry blossom

The cherry blossom is a universal symbol of spring. So, it is associated with renewal, rebirth, and the fleeting nature of life (their life is very short).

a picture of pink cherry blossom

The meaning of white flower

White flowers represent humility, respect, innocence, elegance. Usually you can find a white flower in each bouquet. These flowers in the bridal bouquet are a symbol of innocence and purity, in the memorial ceremony bouquet they are a symbol of sympathy. Also, the presence of white flowers at the funeral is a symbol of paying respect to the deceased person.

Example for white flowers


Camellia flowers are mostly decorative. Their pure white shows love and affection. Also, its white blossoms stimulate admiration.

a picture of white camellia

Tulips are best known for their tall and strong stems. White Tulips convey concepts of forgiveness and worthiness, purity, respect, and honor.

a picture of white tulip

The white Magnolia is a symbol of serenity and dignity. It also refers to the feminine side of life and Yin.

a picture of white magnolia

What are the principles of floral design? See below!

Well, flowers have positive effects on people, improving their emotional connections and stimulating their senses. So it is important to understand and know the principles of their design. Below are the important elements and principles in flower design. By knowing each of them, it will be easier to decide on a flower design.

Balance in flower design

Two types of balance should be considered in flower design. First physical balance and then visual balance.

Physical balance is related to the equal distribution of the weight of flowers and their accessories in the overall flower design. Because flowers and foliage are not the same size and weight, it is best to create an imaginary centerpiece. In this way, we distribute the physical weight of flowers and leaves equally on both sides of this imaginary axis.

Visual balance also refers to understanding the balance that is done by our eyes and there are two types: symmetrical and asymmetrical.

In symmetrical visual balance, there is an equal amount of similar elements on both sides of the central axis, which makes this design suitable for formal ceremonies. But in asymmetric visual balance, there is an equal amount of different elements on both sides of the central axis, which makes this design suitable for informal and friendly events.

a picture of a flower arrangement that it has asymmetrical balance
Asymmetrical balance

Proportion in flower design

The relationship that focuses on the size of one part of the flower design with another part is called proportion in flower design. Thus, the amount of flowers should be proportional to the container in which they are placed. Also, the width and height of the arrangement of flowers should be proportional to each other.

Scale in flower design

The relationship that focuses on the size of the flower design in relation to its surroundings is called scale in flower design. Because if we place a small flower arrangement in a large environment, it will be ignored.

Texture in flower design

It is necessary to use different textures of flowers and their different combinations to achieve the best design in flower arrangement. Amazing designs can be obtained by combining the texture of flowers with different vases.

Size in flower design

 Size is the most important element in flower design. So please pay attention to this before anything else. As mentioned before, the elements of scale and proportion are also related to size. Knowing the flower size is essential for any different flower design. Because each flower design, apart from the emotional aspect, needs its own size.

a girl design a flower bouquet

Form in flower design

Form refers to the overall arrangement and configuration of flowers. This element also depends on your attention. Arrangement of flowers can be rectangular, triangular, circular, square, heart, star and any design that attracts the eye.

Space in flower design

When you are working on the design of a bouquet, you should pay attention to the amount of space in it. The space between the flowers should not be too much or too little so that the flowers stick to each other. In this case, you will make an unpleasant design.

Color in flower design

In flower design, it is necessary to pay attention to the visual and emotional response obtained through color. Because each color expresses different emotions, it is necessary to choose colors for flower design that match the message we give to the audience.

the flower Tulips with different colors

Perfume in flower design

Smells can increase our sensory awareness and remind us of memories. For example, some people do not like the combination of jasmine and rose. Or some aromatic compounds create a flower arrangement with a bitter fragrance that is unpleasant. Thus, it is necessary to pay attention to the fragrance of flowers for design.

Harmony and contrast in flower design

There should be harmony between the flowers, foliage and accessories. In addition, the presence of contrast in the flower design will help to quickly recognize the focal point and its prominent part.

