How to Choose Makeup Color Based On Skin Tone

It is highly recommended to choose your makeup color based on skin tone. So, knowing your skin color helps you to choose the best color for your style, makeup and even hair.

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What do you know about your skin color?

Skin tone and skin undertone are important factors that can affect our choices for our appearance.  Definitely knowing what colors are more suitable for our skin color and using them, will show our appearance better than ever. And is there anyone who does not like that? So, How should you choose the color of your makeup that goes with your skin color?

Different skin colors has to choose the different makeup based on their skin tone
Different Skin Colors

One of the most fun and lovable choice situations, is choosing between different colors of cosmetic products. Wrong choice of color for cosmetics will make you look like a painted clown or doll. So let’s put this mistake aside once and for ever and choose the color of our makeup products more carefully according to our skin tone.

But how? Here are some tips that may help you get out of the confusion.

Types of skin color and how to recognize them

First of all, let’s learn about the color and tone of our skin together.

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between skin colors? Let me show you.

There are six categories of different skin types based on color. Your skin color can be in one of these categories:

  1. Extremely fair skin

    In this category, the skin color is completely white and light before exposure to sunlight. In this case, the eye color is light blue, light gray or light green. Hair color is reddish or light blonde. It always burns in the sun. This skin type never gets tanned and only flakes off due to burning.

  2. Fair skin

    This skin color is bright before exposure to sunlight. In these people, the color of the eyes is blue, gray and green. The natural color of hair is blonde. This skin becomes stained, burnt and scaly when exposed to sunlight. The probability of tanning in this type of skin is low.

  3. Medium skin

    The skin color is yellowish before exposure to sunlight. The color of the eyes is light brown. Natural hair color is dark blonde or light brown. In the sun, this skin color sometimes tans, but the owner must be careful against staining and burning.

  4. Olive skin

    The skin color is light brown before exposure to sunlight. The natural color of hair and eyes is dark brown. It rarely stains when exposed to sunlight and doesn’t burn easily.

  5. Moderately pigmented brown skin

    Skin color is dark brown before exposure to sunlight. The natural color of hair and eyes is dark brown to black. This type of skin does not stain in the sun and tans without burning.

  6. Markedly pigmented black skin

    The skin color is dark brown before sun exposure. The natural color of hair and eyes is dark brown to black. The owner of this type of skin never worries about stains and burns in the sun and it easily tans.

infograph about different skin colors and the color of eye and hair for them

Types of skin undertones and how to recognize them

Also, there are different types of skin undertones. Skin undertone is something that we may don’t notice at the first look, but it plays an important role in the appearance of our skin color. Skin color may change, but the skin undertone is constant. Here is these types and one way to find your skin undertone:

  • Warm: includes golden, yellow, or peachy undertones
  • Neutral: your undertone is neutral if you’re a mixture warm and cool
  • Cool: includes pink, red, or bluish undertones
  • Olive: It has a bit of yellow and greenish-gray hue, and this is why it’s unique.
different types of skin undertone including warm, neutral, olive, cool

The interesting thing is that you can determine your skin undertones according to the color of your veins: You have a cool undertone if you can see blue veins on your skin. If your veins appear green on the skin, your undertone is warm. If your veins appear purple or light green, you have neutral undertone.

Now that you have the information you need about your skin color, let’s take a look at which colors of different cosmetic products are appropriate for you.

Recognize your undertone by vein test

vein test undertone including cool undertones, neutral undertones, warm undertones

If you look at your wrists – specifically at your veins – you can quickly determine your undertone. Check it out in natural light. Have you noticed that your veins appear slightly green or olive? Then you’re warm. If you have blue or even a hint of purple veins, you have cool undertones. When you are unsure and your veins seem blue-green in color, you have neutral undertones. 

The best lipstick color for makeup based on skin tone

photo of lipstick colors for makeup

Lipstick is one of the main parts of makeup that can have a great impact on the beauty of the face. But due to the unlimited variety of lipstick colors, choosing the right color for it can be a little difficult. But you can choose the right lipstick based on your skin color. 

People with fair skin usually feel pale. Therefore, it’s better for these people to use pink, nude or coral lipsticks. Red is also suitable for this skin type.

pink lipstick

For people with medium skin color, purple, bright red and orange lipsticks are suitable.

purple lipstick

And coral, dark pink, dark purple and dark red lipsticks can create a special beauty on dark skin colors.

dark lipstick

The best eyeshadow color for makeup based on skin tone

colorful eyeshadow palette

For eye shadow, you should choose a color that complements your skin color and reflects your eye color better.

People with warm skin tones can use colors such as green, brown, gold or pink for eye shadow.

For cool skin, choose your eye shadow from colors like blue, silver, pink, and peachy.

For people with dark skin or dark eyes, dark eye shadows are more appropriate.

The color of blush for makeup based on skin tone

image about blushes for makeup

Choose a blusher that complements your skin tone and evens it out. Blusher is used to highlight the cheeks and it should never be impure. So choose a soft blusher with a color that matches with your skin tone.

People who have dark skin and their skin tone is cold, should choose blushers with light red shades, and if they have warm skin tone, it’s better to use dark orange-tan color.

If your skin color is olive, brown and copper blushers are good for you.

If you have medium skin color, you should use peachy color.

For people with fair and blonde skin color, pink or rose colors are suitable.

If you are blond and your skin tone is warm, use beige colors.


So cosmetic products can be effective in enhancing the beauty of your face. But bad choices can diminish beauty, and this can affect your self-confidence.

By choosing the best color for your makeup, show the beauty of your face more prominently and highlight the positive points of your face and do your makeup like a professional makeup artist!

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Hope you enjoyed it! Live a happy life with a colorful mind!

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