Chakra colors: A guide to full knowledge!

Chakra colors

How interested are you in meditation? Your interest in meditation determines how much you know about the chakra. It will surprise you to know the connection between mental and physical health with the chakras of the body.

You have probably heard about the chakras and their colors. But have you heard anything about the meanings of each chakra color?

Today we are going to talk about the chakras of the body, their relationship with each other, their colors, the meaning of each and everything that will help you to understand this fully. Let’s sink into a halo of colors!

What is a chakra?

The root of the word chakra is taken from the Sanskrit language, which means spinning vortices. Also, this word means wheel in English. In fact, chakras are energy centers that rotate in the inner energy core of each of us. These energy centers, which are located along the spine, connect the mind and the physical and spiritual body to each other and emit a lot of energy.

For this reason, improper functioning and blockage of one of the chakras causes mental, physical and emotional disorders. Therefore, becoming aware of these chakras, balancing them, and constantly clearing them promotes health. Using positive affirmations, yoga and chakra stones help balance the chakras. Just like what happens with auras.

If wants to know more about Aura and their colors, touch this button:

A graphic image of 7 chakras

What are the chakras of the body?

Generally, there are 7 chakras in the body which are located along the spine. All seven chakras have their own colors that have a special meaning. These seven chakras from top to bottom are:

1. The Crown Chakra: Color Purple/Violet

2. The Third Eye Chakra: Color Indigo

3. The Throat Chakra: Color Blue

4. The Heart Chakra: Color Green

5. The Solar Plexus Chakra: Color Yellow

6. The Sacral Chakra: Color Orange

7. The Root Chakra: Color Red

A graphic image of a human body and its chakras

What is the difference between aura and chakra?

Indeed, Auras are electromagnetic fields that exist around each person. Also, the color of these fields changes with the intention and mood of each person. But usually, the color of the chakras remains the same unless a very important event changes the color of the chakra. So, auras are external energies and chakras are internal energies.

However, both auras and chakras have the same colors with almost different meanings that represent a person’s spiritual colors. Both of them are important for the physical, mental and spiritual health of people. Also, both of them can be blocked for various reasons and need to be cleaned so as not to leave a bad impact on the overall health of the person.

A graphic image of relation between Aura and Chakra

What is the meaning of aura and chakra colors?

In the following table, you can see a comparison between the meaning of aura and chakra colors:

For the Aura:

Deep RedHard working, vitality, energy
RedSexuality, competitive spirit, winner
OrangeAdventure, business
Orange yellowAcademic, logical, scientific
YellowSunny, energetic, creative
GreenSocial, harmonious, teacher
Deep greenGoal oriented, good organizational skills
BlueCaring, loyal, sensitive
IndigoCalm, clear, artistic, introverted
VioletSensual, charismatic
LavenderFragile, imaginative, sensitive
WhiteTranscendent, spiritual, quiet

For the Chakra:

Crown ChakraVioletAssociated with peace, wisdom
Third Eye ChakraIndigoAssociated with intuition, devotion
Throat ChakraBlueAbility to verbalize
Heart ChakraGreenExpression of love, soul/heart consciousness
Solar Plexus ChakraYellowAssimilation, digestion, motivation, goals
Sacral ChakraOrangeProcreation, creativity
Root ChakraRedPhysical activity, emotional strength

What is the information about each chakra of the body?

Here you will get to know each chakra, color, location, meaning of its color and its function. Let’s start with the first chakra, the root chakra:

All about the Root Chakra:

A graphic image of red symbol of Root chakra

Sanskrit name: Muladhara

Color: Red

Location: The lowest part of the spine 

Symbol: security, power base, energy, comfort, stability

Mantra: Lam

Element: Earth

Glands: Gonads

Meaning: This energy center acts as a foundation for other chakras. If this foundation is not strong, each of the other chakras will tend to collapse. Also, this chakra is associated with physical needs and also provides the emotional foundations that each person needs to keep going. So, red is the most suitable color to show it.

Emphatic sentence: I am safe!

Characteristics of the open root chakra

Having an open root chakra makes people feel safe around other people or certain places. They are also bolder in their decisions because they are not afraid of what is going to happen.

About a very active root chakra

People who usually make risky decisions and are not afraid of the outcome of any of their decisions. Actually, with such decisions, these people want to feel safe, but in reality, the chakra should be kept balanced.

