Reasons Why Color Pairing Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade!

painting canvas full of color

How much do you care about color pairing in your daily life?

Every masterpiece of painting, every great outfit, every exciting interior design, every beautifully captured image and then creation of anything related to color needs a great color palette.

Thus, to create a functional color palette, you need to increase your color pairing ability. To do this, you must first swallow your frog. And master the color wheel !

We further understand, what is the color wheel? What are the rules of that relationship? 

Finally, we see some known combination colors.

Let’s go!

Color wheel

Primary colors:

According to Isaac Newton’s theory, the combination of colors in a circle is the color wheel. This cycle is a combination of the three primary colors, red, yellow, and blue (RYB).  Because these three colors are not from the combination of any color, but they can be effective in the combination of colors. 

The color wheel with bold primary colors of blue red and yellow for learning about primary, secondary and tertiary colors in dopely colors blog post

Secondary colors:

By combining each of the primary colors equally, the secondary colors of the cycle are created. As a result, they are purple, green and orange.

Red + Blue = Purple

Blue + Yellow = Green

Red + Yellow = Orange

The color wheel of primary and secondary and tertiary colors with bold secondary colors of purple and orange and green for understanding secondary colors in dopely colors blog post

Tertiary colors:

Therefore, tertiary colors are a combination of primary and secondary colors. Which include 6 colors.

Yellow + Orange = Yellow-Orange

Orange + Red = Orange-Red

Red + Purple = Red-Purple

Purple + Blue = Purple-Blue

Blue + Green = Blue-Green

Green + Yellow = Green-Yellow

The color wheel of twelve colors with primary and secondary and tertiary colors and bold tertriay colors of red-purple or pink, blue-purple, blue-green, green-yellow or yellowish green, yellow-orange or orangish brown, and orange-red for learning tertiary colors in dopely colors blog post

Neutral colors:

There are also colors that have no place in the color wheel, which are neutral colors.

Warm and cool colors:

 We divide color wheel into warm colors and cool colors:

The color wheel of 12 colors divided in warm color and cold color to teach the difference and the place of warm colors  and cold colors

Warm colors convey more emotion and have great excitement and flexibility and contains a range from yellow to red.

red to yellow palette

But, cool colors are paler than warm colors. They also have calm, peace and contains a range from purple to green.

green to purple palette

Several color termes:


The predominant color name of any color family is hue. For example, blue is a hue. But black, gray and white are not as a hue.


A hue produced by adding black is Shade.


A hue produced by adding white is Tint.

Sometimes it called a pastel.


A hue produced by adding grey is Tone.

hues, tints, tones and shades of color wheel


The intensity or purity of a hue.

The saturation palette for showing how colors change in relation with their saturation degree


Specifies the relative degree of darkness and lightness of the hue.

The value palette of red color for showing how colors change according to their value degree

The rules of color relationships

•Complementary colors: 

Colors sitting across from each other on the color wheel. Also, the colors in this section include the highest contrast.

•Analogous scheme: 

Colors that are next to each other in the color wheel. The color combinations of this section are very common and used.

•Triadic scheme: 

In this case, colors that are in the color wheel at the same distance from each other at three points. This color combination also creates contrast, not as much as complementary colors.

•Split-complementary scheme: 

In this color scheme, we use one color and two adjacent colors of complementary colors. This composition also has a strong visual contrast.

•Tetradic scheme: 

In this color scheme, there are four colors that complement each other in pairs. This color combination is very bold, but because there are more colors, it is more difficult to maintain balance. Accordingly, a dominant color should be chosen from them and the rest of the colors should be around it.

•Square scheme: 

Finally, colors that are in the color wheel at the same distance from each other at four points and in this composition, you should pay attention to the harmony of cool and warm colors.

color relationship

•Monochromatic scheme: 

At this point, the combination of three shades, tones and tints of each color is monochromatic.  The use of this composition is for various tasks. And creates a delicate color combination.

monochromatic color

Types of color wheel

The color wheel includes two types of models, incremental and decremental and Both incremental and decremental models are very useful in our daily lives. 

color wheel

The incremental model

The incremental model is as RGB (Red, Green, Blue), which is suitable for light. So, if the visible light spectrum is divided into three parts, it shows the three main colors, red, green and blue.

Combining RGB colors with each other, white is obtained. TV and color monitors use incremental colors (RGB).

The picture of three circles of red and blue and green with overlaps to show how colors are combined in RGB color mode
And show the basic colors of RGB coloring system in dopely colors blog post

The decremental model

The decremental model is as CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). In fact, the modern model is RYB. In the real world, color is declining, due to the reflection of white light and the reduction of wavelength.

From the primary color combination in RGB; Yellow, Magenta and Cyan colors appear in CMYK. Combining all three of these colors together produces black.

The colors that painters and graphic artists recognize as the primary colors are decremental colors (CMYK). Also, It’s used in print colors and ink-based works. 

The picture of three circles colored with cyan and magenta and yellow with overlaps to show the CMYK color system and how colors are combined in it
And to show the basic of how cyan and magenta and yellow and black make all the possible colors together in dopely colors blog post

40 color pairing to inspire you!

I tried to bring some types of color palettes additionally to inspire you in each field. These palettes are used in fashion, design, architecture, photography, painting and so on.

Let’s see!

color pairing 1

Mandy is a youthful and modern color and belongs to the category of warm colors.  So by using this color saturation, you will get different shades of it.  Putting them together with dark color, Outer Space, creates contrast.

color pairing2

Usually, the presence of a warm color from the red family, next to a neutral color in the black family, indicates evil. But here, because of Indigo, this issue is neutralized. Because this color is soothing and peaceful. 

