The story of St. Patrick colors!

St. Patrick day

There are many celebrations around the world, celebrations with special characteristics such as color. Today we are going to travel to Ireland to learn more about St. Patrick day.

St. Patrick’s Day is a religious and cultural holiday that originated in Ireland. It is held annually on March 17 to commemorate St. Patrick, Ireland’s most important patron.

The main feature of this celebration is the color in which it is used. After understanding the history of this celebration, I will introduce its colors.

Do you want to accompany me on a trip to Ireland?!

History of St. Patrick

St. Patrick was the one who brought Christianity to Ireland. In fact, he was a staunch supporter of Ireland and had been promoting Christianity for many years. Thus, from 461 AD to the present day, March 17 is designated as St. Patrick’s Day or St. Paddy’s Day is celebrated to commemorate the life and efforts of St. Patrick to bring Christianity to Ireland.

Gradually, this holiday became popular all over the world and in many countries such as England, America, Asia, etc., St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated. Practices on this day include watching public parades and festivals, wearing green with the Irish shamrock (three-leaf shamrock) emblem, family Cèilidh parties, drinking Irish beer and whiskey, and attending Christian church services.

an image of St. Patrick with a green hat and a cane with a three-leaf shamrock symbol

The colors of St. Patrick

We all consider wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day to be a great feature. But do you know what surprises you? Just so you know, the color used in St. Patrick’s Day is actually blue!

St. Patrick’s Blue

At first, when George III established a new order of chivalry for the Kingdom of Ireland, he painted St. Patrick’s emblem blue. Which became known as “St. Patrick’s Blue”. But little by little, this color gave way to green.

a picture of a group in blue costumes celebrating St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Green

In 1798, a revolt broke out between Ireland and Britain. And in this revolt, British soldiers wore red and in front of Irish soldiers, green. In addition, soldiers sing a melody in battle with the theme of “wearing green.”

Another reason that changed the color blue to green in St. Patrick; Nickname is Ireland. Because Ireland is known as the Emerald Island. 

Moreover, there is green along with two other colors in the flag of Ireland. The use of green is also inspired by green shamrock. Because St. Patrick used green shamrock to teach the Holy Trinity.

a picture of a group in black costumes and orange hair celebrating St. Patrick

St. Patrick’ orange and white

The use of these two colors is very limited. And the only reason for their presence is the presence of these colors next to the green color in the Irish flag. In general, the colors of the Irish flag mean:

– Green represents Irish Catholics.

– Orange represents Irish Protestants.

– White in the middle is a symbol of peace between the two religions.

a picture of a boy on the street holding a green, orange and white flag

St. Patrick’s Day color palette inspiration

For your designs, here are some color palettes inspired by St. Patrick‘s Day that you can get ideas from. Let’s invite our eyes to see amazing color palettes:

For more color palettes, see here!

color palette inspiration of St. Patrick by Dopely color palette generator1
color palette inspiration of St. Patrick by Dopely color palette generator2
color palette inspiration of St. Patrick by Dopely color palette generator3
color palette inspiration of St. Patrick by Dopely color palette generator4
color palette inspiration of St. Patrick by Dopely color palette generator5
color palette inspiration of St. Patrick by Dopely color palette generator6

Last word

If you want to go to this party on March 17, fill your luggage with green clothes and accessories right now. And prepare your tickets so that you do not miss this popular celebration. Also, prepare yourself for a day full of excitement. The day you look everywhere you see only green!

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