Features of the blocked root chakra

Having a closed root chakra creates a feeling of insecurity and fear in people. Therefore, they cannot make a bold choice. Also, you probably allow others to interfere in your decisions.

Physical characteristics of a blocked root chakra

Blockage of the root chakra physically causes pain in the lower back and legs. In addition, sleep disorders, nightmares, panic attacks, anxiety and depression are other physical symptoms related to this chakra.

Methods of balancing the root chakra

Performing visualization techniques, performing specific yoga postures such as the mountain pose that targets this chakra, using red clothes and special stones for the root chakra help to balance this chakra.

All about the sacral chakra:

A graphic image of orange symbol of Sacral chakra

Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana

Color: Orange

Location: Two inches below the navel

Symbol: Sense of creativity, emotional states, sense of intimacy and self-expression, sexuality, enjoyment, sociability

Mantra: Vam

Element: Water

Glands: Reproductive organs

Meaning: Actually, this chakra is the center of physical needs, stimulation of pleasure and creativity. It is also accompanied by a feeling of warmth and creativity, which is indicated by the orange color of the chakra. Therefore, this chakra has the power to create and control the desires and needs of the body. It is true that this chakra has a lot to do with libido, but this chakra is responsible for any activity that gives pleasure, such as when a person enjoys reading a book or riding a bicycle.

Emphatic sentence: I am creative!

Characteristics of the open sacral chakra

If you are the type of person who makes decisions to have more fun and experience a happier life. As a result, you attach great importance to your mental and physical health. In fact, the openness of this chakra helps you to understand what makes you happy and what to move towards in order to feel more fulfilled in the end.

About a very active sacral chakra

People who are overly hedonistic and go to extremes in their lifestyles have an overactive sacral chakra. Such people, regardless of their personal and professional responsibilities, are only looking for decisions that give them pleasure. Therefore, people with an active sacral chakra may become addicted to drugs, alcohol, sexual activities, and anything that involves pleasure, such as eating.

Features of blocked sacral chakra

Conversely, if someone feels guilty after doing something they enjoy, they have a blocked sacral chakra. Also, these people are very serious and rarely laugh, they are very obsessive about doing different things and they spend little time for their rest.

Physical characteristics of a blocked sacral chakra

Pain in the back and joints that are related to the lower body, low energy levels, as well as problems related to the kidney, spleen, and various problems related to menstruation in women are all factors that cause a blocked sacral chakra in the body.

Methods of balancing the sacral chakra

Using sun or tiger eye stones, wearing orange clothes, doing the pigeon pose in yoga and visualization techniques are some of the things to balance this chakra in the body.

All about the Solar Plexus Chakra:

A graphic image of yellow symbol of Solar Plexus chakra

Sanskrit name: Manipura

Color: Yellow

Location: In the part between naval and sternum

Symbol: Intellect, willpower, character, self-confidence, self-esteem, perseverance, determination

Mantra: Ram

Element: Fire

Glands: Digestive system and adrenal gland

Meaning: The solar plexus chakra is a strong source of power for every person and is also related to people’s sense of sight. The yellow color of the sun is energizing and motivating, the yellow chakra also creates self-confidence and motivation in people. If you are one of those people whose goal in life is clear and you know the necessary steps to achieve it, your chakra is balanced. But if your decisions are easily influenced by others, you need to pay more attention to this chakra.

Emphatic sentence: I feel my own power!

Characteristics of the open solar plexus chakra

This chakra is the power center of every individual. So its openness makes you feel strong, make a brave decision and stand by your decision. People with an open solar plexus chakra are usually extroverted. So participating in group activities makes them happy.

About a very active solar plexus chakra

If this chakra is very active, you may think that you are too wonderful, feel very confident, make decisions without even a bit of worry and anxiety. As a result, it may unbalance your life a bit.

Features of the blocked solar plexus chakra

When this chakra is blocked, you cannot easily make decisions and have control over your affairs. Also, you may not know what you want from life.

Physical characteristics of a blocked solar plexus chakra

Physically, blocking this chakra can lead to digestive problems, constipation, diarrhea, constant nausea, eating different foods without pain in the abdomen and conditions like Crohn’s.

Methods of balancing the Solar plexus chakra

Doing special yoga movements, abdominal exercises, wearing yellow clothes and using a stone for this chakra balances the solar plexus chakra.