Also the presence of Indigo next to these colors makes it dynamic and can be used as a background for two other colors. These colors together create a lot of contrast.

color pairing3

In the following, Blue Chill color brings a lot of calm and creates a lot of excitement along with Cello, Waterloo color can be used around these two colors.

color pairing4

These are also the colors of an attractive tropical palette. These youthful and beautiful colors inspire simplicity. All three colors are shades of their dominant color tints.

 color pairing 5

Putting Froly color next to the other two colors conveys a feeling of calm.  Besides, this color combination is very versatile and attractive to everyone. we can use Mischka as a background.

Color pairing is an ability!

color pairing 6

This is my favorite color palette.  Existence of two complementary colors Persian Pink and Fountain Blue brings a beautiful contrast. Bunting neutral color can be used as a background. All of these colors are tones of their dominant color.

 color pairing 7

This color palette, whose color combination is done by Analogous, are tints of their main colors, so, these colors together create a lot of energy.  Buddha Gold can be chosen as the background copper.

 color pairing 8

The presence of two neutral colors, Tuna and Gallery, along with two warm and cold colors, leads to charm and calm.

color pairing 9

This color palette is created by changing the value of the original color.  And conveys a sense of freshness to the audience.

color pairing 10

Another color palette obtained by changing the value of the original color is this palette.  It conveys a feeling of calm and coolness of the sea to the audience.

Color pairing is used everywhere!

color pairing 11

These gentle tints create an attractive color palette that is conservative. This pellet is the best option for use in children’s furniture and design of children’s rooms and clothes.

 color pairing 12

Due to the presence of Old Lace, there is not much contrast between these palette colors.  This palette is also one of the suitable color combinations for the tropics.

 color pairing 13

This color combination shows the effect of summer, is invigorating and boosts your energy, the colors are also placed together by Analogous.

color pairing 14

This color combination is very bold and dynamic and impresses the audience, it is not suitable for the interior of the house because it may cause confusion and even a sense of violence.

 color pairing 15

These soft shades create calm, luxury, warmth.  And it creates friendly feelings.

You can be the best by using color pairing!

color pairing 16

The colors of Cotton Candy and Misty Rose, with their softness and elegance, shout out the feeling of femininity.  The presence of Cornflower Blue color adds a sense of luxury to it.  Uranian Blue can also act as a background.

 color pairing 17

This high-contrast color combination brings a lot of energy and increases joy and excitement.

color pairing 18

The Chamois color is prominent along with other dark colors and shows a feeling of softness.

color pairing 19

This conservative and gentle color combination is more suitable for use in work and commercial environments.

color pairing 20

This color combination, despite its colors, shows masculinity and brings beauty and style.

Look at the colors carefully, for best color pairing!

palette inspiration 21

This pallet is another pallet used in summer and cool days and represents the beach and the sea.  It conveys a feeling of confidence and freshness to the audience.

palette inspiration  22

These different tints of yellow are very attractive and mesmerizing.  It conveys a very high energy to the audience and brings excitement.

palette inspiration  23

This color combination is another of my favorite pellets.  It can be used in the tropicals.  The presence of Waikawa Gray color prevents excessive contrast between other colors.

palette inspiration  24

This color palette conveys the feeling of being stylish and confident due to its dark colors.

palette inspiration  25

The presence of bold and bright colors in this palette conveys feelings of excitement and excessive joy.

Color pairing can make everything more beautiful!

palette inspiration  26

The two colors Turmeric and Glacier prevent excessive blurring of this color palette and are in contrast with other colors.

palette inspiration 27

In this pellet, Biscay tints, complemented by Marigold Yellow, create an attractive contrast and convey a sense of confidence and originality.

palette inspiration  28

Complementary colors are used in this color palette, and Pampas color can also be selected as a background.

palette inspiration  29

Dandelion and Rose convey a friendly feeling to the audience in this color palette.

palette inspiration 30

Complementary colors Mulled Wine and Surfie Green create a beautiful contrast and the combination of all these colors gives a warm feeling to the audience.

Get inspired by nature for color pairing!

palette inspiration 31

The presence of Spring Wood color along with other complementary colors adds calmness to this palette.

palette inspiration 32

The colors of this palette complement each other in pairs, and this created a high contrast that attracts the eyes.

palette inspiration 33

The combination of these colors together creates a special softness and causes a proper balance of these colors with each other.

palette inspiration 34

The presence of exciting and joyful colors in this color palette has made it mesmerizing.  And it is suitable for use in places that are related to a lot of excitement, and also evoked the autumn season.

palette inspiration 35

This palette is almost a shadow of the previous palette tints. The difference is that this palette conveys a feeling of calm and peace and is suitable for the autumn season.

Using color pairing is not difficult!

palette inspiration  36

The combination of warm and exciting colors of Lightning Yellow and Sunset Orange along with the cool colors in this palette, evoked the sunset in a cold season.

palette inspiration  37

Tints of blue and yellow in this palette include calm, happiness and a positive feeling.

palette inspiration 38

The Romanian flag has these three colors, and represents brotherhood, justice and freedom.  This is a classic color combination and is one of the most popular color combinations.  And it is very useful.

palette inspiration 39

The presence of two warm colors against a cool color in this color palette creates high contrast, but due to the neutral Ivory color, this contrast is less visible.

palette inspiration  40

This palette has shades of gray.  Conveys excessive relaxation, it is also useful for use in the bedroom.


Whether you are a painter or fashion designer, photographer or interior designer, and even a mother looking for the right color combination to make your baby’s food more attractive, you need to know how to put colors together and create an attractive color palette.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. You can visit Dopely to make your new and favorite color palettes.

Well, now you tell me, what’s your favorite color palette?

Share your opinion with me in the comments!

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