8 Fresh Summer Color Palettes

8 Summer Color Palettes

Fresh Summer Color Palettes: Summer is one of the most playful and funniest seasons of the year! (If you ask me, I tell you it’s the best)

Warm and cozy and long days that never end and you have all the time and energy you need to do whatever you want. Add tasty foods, fresher air, and fresher trees and plants, to it, and boom, 90 days of fun and happiness.

Are you a designer and want to design a new badass website and logo for your client? or Are you a blogger looking to freshen things up and redesign your blog to make it more interesting? or do you want to add a good vibe to your home?

Whoever you are, there is one thing that I’m sure about it, you’re going to enjoy this collection of summery color palettes and used them a lot everywhere in life and in projects.

These super cool and fresh 8 summer color palettes are all so tasty and gorgeous.

Hope you will inspire by these color palettes. Enjoy the summer.

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Fresh Summer Color Palettes:

Explore summer color palettes (2000+ Summer color palettes)

Summer color palettes idea (2000+ Summer color palettes)

1. Summer color palette with Turbo Yellow, Downy blue-green, and Nile blue


  • Turbo Yellow – #fcd61f
  • Downy Blue-Green – #62ccc8
  • Nile Blue – #284051
fresh summer color palette

2. Summer color palette with Sea Buckthorn, Golden Glow, and Morning Glory


  • Sea Buckthorn – #e99b53
  • Golden Glow – #fae483
  • Morning Glory – #99cccd
fresh summer color palette

3. Summer color palette with Blue Chill, Geraldine, and Neon Carrot


  • Blue Chill – #459395
  • Geraldine – #eb7c69
  • Neon Carrot – #fda638
fresh summer color palette

4. Summer color palette with Grandis, Sunshade, and Burnt Sienna


  • Grandis – #fdcd69
  • Sunshade – #f8a440
  • Burnt Sienna – #ef7058
summery palette

5. Summer color palette with
Eden, Gossip, and Grandis


  • Eden – #2c6b63
  • Gossip – #9bce71
  • Grandis – #fdcd69
summer color palettes

6. Summer color palette with
Iris Blue, Gorse, and Cinnabar


  • Iris Blue – #13b9d3
  • Gorse – #ffda27
  • Cinnabar – #ee363b
summer vibe colors - Fresh Summer Color Palettes
Fresh Summer Color Palettes

7. Summer color palette with Denim, Brink Pink, Riptide, Lemon yellow


  • Denim – #1c74bc
  • Brink Pink – #fa667e
  • Riptide – #81ded0
  • Lemon – #fed315
summer vibe colors - Fresh Summer Color Palettes
Fresh Summer Color Palettes

8. Summer color palette with Your Pink, Goldenrod, Blizzard Blue, and Grandis


  • Your Pink – #ffc3c3
  • Goldenrod – #c5db6b
  • Blizzard Blue – #abe0f0
  • Grandis – #ffd174
Fresh Summer Color Palettes

What do your think about these Fresh Summer Color Palettes?

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