All About the Heart Chakra:

A graphic image of green symbol of Heart chakra

Sanskrit name: Anahata

Color: Green

Location: In the center of the chest

Symbol: Love, compassion, kindness, integrity, extending empathy, service, health, healing, acceptance, honesty

Mantra: Yam

Element: Air

Glands: Thymus and lymph

Meaning: The point of balance for other chakras is the heart chakra. The green color of this chakra shows characteristics of two chakras, yellow and blue. The feeling of gratitude and trust that this chakra creates is related to the color green. So people who make most of their decisions based on emotions, not thought; They have a stronger heart chakra.

Emphatic sentence: I am worthy of love!

Characteristics of the open-heart chakra

A person with an open-heart chakra has the ability to control their emotions and is able to express their feelings in a healthy way.  These feelings are not only related to happy feelings, but even angry and sad feelings are included.

About a very active heart chakra

Unlike other chakras, the heart chakra can become overactive. As such, you are very emotional and have trouble controlling it. But it’s important to control this chakra, because it can take control of you and make your life an emotional wreck.

Features of the blocked heart chakra

Coping with emotions is difficult for a person with a closed heart chakra. These people are almost always angry and even insensitive. As if they are devoid of any emotion.

Physical characteristics of a blocked heart chakra

Symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations are common symptoms experienced by people with blocked chakras. The more severe these cases are, the more complications there are. So this issue points out the importance of opening this chakra because sometimes it can be life threatening.

Methods of balancing the heart chakra

Visualizing a green energy beam, using green clothes and stones for the heart chakra are some of the things that can be done to balance this chakra. In addition, doing yoga and regular physical activity helps balance.

All about the Throat Chakra:

A graphic image of blue symbol of Throat chakra

Sanskrit name: Vishuddhi

Color: Blue 

Location: From the base of the throat to the center of the eye

Symbol: Effective communication, inspiration, creativity, expression

Mantra: Ham

Element: Space

Glands:  Jaw, teeth, throat and oral glands

Meaning: The throat chakra is responsible for communication and self-expression. So this chakra is one of the most important chakras in the body. The blue color of this chakra provides peace of mind, develops verbal communication and increases creativity. Therefore, you can use your energy effectively, especially in artistic works. Also, most of the time the throat chakra is blocked.

Emphatic sentence: I listen to my intuition!

Characteristics of the open throat chakra

With an open throat chakra, you can express your feelings and thoughts easily without getting emotional. So, your thoughts and expression are more organized.

About a very active throat chakra

If you notice that you show your emotions too much and sometimes you express these emotions in a wrong way. Also, you talk more than usual, probably your throat chakra is very active.

Features of the blocked throat chakra

In this case, you cannot express your thoughts as you feel. As such, you may struggle to find the right tone or sentences. Also, you may not be able to talk about the issue that upsets you. Defending oneself and conveying thoughts and feelings in an effective way are also factors that indicate that this chakra is blocked. In some cases, you may not say anything or become too emotional to the point of shouting to express your feelings.

Physical characteristics of the closed throat chakra

This group of people often have a sore throat without any external cause. They may also suffer from problems such as common laryngitis, hoarseness, thyroid problems, severe neck muscle stiffness and physical problems related to chronic stress.

Methods of balancing the throat chakra

Using a special stone for the throat chakra or something made of aquamarine, wearing blue clothes, practicing yoga, especially the fish pose, and evaluating your actions balance this chakra.

All about the third eye chakra:

A graphic image of indigo symbol of Third eye chakra

Sanskrit name: Ajna

Color: Indigo

Location: Between the eyebrows in the center of the forehead

Symbol: Sensory perception, subconscious knowledge, connection to intuition, insight, meditation, trust, enlightenment

Mantra: Om

Element: Light

Glands: Pineal

Meaning: The effect of this chakra is on global awareness and self-knowledge. This is the reason for creating a link between the soul and the surrounding world. The indigo color of this chakra has the properties of blue and red. In this way, the calmness of blue and red energy balances the person and leads to the strengthening of the sixth sense. The sixth sense is one of the mental abilities that everyone is born with, but sometimes people are unaware of it. By using the third eye chakra, you can develop your mental abilities.

Emphatic sentence: I am divine being!

Characteristics of the open third eye chakra

People with an open third eye chakra rely more on intuition than on other information, have a stronger sixth sense. They also have a better understanding of the thoughts and feelings of those around them.

