Evil Eye Colors: Eyes to protect you!

Evil Eye color

Do you want to use a symbol for good luck? The evil eye or the traditional Turkish blue evil eye is the same symbol that is still used as an important symbol with its thousand-year history.

Many people still believe that the evil eye will help them to protect and attract luck. So what is the evil eye? What are the hidden meanings behind each color? These are the questions we are going to answer. But first we have to understand where the root of this evil eye came from?! Let’s go:

Where does the evil eye come from?

As I write these paragraphs, on the wall in front of my desk is a large dark blue evil eye pendant. When and where was the evil eye really used for the first time? Here, this is the story behind the evil eye!

Indeed, the evil eye has been around for centuries and even thousands of years. More precisely, from 3000 BC, belief in the evil eye permeated many cultures. This type of belief existed in ancient Greece, Rome, Italy, Turkey, as well as in Buddhist, Islamic, and Hindu traditions. Similarly, it has spread in the modern era as well.

In the past, there was no proven scientific reason for terrible events such as strange and contagious diseases, bad luck, defeats in battles, accidents and unusual deaths. So people considered these events to be the curse of envious people with bad intentions. For this reason, our ancestors started using the image or the evil eyes themselves to avoid these curses. And they believed that this would reflect that evil look on the person who made the curse.

A graphic image of dark blue evil eye

What is the evil eye?

The evil eye, also known as Nazar eye, Mal de Ojo, Ojo Turco, or MATI, is actually a curse. It can impose this curse on an unknowing person from a malicious, spiteful and malevolent point of view. For this reason, the recipient of this curse may suffer bad luck, misfortune, damage, loss or death later!

In a simpler explanation, we can say that the evil eye is a curse that says that others may envy those who achieve brilliant success. As a result, this jealousy will destroy the life and happiness of those people in the form of a curse.

Traditionally, it is believed that people who are more vulnerable to this curse include children, pregnant women and animals. On the other hand, people who are accused of having the evil eye include childless women, old women, defective people, jealous people, and strangers.

Finally, the easiest way to break the power of this curse is to use the evil eye in your accessories or as a pendant in your environment. The traditional color of the evil eye is dark blue, which is used for protection and good karma. But apart from this color, there are other colors that are for the evil eye.

A picture of dark blue evil eye which is hung by the door of the house

What is the meaning of evil eye colors?

Most cultures believe that the dominant color of the evil eye is dark blue. But over time, this symbol has appeared in other colors, each of which has its own meaning.

The meaning of purple evil eye ⬈

People who want to strengthen their imagination, remove obstacles in their life and balance it use purple, evil eyes.

Picture of purple evil eye with its color palette

The meaning of dark blue evil eye ⬈

The most popular evil eye color is dark blue. Dark blue is for protecting fate and good karma, peace, relaxation, silence, and smoothing the flow of communication.

Picture of dark blue evil eye with its color palette

The meaning of light blue evil eye ⬈

People generally use light blue evil eyes to protect themselves, their peace, their loneliness and to broaden the perspective of others.

Picture of light blue evil eye with its color palette

The meaning of dark green evil eye ⬈

To create happiness in life, balance it and freedom to pursue new ideas, people use dark green evil eyes.

Picture of dark green evil eye with its color palette

The meaning of light green evil eye ⬈

Many people use light green in the evil eye to protect pleasure, happiness, health, satisfaction and success to achieve their dreams.

Picture of light green evil eye with its color palette

The meaning of yellow evil eye ⬈

It often happens that people use the yellow or gold evil eye to protect their health, have a more aware and focused mind, and also get rid of fatigue and stress.

Picture of yellow evil eye with its color palette

The meaning of orange evil eye ⬈

Orange evil eye can always be used to protect happiness, have motivation and commitment in life and work, and in addition increase creativity.

Picture of orange evil eye with its color palette

The meaning of red evil eye ⬈

In fact, people use red evil eyes to protect love, fears and anxieties, increase courage, passion and energy.

Picture of red evil eye with its color palette

The meaning of pink evil eye ⬈

Pink has always been a symbol of close friendships. This is the reason why people use evil eye pink color to cultivate soothing feelings, protect their friendships and calm them down.

Picture of pink evil eye with its color palette

The meaning of white evil eye ⬈

We can say that many people use the white evil eye to increase their purity and concentration, clear obstacles, calm the inner chaos, and start anew.

Picture of white evil eye with its color palette

The meaning of black evil eye ⬈

Usually people who love power use this evil eye. Although this bad eye color is the least popular, it is worth using if needed.

Picture of black evil eye with its color palette

The meaning of gray devil eye ⬈

To open up new situations and protect against sadness, people use the gray evil eye. Of course, many times people use this color to reduce the severity of the curse.

Picture of gray evil eye with its color palette

Meaning of brown devil eye ⬈

It related this color to nature, so people use brown evil eyes to strengthen their connection with nature, protect its elements and maintain order in their lives.

Picture of brown evil eye with its color palette

All this is the reason why the evil eye came in different shapes and colors.

What are the different forms of the devil eye?

The most common form of the evil eye is concentric circles or concentric teardrops. Also, sometimes people put it as the pupil of an eye in a shape similar to an eye. But the most distinctive one is in Italy, which is known as “cornicello” which means “little horn”. It does not make this type from the horn of any animal, but from red coral. However, nowadays they make it from gold and silver. Finally, many people use the evil eye to protect themselves.

Graphic image of several evil eye in different forms

How can you protect yourself from the devil eye?

It has always been a custom that some people believed in one belief and some did not. I must tell you, the belief about the evil eye is not like that. Because the evil eye is not a random, old and stereotyped phenomenon. Believe it or not, the power of the evil eye and the negative energy caused by it is real and can affect behavior and events.

There is no need to worry. You can protect yourself from the evil eye in various ways. But the most common one is to use them in bracelets or necklaces. If you are not into accessories, but you believe in the power of the evil eye, just put a pendant made of it in your environment. In this way, it protected your aura against negative energies. Voila, you’re safe!

Picture of a evil eye bracelet

Last word

Do you believe in the power of the evil eye?

Many years have passed since the evil eye was first used, but it is still a symbol of self-protection. So, forever, if you are looking to protect yourself from negative energies and bad luck, wearing the evil eye is a splendid choice.

If you think you know more about this topic, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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