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Christmas Colors

Are you ready for Santa Claus to come and see the colors of Christmas everywhere?Every year on September 25, billions of people around the world celebrate Christmas on the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ. This religious and cultural celebration lasts 12 days. Christmas is of equal importance to Christians and non-Christians alike. Few people will not know about this celebration.

Colors will also play a big role at Christmas. Special Christmas symbols are a mixture of its colors. This issue has made this celebration the most popular and well-known celebration among the people. In the following, after fully understanding Christmas, I will study the colors of Christmas.

Let’s better understand the beauty of Christmas:

Christmas History

The lexical origin of Christmas is derived from the word “Christes maesse” meaning “Feast of Christ” in 1151 in Old English. The acronym “Xmas” was also used in the 13th century.

I said earlier that the birth of Jesus Christ is a reason to celebrate Christmas at the beginning of winter. Because the birth of Christ was like a light in the cold of winter and promised good days. In fact, the date of Christ’s birth is not very accurate. But in the fourth century, the Christian churches chose December 25 as the birth of Christ.

An old painting of the Virgin Mary in a cave with a child in her arms with a halo of light and happy people around her.

Christmas customs

In each country, depending on whether the people are religious or not, different customs are applied for Christmas.

The most popular and common Christmas ritual is to receive a gift from Santa Claus. Next, decorate the Christmas tree, eat a special meal such as a turkey or goose, and decorate the house with colored lights. Other customs, which I will say later, are not observed always and everywhere. Such as: listening to Christmas music, singing in groups, especially religious songs, sending greeting cards, performing Christmas shows and making wreaths.

Picture of a family decorating their Christmas tree

Christmas symbols

It is better to know the Christmas symbols before dealing with Christmas colors. Well, let’s see:

Christmas tree:

In many cultures, the evergreen pine tree is used as the Christmas tree.

Martin Luther, a German priest, first saw the beauty of the stars passing through the pine branches as he walked through the woods. He brought a branch of that tree home and decorated the scene for his family by decorating it with candlelight.

This idea later spread in Germany and later in different parts of the world. So much so that today the luminous Christmas tree is one of the main symbols of Christmas. These trees are evergreen and are a symbol of hope and vitality.

A picture of a decorated Christmas tree next to a table.


Gifts are always placed under the Christmas tree. People also give each other presents during the Christmas holidays. These gifts symbolize the gift of God to the people (the birth of Christ). Rather, gifts are a reminder of the love and kindness that can be given to one another.

Picture of gifts next to the Christmas tree

Santa claus:

For the first time, St. Nicholas went to other people’s homes on Christmas day to spread love and kindness and give gifts to others. He became the first Santa Claus. After him, the role of Santa Claus became permanent and became the most beloved symbol of Christmas. A symbol of someone who spreads love and compassion.

Picture of Santa Claus stuffing leggings by the fireplace


Before the advent of Christmas in northern Europe, people believed that the sun moved away from the earth in winter, so they decorated their homes with wheels decorated with greenery and lights to bring the sun back to earth.

Later, this wreath became a symbol of Christmas and represents the infinite love of God and eternal life.

An image of a decorated wreath attached to a house.

Christmas Holly:

This type of plant has red berries and prickly leaves. The use of this plant is reminiscent of the thorns on which Christ was crucified, and the red berries indicate the blood that was shed from him. This is the only sad symbol of Christmas.

Picture of holly fruit on its branch


Candles are widely used at Christmas. The candle is a religious symbol and shows that Christ is like a light to the world. And with him, people can come from darkness to light and be guided.

Picture of 4 red candles next to the Christmas tree

Star Topper:

One of the most common symbols is the use of a star topper on top of the Christmas tree. In fact, it’s a symbol of the star that appeared in heaven after the birth of Jesus Christ. The star is also a symbol of hope for humanity.

Picture of a star topper on top of Christmas trees

Tree bells:

These bells are a symbol used to alert people and guide them to the right path.

Picture of a bell on a Christmas tree

Christmas Tree Angel Topper:

Angel-shaped elements are widely used at Christmas. This is because the angels first announced the birth of Christ.

Image of a red angel topper on a Christmas tree branch

Optical yarn decorations:

In most places, people consider the lamp to be a symbol of Christ. So it is natural to use light fibers in abundance in home decorations.

A picture of light decorations on a Christmas tree

Christmas Poinsettias:

This flower is known as the Christmas flower. It has green leaves and red petals. The reason for choosing this flower for Christmas goes back to a Mexican legend.

A legend in which a Mexican girl named Papita, because she lives in a poor family and has no money to buy a gift on Christmas Eve and offer it to the coffin of Christ in the church. Gives a bunch of weeds as a gift. But a miracle happens and that weed turns into a beautiful red flower with green leaves.

Picture of poinsettias flowers with red petals and green leaves.