About a very active third eye chakra 

If you have an overactive third eye chakra, this can be dangerous, perhaps even more so than a blocked chakra. Because this chakra being too active makes you sink deeply into it and you cannot get rid of it. In fact, it is very useful to control the balance in this chakra and if you cannot control the chakra, the chakra will control you and your life.

Features of the blocked third eye chakra

In such a situation, it will be difficult for you to access spiritual gifts. In addition, it may be difficult for you to learn new things. Also, the feeling of being forgetful and not firm in fulfilling obligations can be reasons for blocking this chakra.

Physical characteristics of a blocked third eye chakra

Severe headaches, dizziness, migraines and even those who have not had migraines in the past and had normal headaches have a blocked third eye chakra.

Methods of balancing the third eye chakra

You can balance the energy of this chakra by using indigo-colored clothes or special stones for the third eye chakra, doing meditation and special yoga exercises, as well as regular visualization with prayer.

All About the Crown Chakra:

A graphic image of violet symbol of Crown chakra

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara

Color: Violet

Location: Two inches above the highest point of the head

Symbol: Enlightenment, awareness, spirituality, realization, knowledge

Mantra: None

Element: Nothing

Glands: Pituitary gland and hypothalamus

Meaning: The most properties among the chakras belong to the crown chakra. For this reason, this chakra is associated with the color violet, which is a symbol of spirituality and enlightenment. Also, unlike other chakras, this chakra is not located on the body or inside the body, but above the head. People with a fully open crown chakra tend to focus on the deeper meaning of things.

Emphatic sentence: I feel one with others!

Characteristics of the open crown chakra

With an open crown chakra, you feel a deep and true spiritual connection. This spiritual connection is done differently for everyone. The difference between the crown chakra and the rest is that this chakra is not always open, but only at certain times.

About a very active root chakra

As I said above, this chakra is in a different place in the body. Therefore, it works differently compared to other chakras. The crown chakra is not always open and is opened with special exercises. For this reason, this chakra cannot be overactive.

Features of the blocked crown chakra

Not having enough time to focus on one subject, too much stress, conflicts with certain people and physical illnesses are all reasons for blocking this chakra. In this way, you will not be able to make a spiritual connection when the chakra is blocked.

Physical characteristics of a blocked crown chakra

Blockage of this chakra makes you feel isolated from those around you. You may even feel depressed or anxious for a while due to the lack of spiritual connection.

Methods of balancing the crown chakra

Praying, meditating, concentrating, performing special yoga movements such as the corpse pose, finally using violet clothes and using a special stone for the crown chakra balance and opening the blocked crown chakra.

What is connection between chakras and healing stones?

Some stones have energy. In this way, when they are paired with the energy centers, they will be more healing and energetic. If the color of the stone is related and the same as the chakra you want to work on, both the power of the stone will be added and the cohesion of the chakra and the stone will be strengthened.

Some stones have healing properties for more than one energy center. In addition, the personal connection you make with the stone, regardless of its color, can increase or decrease its power. For example, if you have a healing crystal, you can use it to focus energy in a certain part of the body.

A picture of some healing stone that are good for chakras

What healing stones are good for chakras?

In general, several healing stones can be used for each chakra. These stones are listed in the following table:

ChakraColorHealing stone
RootRedTiger eye / Hematite / Black Tourmaline / Bloodstone / Fire Agate
SacralOrangeMoonstone / Citrine / Coral / Carnelian
Solar PlexusYellowTopaz / Citrine / Malachite / Orange Calcite
HeartGreenRose Quartz / Jade / Green Calcite / Green Tourmaline
Throat  BlueTurquoise / Aquamarine / Lapis Lazuli
Third EyeIndigoAmethyst / Purple Fluorite / Black Obsidian
CrownVioletDiamond / Amethyst / Selenite / Quartz (clear)

What is the 12th chakra system?

Traditionally, the chakra system was divided into 7 parts. But today, especially in energy therapy methods, there are 12 energy centers. In fact, this idea is a modern view expressed by contemporary therapists and workers.

The 12 chakra system says that every living being is a part of a whole. In fact, every living being is connected to the earth and the world. As in the past, it was believed that the energies of the earth and the sky are combined in the human body. In this 12 chakra system, it is also believed that a thin cable connects us from three feet below our feet to miles deep into outer space.