Emphasis in flower design

In creating a floral design, we need to be able to create a focal point. This focal point should be in a form that draws the audience’s eye to it at first glance.

a bouquet with a purple flower in middle for emphasis

What color flowers go together? Back to the color wheel!

This is the big question of florists. But reaching the answer to this question is possible by using the harmonies of the color wheel, because it provides a correct understanding of the relationships between colors and the method of arrangement of flowers. In general, the color wheel has 6 color harmonies:

Complementary colors

This harmony is achieved by choosing colors that are exactly opposite each other in the color wheel. Creating a flower arrangement with complementary colors creates a vibrant bouquet. Like red and green / orange and blue / yellow and purple and…

red flowers in green nature is an example for complementary schemes

Analogous colors

Analogous harmony is achieved by choosing three adjacent colors in the color wheel. Which includes two types: warm and cold colors. It is possible to coordinate this color harmony with different themes. Also, using this harmony creates a formal and beautiful bouquet. Such as red, red-orange and orange / blue, blue-purple and purple and…

red, red-orange and orange flowers is an example for analogous schemes

Monochrome colors

Indeed, monochromatic harmony includes tones, undertones and shades of one color in the color wheel. The most pleasant, simple and stylish harmony is monochromatic harmony. For this reason, flower arrangements made from this harmony can be used for any occasion. Like the color red and all its shades, tones and undertones and…

pink flowers is an example for monochrome schemes

Triadic colors

The three colors of this harmony are separated from each other by an equal distance in the color wheel. In fact, the combination of three colors may sometimes be harsh, that’s why one of the colors should be dominant and the other two colors should be more subtle and bright. However, the colors of this harmony have a good contrast and harmony with each other. Like yellow, red and blue / yellow-green, red-orange and blue-violet / green, orange and purple and…

purple, orange and green flowers is an example for triadic schemes

Split Complementary colors

In the split complementary harmony, we choose one color and instead of choosing the complementary color that is opposite it, we choose two colors that are on both sid

es of the opposite complementary color. Such as red, green, blue and yellow-green / orange, blue-violet and blue-green / yellow, blue-violet and red-violet / green, red-orange and red-violet and…

red-violet, orange and green flowers is an example for split complementary schemes

Tetradic colors

Tetradic harmony is created from the combination of 4 colors that are located at an equal distance from each other on the wheel. In fact, the addition of two pairs of complementary colors creates tetradic harmony. Such as yellow, purple, blue-green and red-orange / green, red, blue-violet and yellow-orange and…

red, violet, blue and green flowers is an example for tetradic schemes

How many colors should be in a bouquet? This may help you!

There are many colors to put in a bouquet. But the point here is that the presence of many colors creates a disharmony. In fact, the fewer the colors, the more beautiful the bouquet will be. The ideal of a bouquet is the presence of three to five colors in it. You can use three main colors along with neutral colors to have a beautiful bouquet.

It is best to use several focal flowers (the number of flowers is up to you), one or more secondary flowers (flowers that fill the bouquet) and some greenery. Choose the color of the flowers based on the purpose that the bouquet will eventually serve.

Some ideas for central flowers, secondary flowers and greenery

Center flowers: Sunflowers, Agapanthus Asiatic Lilies, Carnations, Calla Lilies and Star of Bethlehem.

Secondary flowers: Green Ball, Alstroemerias, Kangaroo Paws, Bells of Ireland and Button Pom Poms.

The brunette: Baby’s Breath, Croton Leaves, Cocculus Laurifolius, Lily Grass and Eucalyptus.

a picture of perfect bouquet of flower

What are the colors of flowers for different purposes? I will tell you!

Giving flowers to other people can be a show of feeling, love, friendship, happiness, sympathy and consolation. Here we have brought a collection of suitable flower colors for various purposes, which makes the decision easier for you.

Funeral color flowers

1. White lily

White lily is one of the flowers that is usually suitable for funerals. This flower is a symbol of purity, compassion, greatness and innocence that has been restored to the souls of the departed.

