Autumn colors: Beautify your wardrobe!

Autumn clothing colors

Well, are you ready for autumn to arrive? Autumn is coming. So you have to say goodbye to your summer clothes and pull out your autumn clothes from the closet. Because the cold season is coming!

In fact, with the change of daylight and temperature, the style of clothes and the color palette you wear will also change. Today I am here to give you the best fall colors and palettes. Follow me!

What colors should we wear in autumn?

In fact, dressing for each season is not quite like the science of mathematics. Because there is no hard, firm and strict rule that determines what kind of clothes we are wearing is wrong.

The only thing that matters in fashion style is its color. Because, the right or wrong use of color in your clothes, makeup and accessories can make or break your look. Colors that are used more than anything else in the fall season include yellow, mustard, orange, navy blue, rose pink, gray, burgundy, ember, maroon, olive green, emerald, and turquoise.

You probably all have these colors in your closet right now. If not, don’t worry. It is not necessary to use all these colors in your style. All you need is inspiration from different color palettes and different styles. You can also use the autumn colors that mother nature gave us. If you want, I have introduced them here.

A wardrobe full of autumn clothes and its palette

Can you use the colors of other seasons in autumn?

It is a completely wrong idea that you cannot use colors that are suitable for other seasons in autumn. In fact, colors can be used in any season. The point here is to use the right color palette for the season.

Here I will introduce you to 4 colors that you can use in hot, moderate and cold weather. Sedona, Fern, Sandstone and Canyon colors are the same 4 colors.

To have an autumn style, you can match Sedona color with navy blue. Match Fern color with light cream color. Also, try Sandstone with a fawn color. And finally, you can consider russet to complement the color of Canyon.

What are the best color combinations for autumn clothes?

In this section, I have tried to bring several suitable color combinations to use in your style. Let’s explore them:

1. Use brown color in autumn

The brown has always been present in the autumn color palette. That is why this color is extremely popular. Thus, you can coordinate it with beige, cognac, chocolate, and caramel colors.

A woman and a man in Brown clothes and their palettes

2. Use soft white color in autumn

Don’t be afraid to use white color in autumn, because you can use this color all year round. Soft white color is also one of the popular colors in autumn. Because this pale color shows a clean and modern appearance away from complexity. As you well know, white goes with any color. So you can use it with any of the other autumn colors.

A woman and a man in white clothes and their palettes

3. Use Airy Blue color in autumn

It can be said that using this color in your style is the best thing you have done for yourself. Indeed, Airy blue color, which is a light and pale shade of blue, can be combined with many colors, including neutral colors.

A woman and a man in Airy Blue clothes and their palettes

4. Use Dusty Cedar color in autumn

One of the colors in Pantone’s list is dusty cedar. In fact, this color is one of the warm colors and is a richer version of the light pink shade. Also, Cream and its different shades are the best colors to go with this color.

A woman and a man in Dusty Cedar clothes and their palettes

5. Use Warm Tan color in autumn

Different colors of the warm tan range are suitable for use in autumn. You can combine this color with yellowish brown, you can also add black or white color to it for accent. However, this color is called a versatile shade because it can be combined with almost any color.

A woman and a man in Warm Tan clothes and their palettes

6. Use Riverside Blue color in autumn

Riverside Blue is a complex, strong color and another of Pantone’s top colors. Although this color is not very bright, it has a stunning effect and conveys a sense of vitality. Therefore, you can create an attractive style by combining this color with white and neutral colors.

A woman and a man in Riverside Blue clothes and their palettes

7. Use olive green color in autumn

Undoubtedly, one of the best colors used in autumn is olive green and its light to dark shades. Thus, you can easily combine this color with khaki, mustard colors or neutral colors and create a stylish autumn style.

A woman and a man in Olive Green clothes and their palettes

8. Use Taupe color in autumn

The color taupe looks similar to the color warm tan, but you should be careful that this color is cooler than warm tan and of course more flattering! You can mostly use this color in accessories and other things. Because this color is neutral, it is better to combine it with slightly darker colors.

A woman and a man in Taupe clothes and their palettes

9. Use Citron Fizz color in autumn

Citron Fizz is a bright, bold, almost neon color from the yellow family. So, most fashion designers use this color as an accent color for accessories. You can also use this color next to blue shades, especially riverside blue.

A woman and a man in Citron Fizz clothes and their palettes

10. Use Aurora Red color in autumn

Aurora Red color is from the warm, bold and red family. The reason why this color is suitable for autumn is that it is neither too bright nor too dark. You can also use this color as an accent in your style. You can combine it with sharp colors such as riverside blue and sharp mustard, as well as neutral shades such as Sharkskin and Taupe.

A woman and a man in Aurora Red clothes and their palettes

11. Use Lush Meadow color in autumn

The great similarity of this color to emerald green sometimes causes the two to be mistakenly used interchangeably. It can be said that this color is brighter than the dark green colors seen in autumn. In addition, choosing this color is very suitable for accessories and evening wear. You can also match it with black to have a stylish style.

