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Do you care about the beauty of your appearance and your style? If you do, you should pay more attention to the colors you should wear in each season.

Being fashionable and beautiful is important for most people, and usually no one likes to look bad from the point of view of others. The colors we choose for our clothes, makeup, hair, accessories and other parts of our style have a very important impact on our appearance. To look better, many people try to choose the right color for their clothes when the seasons change. You can also buy better clothes by knowing what colors you should wear in different seasons.

In this article, I want to show you the color space of each season and colors you should choose for your clothes in different seasons.

Colors that you should wear in SPRING for your style

girl in yellow t shirt

Spring is the best time to use happy and bright colors. Everything gets refreshed in this season and it’s time for you to create your style with cheery colors.

Say goodbye to crimson, dark blue, jade and brown in spring. Instead, the colors you should wear are pastel colors such as light pink, light blue, light green, light lemon and etc. for your clothes and accessories. The simplest and most stylish way to set clothes in pastel colors is to combine them with neutral colors. The combination of these colors will make your style different and beautiful.

You can also use light jeans and complete your spring style.

Colors that you should wear in SUMMER for your style

boy in yellow t shirt

Summer is a hot season and it’s difficult for most people to tolerate high temperatures.

Therefore, wearing dark colored clothes is not recommended for this season. Dark colors absorb more heat and this can make you feel more warm.

In summer, wearing clothes with cool and neutral colors can be suitable for your style. Combining white with other bright colors in this season can create an attractive and cool style for you.

10 colors are more appropriate for summer than other colors, which are: purple and light purple, pink, sky blue, mint green, army green, white, wheat, yellow and tomato red.

Colors you should wear in AUTUMN for your style

man in cream coat

As the temperature decreases, you should use more dark colors in your style. Because dark colors absorb more sunlight and keep you warm. The best colors for autumn are:

  • Dark colors like dark red, dark blue and bluish red.
  • Neutral colors such as brown, gray and black.
  • Colors with shades of colors like beige, dark green and olive.
  • Warm colors like red, dark orange, bronze and gold.

Red and orange are warm colors that clothes designers often recommend for autumn clothes. Red is extremely attractive and goes well with black and dark blue.

The dark jeans are good for your style in this season.

Colors you should wear in WINTER for your style

girl in red greatcoat

If you are looking for a guaranteed color palette for your winter style, the red color spectrum can meet your needs. Of course, choosing neutral colors like black and gray can always help in difficult decisions.

Dark blue and gray can create a different charms in your winter clothing set. These colors are the most suitable and popular colors for this cold season.

Keep Marsala in mind when you are going to choose the color of your clothes, such as coats and overcoats. If you are always looking for something special, this color is probably right for you.


There is no denying that seasons have a significant impact on style color choice. But there are other factors that can affect the choice of colors you should wear; factors like your skin color. You can read this article for more information about different types of skin color:

Also, keep in mind that being stylish is not the only thing that matters. The most important thing is that you should feel comfortable in the clothes you wear.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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