2. Red, Pink and White Carnation

Long lasting and fragrant is one of the reasons for choosing this flower for funeral ceremonies. Red carnations represent sympathy and admiration. Pink carnations represent remembrance and white carnations represent innocence and love.

3. White Gladioli

The stem of these flowers is long and reaches 4 feet. For funerals, these flowers are usually used in fan spray. There are different colors of this flower, but the white color of this flower is more suitable for funeral ceremonies. Because it is a symbol of strength, personality, honesty and moral integrity.

4. Pink and white orchid

White and pink colors in orchids are a symbol of sympathy. And also, these flowers are a sign of eternal love.

5. Purple ChrysantheMums

In some European countries, chrysanthemums are a symbol of death and are the most appropriate choice for funerals. In some Asian countries such as China, Korea and Japan, these flowers are a symbol of mourning and sadness.

white flower design for funeral

Friendship color flowers

I. Yellow Sunflower

The yellow color of this beautiful flower represents friendship and its petals represent happiness between friends. The availability of this flower throughout the year makes it the best option for gifting to friends.

II. Bright purple Geranium

This germanium flower color is rare but attractive and suitable for gifting to friends. Because this flower color symbolizes good wishes and friendship.

III. White and Yellow Daffodil

The white and yellow color of these flowers is a symbol of relief, care and goodwill in friendship. If you choose this flower to give as a gift to your friends, make sure to give a beautiful bunch of it, not a branch!

IV. Orange Alstroemeria

The orange color in this flower is a sign of bond, friendship and strong love between people. The special shape of these flowers makes them suitable for gifting to your friends.

V. Orange, Pink and White Tulips

For a gift to a friend, tulips in any color are suitable. But the best of them are pink, white and orange. Because they are a symbol of love and good wishes.

pink, yellow and green flower design for friendship

Apology color flowers

A. Blue Hyacinth

The best choice for an apology is to give a gift of water hyacinth because it is a symbol of peace. The blue color of these flowers shows regret, trying to improve and relax.

B. White tulips

In addition to friendship, white tulips are also suitable for apologies. In this case, they are a symbol of forgiveness, trying to make amends and renewal. So it is a great choice to repair a relationship.

C. Pink Carnation

To restore a damaged friendship and relationship, the pink color of these flowers is suitable. Because it shows the effort to improve the relationship and appreciation of your friend or partner.

D. Pink Rose

The easiest way to apologize is to give a few pink roses to your loved one. Because it is a symbol of romantic apology.

E. White Lily of the Valley

The most beautiful and best apology flowers (at least for me!) are lilies of the valley. These beautiful and delicate flowers are a symbol of rebirth, which makes them suitable flowers for apologizing.

a bouquet of hyacinth flower design for apology

Why do flowers have different colors? Anthocyanins and carotenoids… and more!

It is true that there are different types of flowers, but their distinguishing feature, apart from their type, is the specific color of each flower. The color of each flower is due to the pigments in their petals. The more these pigments, the darker the color. Conversely, the fewer pigments, the brighter the color.

One of these common pigments in flowers is anthocyanin, whose color can be white, black, brown, red, blue, yellow, and purple. Another type of pigment is carotenoids, which have orange, yellow, and red colors (in fact, the same thing that creates the color of autumn leaves).

Therefore, some flowers have anthocyanin-type pigments, a group of carotenoids, and some others have a combination of both. Apart from these pigments, other things are also involved in determining the color of the flower. Things like:

  • The amount of light that flowers receive during growth.
  • The temperature around the flower.
  • The pH level of the soil in which the flower grows.
  • Stress caused by the environment such as drought and flood
  • Lack of nutrients in the soil where the flower is.
a picture of thousand flowers with diferent colors

What is the most common flower color? No one really knows!

The truth is that there is no database to determine what is the most common color in all the flowers in the world. But one possibility can be considered and it is also green. Indeed, all (or most) plant species, especially trees and plants, produce small green flowers. The second option also belongs to pink color and its different shades.

a picture of green nature

What is the rarest flower color? Probably only one case!