Christmas Stockings:

Since the 1800s, the use of stockings has become widespread at Christmas. The most famous story about the beginning of this use is: A poor old man had three daughters who were worried about their future and marriage. A man named St. Nicholas (yes, you got it right, the famous Santa Claus) finds out about his situation and wants to help him, but he knew that this man would not accept his help.  

For this reason, Nicholas went down the chimney of the old man’s house and filled his daughters’ socks, which had been washed and hung, with gold. From that day on, on Christmas Eve, people put socks on top of the fireplace to receive a gift from Santa.

Picture of 5 leggings hanging above the fireplace

Christmas Candy Canes:

These candies are usually for quiet and gifts for kids at Christmas. The shape of these candies is in the shape of a shepherd’s staff, which is used to bring back sheep that have been separated from the herd. Because Jesus was a shepherd, the white color of the candies is a sign of Jesus’ purity and the red stripes on it are a sign of the blood shed from Jesus.

Picture of a candy cane on a Christmas card and pine nuts

Christmas colors meaning

Like any other holiday, there are colors for Christmas that are dedicated to this holiday. By knowing these 5 main colors of Christmas and their meaning, we can know more about Christmas.

So let’s go:

The meaning of the green color of Christmas:

In most religions, the color green is revered. In Christianity, too, the color green is a symbol of eternal life. Besides, in ancient times, the Romans gave each other green branches in January as a sign of success. The Egyptians also gave each other palm branches during their winter festivals. The most striking green symbol at Christmas is the evergreen palm tree, which is used as a symbol of nature, hope and growth in winter.

Picture of a green Christmas tree with snow toppers

The meaning of the red color of Christmas:

Red in Christianity is a symbol of the blood shed by Jesus. Also, red represents love and energy. Red is the color of fire that warms people in the cold of winter. After green, red is the most widely used color among Christmas colors. The color of Santa Claus costumes, all kinds of decorations and gifts is usually red.

Picture of red Santa hats on red background

The meaning of the white color of Christmas:

White in Christianity is the color of holiness, purity and the rebirth of Jesus Christ. White also represents the snow that exists in winter, when Christmas is celebrated. Using white along with other colors makes sense. And this color can be seen in most decorations.

An image of angel and white star toppers hanging on a Christmas tree

The meaning of the golden color of Christmas:

Gold in Christianity is a symbol of Christ. Gold is also a symbol of wealth, sun and light. Light that can illuminate the dark nights of winter. At Christmas, gold is used to decorate decorations, pendants and candles along with red.

Picture of a gold pendant hanging on a Christmas tree.

The meaning of the blue color of Christmas:

Blue in Christianity is a symbol of paradise. It also represents truth and health. In the past, blue was a valuable color and was used only by wealthy royalty. This color is used at Christmas to decorate the dinner table, Christmas tree decorations and the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Picture of blue pendants for a Christmas tree on a blue background

Meaning of Christmas silver color:

This color is not one of the main colors of Christmas. But it is used in Christmas tree decorations and gifts. In Christianity, silver is a symbol of salvation. Silver is also a symbol of power and brightness.

Picture of a silver pendant on a Christmas tree

Meaning of Christmas purple color:

In the list of Christmas colors, purple is not a widely used color. Purple is a symbol of monarchy, luxury and magic. But in Christianity it symbolizes the appearance and birth of Jesus Christ.

Picture of cookies decorated with purple ribbons.

Is black a Christmas color?

In fact, black is not one of the colors of Christmas. In the past, the use of this color has been unusual. But today, some people, depending on their taste, use this color in Christmas decorations.

A picture of a decorated black Christmas tree and the gifts below.

Victorian Christmas colors

During the Victorian era, their elegance and extravagance also entered Christmas. The Victorians usually covered the whole house with delicate decorations such as holly and mistletoe garlands. The best china dishes were placed on the table for dinner. They served the best food. The Christmas tree was decorated with beautiful and delicate decorations such as glass ornaments and antique pendants.

Gifts were decorated with lace ribbons and beads. Christmas Eve treats were decorated with a special elegance. In this way, Christmas Eve was spent in the Victorian style. In addition, the Victorians used certain colors at Christmas.

The colors used by the Victorians included two categories: pale and subtle or dark and rich. Sometimes only one set of colors was chosen and sometimes shades and tones of both colors were used in the decorations.

Victorian Christmas colors include:

Blue, Green, Teal, Mauve, lavender, Pink, Rich red, Creamy White, Burgundy and Ivory.

A painting of a Victorian family decorating a Christmas tree and celebrating Christmas.

The last word

Christmas is a popular holiday among all people, even non-Christians. A celebration that comes with its own colors, symbols and customs. Knowing each of these leads to knowing more about this ancient celebration.

I hope this content has been useful to you. Also, I hope this year’s Santa Claus gift for you is a bag full of stars that you will never have a dark night in your life! Merry Christmas 🎄

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