Summer & Its Stunning Colors!

summer sunglasses

I’m sure summer is always a reminder to all of us of a season full of travel, adventure, games, cool drinks and colorful ice cream! moreover, Colors.  Colors are also a great feature of summer. In my opinion, the most beautiful colors can be used in summer.

Due to the high light and radiance of the sun in this season, the choice of color for clothes is also of special importance.
So, if you want to make the right choice, follow me to see some summer color palettes for inspiration!

Let’s swim in summer colors!

Summer, the season of the shining sun!

Well, we got to the season full of snacks and cool drinks, the season of swimming and playing with water, the holiday season!

The colors that are reminiscent of this season are cheerful colors such as red, yellow and orange, so summer is a symbol of energy and vitality.  Moreover, summer styles are full of energetic and joyful colors.

watermelon in summer
a girl with her surfboard in the summer
a van by the beach
a sunflower in summer
summer fruits

In addition to warm colors, the use of blue and green colors that are in the range of cool colors is suitable for summer.  The reason is that these colors are reminiscent of water and greenery that give a sense of coolness to humans.

a girl eat watermelon
a hat and sunglasses next of the pool
cool drink for summer
a ball in pool
a palm by the pool in summer

Besides, neutral colors can be used along with happy summer colors to create a balance in style! Because the use of neutral colors in style and decoration, generally prevents eye strain. The same goes for the various summer colors.  Indeed, using a neutral color along with happy summer colors prevents distractions and eye fatigue.

a van travel in summer
a girl with summer dress
ice creem
the singlasses in beach's sand
chairs and umbrellas on the summer beach

Using bright colors in summer is a very logical trick, because bright colors can reflect the heat of the sun, which makes the heat less annoying.

Summer colors can be used not only in style but also in decoration design.  The use of these colors in decoration creates energy for the people of that space.  In addition, if used properly, it can illuminate the desired space. Of course, you can use a poster or painting for your decoration that includes summer colors.

a palm
a girl with hat in  pool
a sunglasses
girls in the summer beach
a girl in summer beach

Your skin color and summer

Your skin color is important to choose the right summer color.  So to choose clothes, you must consider the color of your skin.

If you have warm skin, try more gray and warm colors or colors like cream and olive green. If your skin is cold, it is better to use cool and ocean colors such as pink, emerald, purple and ice blue. 


By choosing the right colors for your summer style, you will not only feel less heat, but also attract the eyes to you. And more, by choosing the right color for your decoration, you can create an atmosphere full of excitement and joy. You can also use these happy summer palettes in your work environment to make your place happy.

You can use the color palettes I provided or be inspired by them and design your favorite summer color palette.  And use it in your style and environment.

What colors do you prefer for summer?

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