Probably the most common answer you hear from others is black. There are only two types of black flowers in the world. One of them is called black dahlia, in reality its color is dark chocolate. And the other one is called black pansy, which in reality is dark purple in color. So it can be said that there is no real black flower and the black color in flowers is a deep shade of red or purple.

Inother rare color is true blue, which has been seen in only one type of flower in the world. This Boraginaceae flower is known as forget-me-not and contains true blue petals.

a picture of black pancy
Black Pancy

Which flower color does not exist? It might be confusing!

Naturally, blue colors are much less among flowers than other common colors. A little while ago, I said that the color true blue can only be seen in one family of flowers. But what is the reason for this rarity? This is because there is no blue pigment. Let me clarify my answer.

When you look at a flower that is blue in color, in fact, other minerals and pigments in the flower combine with light to create the color we call blue.

a picture of forget-me-not flowers

As a gardener, do you pay attention to the combination of flower colors? You have to do!

The first thing in a garden that attracts our attention is the color of its flowers. Thus, choosing the right colors will make your garden pleasant and beautiful. Using warm colors gives energy and excitement to your garden. If flowers with these colors are planted at the same distance from each other, it will attract the eyes. Like red, magenta, yellow and orange.

In contrast, the use of cold colors gives peace and quiet to your garden. If you have flowers with these colors in your garden, they may not have a clear view from a distance and get lost, but their beauty can be seen up close. Like blue and purple colors.

Of course, there is no exact rule for classifying colors into two categories, warm and cold, when planting flowers and plants. For example, rich chartreuse green color can be included in the category of warm colors. If the pale shades of the same color are in the category of cold colors.

a picture of a garden with white and red-orange flowers

What is the best flower color scheme in planting? One that is more pleasant!

Complementary color scheme of flowers in the garden:

  • The first color scheme brings the most contrasting colors. So it has high energy and excitement.
  • You can use different colors such as neutral colors to keep this color scheme attractive.

Monochrome color scheme of flowers in the garden:

  • The second color scheme contains colors of the same family. And they can be calm or playful.
  • One of the best options for this color scheme is the moon garden. To a garden full of white flowers.

Analogous color scheme of flowers in the garden:

  • The third color scheme provides bright and beautiful colors that transmit energy to the viewer.
  • The analogous color scheme makes the choice of plants for planting simple and attractive in the garden.

What is the important point of combining flower colors in planting? Choose the color you like!

Read the headline again; You read it right. Plant the colors you like. Because may be a person who fills his entire garden with warm colors.

There is also a person who decides to fill the entire garden with cold colors such as lavender, silver, etc. But the same person uses bright colors as an exclamation mark in his garden.

So to conclude, there is no right or wrong rule for planting certain colors in your garden. The only thing that matters; Beauty is in the look of the beholder, that is, your look!

a picture of a garden with different color of tulips

Need schemes for inspiration? Let’s get help from the flower colors!

Flowers are the best option for getting ideas and inspiration for your designs due to their beautiful colors. Instead of giving you flowers, I will give you several colored designs of flowers. Voila:

color palette inspiration of flower colors by dopely color palette generator 1
color palette inspiration of flower colors by dopely color palette generator2
color palette inspiration of flower colors by dopely color palette generator3
color palette inspiration of flower colors by dopely color palette generator 4
color palette inspiration of flower colors by dopely color palette generator5
color palette inspiration of flower colors by dopely color palette generator 6
color palette inspiration of flower colors by dopely color palette generator 7
color palette inspiration of flower colors by dopely color palette generator 8
color palette inspiration of flower colors by dopely color palette generator 9
color palette inspiration of flower colors by dopely color palette generator 10

Last line

Despite the various colors of flowers, you can use it to include your message and give flowers to others. You need to determine your target and audience. Then, by fully understanding the meanings of the different colors of each flower, choose a suitable flower with a color that represents your message. C’est fini!

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