The Burgundy Color In Fashion Design

Burgundy color


Fashion industry relies hugely on colors. colors represent so much about styles and outfits. in this article, we’ll see what the burgundy color has to say in fashion designs.


Color is one of the most significant components of every design, and fashion is no exception. Colors give designs meanings and beauty. And fashion is all about beauty darling (that’s what I think, at least). 

Burgundy in fashion

The name “Burgundy” is derived from the burgundy wine (the same color), and is a dark red shade. Burgundy also goes by the name Devil Red.

Color info:

Color psychology of burgundy 

This color often represents the higher level of society.  More reddish tints of the color can show sophistication and seriousness. Wearing burgundy may connote power and high ambitions. It’s the color of wealth and luxury. I don’t know about you, but i love burgundy. It’s a sharp and deep color.

Burgundy is a mixture of different portions of:

  1. red 
  2. brown, and 
  3. blue (more blue gives more purple undertones).

The color burgundy goes pretty well with the gray category (different shades).

Best matchings for burgundy:
  1. turquoise
  2. golden yellow
  3. umber
  4. charcoal gray 
  5. brown
  6. green
  7. purple

Burgundy clothing

Burgundy accessory makes your style fashionable

Styles aren’t just about clothes, there are accessories that can add to the shine of your look and make you look more chic and elegant.

Here are a few rules:

  • Don’t wear more than 2-3 piece of large accessories
  • Don’t wear too much accessories 
  • It’s better to use a few pieces of small jewelry 
  • Don’t use too many colors (use matching colors)
  • Use accessory on one wrist
  • Pair your metals (watch, ring, bracelet)


Makeup is a crucial part of every style; but, it has to be done properly and as much as possible, professional. As much as a harmonious and ideal makeup can make you look head-turning, a harsh and heavy makeup can ruin all your efforts. But, even burdensome makeup can be appropriate for special and unusual occasions.

Here are some examples of burgundy makeup:


Sometimes, nothing can be more illustrative than pictures; therefore, I tried to collect some of the best images for inspiration. Hope you like them and find these helpful to create your dandy styles.

For more color inspirations you can visit:

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