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new year's eve

Every year, millions of people consider December 31st as the last day of the year and celebrate it as new year’s eve. Thus, celebrating the New Year on the night of December 31 and January 1 is one of the biggest events in the world.

In many cultures, the last day of the year is celebrated with fireworks and loud methods. Of course, we should not forget the effect of colors in this celebration. My next goal is to introduce the colors on New year’s eve. Let’s see:

History of new year’s eve

Some countries celebrate the New Year with the beginning of spring or the Macedonians celebrate the New Year with the beginning of autumn. But many countries celebrate the New Year with the onset of winter. But why do Christians consider the first day of winter to be the New Year?

During the Roman Empire, high-ranking officials considered March 15 as the day of the beginning of their service and that of the king. But after a while, because they could not take over on this date, they postponed the date and changed it to January. Julius Caesar also accepted this date.

Similarly, in 46 BC, a calendar was set by order of Julius Caesar. In this way, by his order, January 1 was registered as the New Year. This calendar was later renamed the Julian Calendar, and was named July in honor of Julius Caesar.

Image of a fireworks display in red and yellow in the night sky in new year's eve

The difference between Christmas and New Year’s eve

Both festivals are considered the most important Christian holidays. There is dancing and joy in both celebrations. But sometimes these two celebrations together are mistaken for a celebration. But it is not!

Christmas is actually a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. This celebration is held on December 25 every year. For more information about Christmas, you can visit here!

 a picture of a Christmas tree with ball pendants like red and a star pendant written on it.

But new year’s eve is a celebration to mark the end of a year and the beginning of a new year. This celebration is held six days after Christmas, on December 31st.

In fact, being on New Year’s Eve during the 12-day Christmas holiday has led most people to equate the two holidays. But this is not the case for countries that celebrate the New Year in a season and date other than the New Year.

 An image of a fireworks display with the fire of 2022 in new year's eve

New year’s eve colors

Like any other celebration, on New Year’s Eve there are colors that have become a symbol for this celebration. Let’s get acquainted with the colors of New Year’s Eve:

Purple on New Year’s Eve

Purple is a luxury color because it has long been considered a royal color. In the past, the reason for choosing this color for the monarchy, because of its scarcity and high cost of production. In fact in the past, this color was obtained from large sea snails.

This influence is so great that after several years and the availability of this color, it is still considered a color for the monarchy. In addition, purple is a powerful color. You should be aware that the use of only lights and purple decorations in New Year’s Eve parties can create a stinky and boring atmosphere.

 An image of the leaves of a plant in an environment with purple light

Blue on New Year’s Eve

Always, everywhere and everyone considers blue to be a calm, soothing and relaxing color. It is also a blue color that indicates health, vitality and hope. As a rule, using such a color in the decorations and lights of New Year’s night also conveys a positive and relaxing feeling to the guests.

 A picture of a street decorated with umbrellas above the street and blue lights on the street

Green on New Year’s Eve

When you hear the name green, the first thing that comes to the listener’s mind is nature. Green is everywhere. I bet if you turn your head right now and look around you will see a green plant.  In fact, green is a symbol of growth, prosperity, vitality and restart.

 A picture of a concert with green lights in the environment.

Yellow on New Year’s Eve

The most energetic color among other colors is yellow. This optimistic color is a symbol of hope, energy, joy, excitement and warmth. This popular color, which is reminiscent of sunlight, is very suitable for use at parties and increases the excitement and joy among guests.

 Picture of three people talking at a party with yellow lights

Orange on New Year’s Eve

This color is very similar to yellow. Because it can convey the same amount of positive energy and happiness to the audience. Combining orange lights and decorations with yellow in a celebration can convey tremendous energy to guests.

 An image of a DJ playing in an orange-lit space.

Red on New Year’s Eve

Red is an integral part of New Year’s Eve. Because red is a symbol of good luck. In addition, red as much as yellow can convey energy and happiness. So do not hesitate to use red decorations for your parties. Because the use of red conveys the feeling of joy to everyone.

 A picture of a party decorated with red lights.

White on New Year’s Eve

White is always a symbol of serenity, purity and a new beginning. Also, the use of white color in parties, in addition to conveying a sense of calm, shows the clean appearance of the party. Besides, the use of white because it represents a new beginning is very suitable for the beginning of the new year.

 An image of several white candles lit on a white table

Silver on New Year Eve

Silver is always considered a modern color. This sleek color is a symbol of futurism due to its gloss. Also, using this color in parties is associated with being special. And silver decorations at the party can reflect other colored lights and contribute to the beauty of the party.

 An image of a silver lamp at a party

Golden on New Year Eve

The golden color of the family is yellow. So you can guess that this color also represents energy, hope and happiness. In addition, it can be a symbol of wealth. Using golden decorations in the celebration can make your party special and valid.

 Picture of a child with a golden mask mask

Very Peri on New Year Eve

As in previous years, as 2022 approaches, Pantone has announced the color of the year. This year’s color is called very peri. This is a special color of the purple color spectrum. This color also conveys a good mood and calm.

It is a cheerful and dynamic color that enhances creativity in humans. The reason for choosing this color is to bring joy and happiness to the world that is fighting the Coronavirus. You can use this color on new year’s eve this year. I’m sure you will not regret it!

 Picture of lavender flowers that are very peri colored.

The last word

I can not force you to use a particular color to celebrate New Year’s eve. But by introducing all the colors of this celebration, I have helped you to choose a suitable color/colors for your party. This ancient celebration has long been the focus of everyone’s attention and welcome. The fact that the new year should be celebrated!

Happy new year’s eve🌸

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