Autumn colors: Bring autumn to your home!

Autumn decoration

Are you ready for chilly autumn nights? Do you want to bring the lovely atmosphere of autumn to your home? So, using rich autumn palettes of warm colors can create an autumn atmosphere in your home decoration.

Today we are going to learn how to create a cozy autumn atmosphere in your home. Thus, say hello to fall foliage, pumpkins, warm drinks, and rich colors and build your dream fall home. Let’s go!

What are the autumn colors for decoration?

The change of seasons also stimulates us to change our surroundings. So now is the best time to be inspired by the beautiful autumn scenery. Autumn is a season that is far from bright sunny colors. Instead, it is rich in warm and deep colors.

Indeed, the best autumn colors for interior decoration include khaki, honey, crimson, brown, beige, gray, gold, eggplant, and pumpkin. Of course, the point here is that these colors should be used in the right place. First, let’s start with common colors:

Brown in autumn decoration:

Brown is the main color of autumn. You can use its dark tones and add it to your autumn collection. Also, Sepia, beige, and chocolate brown are some of the different brown tones that are all perfect for decorating your fall decor.

A home with brown autumn decoration and its color palette

Red in autumn decoration:

Scarlet red autumn berries and ruby ​​red leaves all make this color look perfect for this season. You can also use different red shades such as burgundy, cardinal, cherry and wine for your decoration.

A home with red autumn decoration and its color palette

Orange in autumn decoration:

The most ideal color for autumn decoration is to use a warm and happy orange color. In addition, using this color in your decoration can make your work easier for Halloween design. If you don’t want to see too much orange in the house, you can use orange flowers or pumpkin sculptures for the fireplace. That’s enough for the color to give meaning to your space!

A home with orange autumn decoration and its color palette

Yellow in autumn decoration:

For a beautiful and bright decoration, don’t forget the color yellow. You can choose from different shades of yellow -from mustard yellow to gold- for your decoration. A quick way to introduce this color is to add a yellow texture to your sofa.

A home with yellow autumn decoration and its color palette

Green in autumn decoration:

Adding green color to your fall decoration actually adds freshness, calm and freshness to it. Also, you can use forest green and sage green shades, jade, ferns and dried grass. Don’t forget that not all green colors represent spring!

A home with green autumn decoration and its color palette

Where should we use autumn colors more?

Spaces that are shared throughout the house are perfect for fall colors. For example, you can use brown, beige, gray or white colors for the walls. Or paint the entrance walls of the house in khaki, russet or persimmon color so that you feel the warmth as soon as you enter the house.

Using one color at the entrance of the house helps you make the palette of other parts of the house from the same color, or continue the same color or use lighter shades. You can also use darker colors than the wall colors for home decorations and accessories. Note that among the autumn colors, there are also unusual colors.

Fall decoration of the living room:

Depending on your taste, the living room decor can be soft with neutral colors or bold with warm and deep colors. In both cases, you can use red, yellow and orange elements to make your autumn decoration dynamic.

Autumn decoration of two living room with their palettes

Fall decoration of the dining room:

The dining room should include soft colors such as beige, cream, light brown so as not to disturb the concentration of the people in the house while eating. But we all know very well that using only soft colors causes eye fatigue. Therefore, we can add brighter colors like orange or red to them. It can be in the form of a runner on the dining table or even the color of the flowers on the table!

Autumn decoration of two dining room with their palettes

Fall decoration of the bedroom:

The bedroom is a place to rest and relax. You can use beige, brown or orange bedding and in this way you can feel autumn in your room. Also, you can always think of adding wooden, copper or golden items to your autumn decoration.

Autumn decoration of two bedroom with their palettes

What is the most unusual fall color for decoration?

Purple is one of the unusual colors of autumn. Lighter shades of purple are suitable for spring and summer, but darker shades such as deep jewel and dramatic eggplant are suitable for autumn and winter. You can combine these darker shades of purple with brown or hot orange. In this way, you have created a stunning autumn decoration that is also suitable for Halloween.

Other unusual colors are green and emerald colors, whose bright shades are not suitable for the autumn season. But you can combine its dark shades with warm and traditional autumn colors. For example, you can combine moss green color with brown, gold and rust and create a warm autumn atmosphere.

A home with purple autumn decoration and its color palette

Color palette inspiration of autumn decoration

Here are some color palettes to inspire autumn decor. This can help you a lot. Let’s see:

Color palette inspiration of Autumn decoration 1
Color palette inspiration of Autumn decoration 2
Color palette inspiration of Autumn decoration 3
Color palette inspiration of Autumn decoration 4
Color palette inspiration of Autumn decoration 5

Last word

You saw that by knowing autumn colors and using them correctly, you can create a beautiful and inspiring atmosphere in your home and bring autumn inside. What combination of colors do you like for your autumn decoration? Share it with me in the comments!

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