The 5 Great Online Color Wheel Tools in 2021

The 5 Great Online Color Wheel Tools in 2021
The 5 Great Online Color Wheel Tools in 2021

During today’s session we will review Online Color Blender Tools. I have previously looked at online gradient generators, color palette generators, color converters and color blender tools on the inside color blog, and I found them very useful to designers and creatives alike. So, let’s compare 5 free color wheel tools around the web.

What is a color wheel?

A color wheel illustrates hues as they are distributed according to their physical wavelength. In color wheels, primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors are shown in geometric form, also you can see the interrelationships between those. let’s start the journey. Red, yellow, and blue make up the traditional RYB color wheel.

red, yellow and blue as primary colors on a ryb color wheel by dopely

By mixing primary colors, you can create secondary colors such as orange, green, and purple. Orange is created when red and yellow merge together. Green is made up of yellow and blue. Purple is created by combining red and blue.

orange, purple and green as secondary colors on a ryb color wheel by dopely

When a primary color is combined with a secondary color, they make tertiary colors. Are you remembering this from elementary school?

tertiary colors made by combining a secondary hue with a primary one on a ryb color wheel by dopely

A number of color wheels are available, but those that involve these three relationship types usually show 12 colors, like the one you saw earlier. You can go deeper into this concept by reading Color Theory Basis – Everything about Color Wheel.

What is a color wheel tool?

A color tool helps you to choose your color palettes considering color theory without having to put much effort into learning it. Nowadays you have enough free online color wheels all to work with. So, especially to those who are new in the design world, it is easy to pick colors, all you have to do is to pick a color tool!

Now let me compare some of the free online color wheels here:

1. Dopely Free Online Color Wheel Tool

Using Dopely color wheel tool you can choose a color scheme considering all parameters of color theory. It has 9 scheme modes including free mode, monochromatic, complementary, split-complementary, tetradic, square, triadic, double complementary, and analogous. You can even pick using only either the warm colors or the cold ones. After choosing the main colors, there is a handle around the color wheel which helps you adjust the tint or shade of your color combination.

Similar to other Dopely tools, There’s a modern yet comfortable feel to the design. You can save (css, url, pdf, png, jpg, svg), share, or like your color scheme, or as I mentioned earlier, you can upload a photo or enter the url of an image directly into this tool, to see your photo color palette on the color wheel. Since it is an integral part of Dopely tools, you can apply the results instantly to other tools like color palette generator, color toner, color gradient generator, color blender, and more.

To sum up, Dopely’s color wheel is really simple to use, while it provides you more schemes than all of the other color wheel tools. Another point about is, is the integration it has with more than 10 free color tools too; As an example, you can save your palette and simply open it in palette generator tool to work more on it.

Dopely Free Online Color Wheel Tool, one of the best color wheel tools ever
Color Wheel and Color Theory Calculator | Dopely Colors

2. Adobe Colors Free Online Color Wheel Tool

Additionally, Adobe colors has a simple color wheel with 9 schemes and 4 output color system modes. Color shades can be justified individually, but they will not appear in the reference color and will be added to your final palette.

Adobe Colors Free Online Color Wheel Tool
Color wheel, a color palette generator | Adobe Color

3. Canva Free Online Color Wheel Tool

Canva is a well-known brand when it comes to design. So, it came up with a color wheel tool too. However, you only have five color schemes to choose from, so you can’t play much. You can have result hues in hex codes and you can export them only as posters. As part of a designing tool, you can apply the palette to a graphic template, which is really great!

Canva Free Online Color Wheel Tool
Color wheel – color theory and calculator | Canva Colors

4. Session Collage Free Online Color Wheel Tool

It really is a classic and simple color wheel tool. Enter a color code, choose a harmony from 6 available schemes, and see the result!

Session Collage Free Online Color Wheel Tool
Color Wheel – Color Calculator | Sessions College

5. Paletton Free Online Color Wheel Tool

Despite all the other simple tools in this post, you might feel a little confused with Paletton color wheel. Personally, I think it has a little extra complexity. But here I break it down to simple steps. First choose the harmony from 5 schemes in the top. Now choose one color as the main color and adjust it on the color wheel. Finally, choose the tint and shade in the inner circle and the results are ready! Also, It represents more tinted or shaded colors of your choice in smaller squares. This can visualize the interaction of colors better.

Palleton Free Online Color Wheel Tool
Paletton – The Color Scheme Designer

Let me ask you for your experiences! Have you ever used a color wheel before? What other color wheel tools do you recommend? Which one works best, digital tool or paper drawings? Please let me know what you think! I will update the list if you have any other suggestions!

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