There are two configurations for these 12 chakras. In one configuration, all the energy centers are inside the body, and in the other, there are 12 energy centers both inside and outside the body, which is the most common way to represent the 12 chakras.

Thus, in the first configuration, there are 5 additional chakras between the 7 chakras of the body. Also, in the second configuration, one chakra is below the root chakra and 4 chakras are above the crown chakra. However, the most important chakras among these 5 chakras are 3 chakras. These 3 chakras include two additional chakras above the crown chakra and one below the root chakra.

What are the extra chakras?

As I said earlier, the 12 chakra system is described in two ways. The first configuration for the 12 chakra system includes the following:

12 chakra system: first type

8th Chakra: Time Transcendence & Connection to Spirit

This chakra is located one inch above the crown chakra. By using this chakra, one can enter the realms beyond time and space. If this chakra is open, it makes it easy for you to access parallel worlds. You can also connect with spirit guides and access shamanic healing.

9th Chakra: Seat of the Soul

The ninth chakra is located above the crown chakra and slightly above the eighth chakra. Opening this chakra helps you reach a higher purpose or your soul. In fact, this chakra is a gateway to the archetypal patterns that are important in shaping the destiny of every human being.

10th Chakra: Earth Connection

The tenth chakra is about a foot and a half below the root chakra. In fact, this chakra connects us to the earth. Therefore, this chakra has a physical nature due to its connection with the energies of the earth. Thus, this chakra has the same function as the root chakra, and being open is useful for treating bone and bone marrow problems. In addition, this chakra can play an important role in DNA issues.

11th Chakra: Mind over Matter

The 11th chakra is located at a short distance from the 9th chakra above the crown chakra of the body. However, this chakra can be accessed through the hands and feet. The openness of this chakra connects humans to the supernatural. For this reason, the energy of this chakra can be used to produce magic and supernatural powers. Because this chakra sees the mind as a powerful tool to shape matter.

12th Chakra: Universal Unity

The position of this chakra is above the crown chakra and slightly above the eleventh chakra. The purpose of this chakra is to master the purpose of the soul through our human being. In this way, it allows us to reach a universal unity with everything beyond our understanding.

12 chakra system: second type

Earth chakra: The 8th chakra

The earth chakra is three feet below the root chakra and is brown in color. Like the tenth chakra in the first type system, this chakra also connects us to the earth. Also, this chakra plays an important role in the DNA, bones and blood of humans.

Lunar Chakra: The 9th chakra

Just above the crown chakra is this chakra, which is shown in silver. The moon chakra connects us to the energy of the moon. Also, the activation of this chakra causes communication with spirit guides, getting informed about incarnations, as well as understanding karma and intelligence.

Solar Chakra: The 10th Chakra

Above the ninth chakra is the solar chakra, which is seen in golden color. In fact, this chakra is associated with masculine energy. With the help of this chakra, you can increase your will to remove blockages and live a purposeful life.

Galactic chakra: The 11th chakra

The position of this chakra is above the tenth chakra and it is seen as a combination of purple, gold and silver colors. Taking help from this chakra will help you predict and go beyond your time and place.

World Chakra: The 12th Chakra

The highest chakra is the universal chakra and is located above the eleventh chakra. This chakra is multifaceted and contains several colors. Actually, this chakra is the chakra of universal awareness. By using this chakra, you can go beyond worldly affairs and communicate with God and reach enlightenment.

Color palette inspiration of Chakra colors

Color palette inspiration of chakra colors by Dopely color palette generator 1
Color palette inspiration of chakra colors by Dopely color palette generator 2
Color palette inspiration of chakra colors by Dopely color palette generator 3
Color palette inspiration of chakra colors by Dopely color palette generator 4
Color palette inspiration of chakra colors by Dopely color palette generator 5

Last word

Probably, like me, you have tested yourself by knowing each of the chakras to find out if your chakras are open or blocked. So you know that if all the chakras of the body are balanced and harmonious with each other, your life will move forward in the best possible way.

On the other hand, if one of them is out of balance, the rest of the chakras are also out of balance and the order of your life will be disturbed. Also, if you learn to use the colors of each chakra correctly, you can do visualization techniques better and thus increase your chakra energy. If you want to use of your chakras, this quiz can help you!

Therefore, experience a happy and balanced life with the help of colors. Are you interested in doing yoga? Are your chakras in balance?

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