A woman and a man in Lush Meadow clothes and their palettes

12. Use Spicy Mustard color in fall

Hot mustard color is almost a new color of dark yellow shades and it can be said that this color is a little brighter than the traditional mustard color. You can use this color for patterned clothes or accessories. Because it makes you feel bold.  Besides, You can always combine this color with different shades of green.

A woman and a man in Spicy Mustard clothes and their palettes

13. Use Sharkskin Gray color in fall

I love this color. Although the name of this color may seem harsh or scary, in fact this color is very gentle. So, you can combine Sharkskin Gray color with any color and create many styles with this neutral color

A woman and a man in Sharkskin Gray clothes and their palettes

14. Use Potter’s Clay color in fall

You must know well that khaki colors and its shades are a good choice for the fall season.  Potter’s Clay is a neutral brown with an orange undertone, reminiscent of autumn leaves. In addition, you can combine this beautiful color with traditional autumn colors such as olive green, gray, beige, khaki and gold.

A woman and a man in Potter's Clay clothes and their palettes

15. Use Bodacious Purple color in fall

The Bodacious Purple color has rich and vibrant shades like eggplant, which makes it a suitable option for the fall season. To combine this color, you can coordinate it with red and pink colors to be sure that you have drawn all eyes towards you. You can also use lighter or neutral colors such as black and white to combine with this color.

A woman and a man in Bodacious Purple clothes and their palettes

16. Use Beetroot color in fall

A trendy color is Beetroot, which is a dark purple-red shade. If you want, you can use this color as the main color or accent in your style. Also, the harmony of this color is perfect with white and contrasting colors like blue.

A woman and a man in Beetroot clothes and their palettes

17. Use of black color in fall

Not surprisingly, black is also one of the best fall colors. You must know that this color is used in many design details. Actually, choosing black is a classic and beautiful choice that can be combined with any color.

A woman and a man in Black clothes and their palettes

18. Use Camel Brown color in fall

If I had to choose just one color for fall, I’d say camel brown without a second thought. Because, this soft and attractive shade of brown always attracts the eyes and never overwhelms. So, you can wear camel brown with different shades of brown and create a monochrome style or combine it with white and black and create a stylish style.

A woman and a man in Camel Brown clothes and their palettes

19. Use Navy Blue color in fall

One of the most modern and lovely color combinations is the use of Navy Blue with Mustard Yellow. You can also combine this color with orange, russet and brown colors. In this way, you can display a classic and stylish style.

A woman and a man in Navy Blue clothes and their palettes

20. Use Burgundy color in fall

The hottest and sexiest fall color, at least in my opinion, is Burgundy. For this reason, this color and its use in autumn is very popular. You can also coordinate this color with camel, cream, black and white and create a beautiful and stunning look.

A woman and a man in Burgundy clothes and their palettes

21. Use Teal color in fall

Are you looking for a soft and gentle autumn look? I suggest you use teal color. The brightness of this color and the sense of calm it conveys will help you spend an autumn day. To complete your style, you can also combine teal with turquoise or navy blue.

A woman and a man in Teal clothes and their palettes

22. Use Rich Dark Blue color in fall

Suppose on an autumn day, you are invited to a formal place and you want to wear something that looks professional. So, you can stop thinking and use Rich Dark Blue color. Combining this color with brown will give you the look you are looking for.

A woman and a man in Rich Dark Blue clothes and their palettes

Some notes …

  • Always remember that no outfit is complete without accessories. You should pay attention that the color of the accessories compliments your outfit. Otherwise, it will make you look messy.
  •  As a bridesmaid in autumn, the best colors are red, wine and brown. But if you are going to a wedding as a guest, the best color is royal blue.
  • If you are confused about choosing the colors of your outfit, the best thing is to use the rule of three colors.

What is the rule of three colors?

Definitely, many of you, like me, do not have enough time to choose the right dress color. My fastest choice is to use monochrome or complementary colors. But if you want to have a stylish and unrepeatable style, the best choice is to use the rule of three colors.

The principle of the rule of three colors is that when wearing clothes, do not combine more than three colors in your clothes. In this rule, white and black are exceptions. Because basically these two are not colors but tones and can be used as an accent color in your style.

One of the important points in using this rule is that the colors you choose must all be in the same family. It means that all of them are either cool or hot. For example, you can use Hippie Pink, camel and seagull colors for the main colors of your style and white or black colors to highlight your style as accessories.

A girl in Hippie Pink, Camel and Seagull clothes and its palette

Color palettes inspiration of autumn clothing colors

Here are several comfortable and cozy color palettes for your autumn outfit, if you have no ideas!

A color palette inspiration of Autumn colors 1
A color palette inspiration of Autumn colors 2
A color palette inspiration of Autumn colors 3
A color palette inspiration of Autumn colors 4

Last word

I repeat my question, are you ready for the arrival of autumn? With the change of seasons, our wardrobes also need to change. We have to update our wardrobes with hot colors. Thus, take out the summer tops, tank tops and shorts and change them with cute fall clothes.

Whether you use the tips above or not! You should know that you should never be afraid of coordinating different colors when wearing clothes. So try to challenge yourself and try new colors. The colors you may have thought so far are not suitable!

Therefore, sometimes trust your instinct and know that nature always guides you in the right direction and pulls you to choose the best colors. So, what is your favorite color for autumn?

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