Autumn color: The king of the seasons!

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As the days shorten and the air temperature decreases, the colors of nature also go towards warm and rich colors. From cinnamon red to chocolate brown, they are all autumn colors. It is not surprising that autumn is considered the king of the seasons.

In fact, Mother Nature has made inspiring color palettes available to everyone this season. Palettes that can be used in your design by getting ideas. Today we will find more information about autumn colors together. Before we get into the fall colors, let’s find out why the leaves change color in the autumn!

Why do leaves change color in autumn?

In fact, during spring and summer, plants begin to produce food through chlorophyll. Due to the presence of chlorophyll, which is a green pigment, the color of plants and leaves are also green. In addition to green pigment, yellow to orange pigment, xanthophyll pigment and carotenoids are present in the leaves. But these pigments are covered with a lot of green color.

On the other hand, in autumn, due to the change in temperature and the change in the length of daily light, plants stop the process of food production. For this reason, chlorophyll is gradually decomposed and the green color of plants changes to a range of colors from yellow to orange. Of course, there are also trees such as pine, fir and cypress that keep their leaves green throughout the year.

Picture of colorful leaves with its palette

What are the autumn colors?

Indeed, most autumn colors include yellow, orange, red and brown. However, there are also certain colors that are for certain species. I have mentioned them in the following table:

OaksRed, Brown, or Russet
HickoriesGolden Bronze
Aspen and Yellow-poplarGolden Yellow
DogwoodPurple Red
BeechLight Tan
Sourwood and Black TupeloCrimson
Red MapleBrilliant Scarlet
Sugar MapleOrange-Red
Black MapleGlowing Yellow
Striped MapleAlmost Colorless

You see? Even in each species of maple trees, the colors can be different. Of course, we all know that colors convey different emotions and have certain meanings. The same is true of fall colors!

What is the meaning of autumn colors?

Because autumn colors also have a meaning like any other color, in this section we will explain the meaning of the most common autumn colors:

Meaning of red color:

Red is a deep and warm emotional color. For this reason, it arouses passion. Also, this color attracts attention. So, Reddish brown is the most used shade of this color in autumn.

Picture of red leaf with its palette

Meaning of yellow color:

Yellow is the color of happiness and life. Because this bright and warm color is taken from the sun, it conveys happy, pleasant and optimistic feelings. So, the most suitable shades of this color for use in autumn are royal yellow and golden yellow.

Picture of yellow leaf with its palette

Meaning of orange color:

Orange is also included in the category of warm colors. Also, it conveys positive emotions, joy and pleasure. All dark and light shades of orange represent autumn colors.

Picture of orange leaves with its palette

Meaning of brown color:

Brown conveys a feeling of peace and comfort to others. In fact, this color is the most color you can see in autumn. Therefore, you can use all shades of brown from light to dark in autumn.

Picture of brown leaves with its palette

What are the best autumn colors?

In fact, the best autumn colors that can be used together can be divided into several categories: normal colors, vibrant colors, soft colors and deep colors.

1. The best common autumn colors include medium olive green, rust red, mustard yellow, mid-browns and camels.

Color palette of best autumn colors 1

2. The best vibrant autumn colors include golden brown, turtle green, grass green, aquamarine and tomato red. Thus, the colors of this palette are similar to spring colors.

Color palette of best autumn colors 2

3. The best soft autumn colors include sage green, antique gold, oyster white, light coral, and warm gray. Also, these colors are similar to summer colors.

Color palette of best autumn colors 3

4. The best deep autumn colors include dark green, eggplant purple, navy blue, soft white and dark olive green, which are more like winter colors.

Color palette of best autumn colors 4

What is the autumn color code?

In the web world, there is a color called autumn. Let’s see:

Autumn color code (#DE8C3C) ⬈

The autumn color hex code is #DE8C3C. This color is a shade of brown and orange. RGB values ​​for it are 222, 140 and 60 respectively. It is also 0, 37, 73 and 13 respectively for CMYK values. The saturation value of this color is 73% and its brightness value is 87%.

Picture of Autumn color with its Hex code

What colors go with the autumn color?

So, by using the color wheel, you can find different colors that go with this color.

Complementary palette:

The best color to complement an autumn color is Tufts Blue (#3C8EDE). Because these two colors are contrasting, they are great for grabbing the viewer’s attention.

Complementary palette with Autumn color

Analogous palette:

To make such a color palette with autumn color, you need the colors Sandstorm (#DEDD3C) and Jasper (#DE3C3D). This palette contains soft and soothing colors for the eyes.

Analogous palette with Autumn color

Split Complementary palette:

The use of the split complementary palette is very common in most web and graphic designs. Because this palette does not contain contrasting colors that will bother the eyes. You can create a split complementary palette for autumn color with two colors: Turquoise (#3CDEDD) and Palatinate Blue (#3C3DDE).

Split-Complementary palette with Autumn color

Triadic palette:

The triadic palette provides a nice contrast with beautiful variety. So you can put autumn color next to Eucalyptus (#3CDE8C) and Blue-Violet (#8C3CDE) for a stunning triadic palette.

Triadic palette with Autumn color

Tetradic palette:

One of the types of four-color palettes is the tetradic palette, which you can create by combining Eucalyptus (#3CDE8C), Royal Pink (#DE3C8E), and Tufts Blue (#3C8EDE) next to autumn color.

Tetradic palette with Autumn color

Square palette:

Like the tetradic palette, the square palette consists of four colors. But for many colors, it may be better to use a square palette than a tetradic palette. For this purpose, you can put Lime Green (#3DDE3C), Steel Pink (#DD3CDE) and Tufts Blue (#3C8EDE) next to the autumn color.

Square palette with Autumn color

Do you want some autumn color palettes for ideas?

Autumn scenery with many beautiful colors is the best choice for getting ideas for use in our designs. Below are attractive autumn color palettes for your inspiration.

Color palette inspiration of autumn colors 1
Color palette inspiration of autumn colors 2
Color palette inspiration of autumn colors 3
Color palette inspiration of autumn colors 4
Color palette inspiration of autumn colors 5
Color palette inspiration of autumn colors 6
Color palette inspiration of autumn colors 7

Last word

We probably all understood by now that the autumn season has become the king of the seasons for having a wide range of beautiful and warm colors. Using these colors in your decoration, make-up, fashion and designs conveys a feeling of warmth and peace. Do you want to add some warmth to your home, design or yourself for the upcoming season? The best thing is to choose autumn colors.

Which palette did you like the most? Is there a color that you would like to use more in autumn?

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