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    Colors have physiological and psychological effects on the human mind. Knowing the reason of why do we prefer certain colors and using it properly can affect people’s peace of mind. Knowing the tastes of different age groups of people in the field of color can be a good way to communicate with them. Especially for communicating with children. Because children often use their imaginary and visual intelligence‌.

    You may be interested in knowing people’s personalities like me! So you should know by using everyone’s favorite color, we can get acquainted with their personality traits.

    The importance of color preference and knowing why we prefer certain colors, becomes more clear when we pay attention to the fact that the power of colors is quite clear in all areas of our lives. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear and the car we buy. And this can have a huge impact on the jobs of anyone involved with colors; People like artists, decorators, photographers and etc. With a thorough understanding of the effects of color preference, businesses can make wise decisions about product development and marketing. 

The spiritual impact of colors

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    The colors we choose during the day for our clothes or our environment, can be effective in receiving our spiritual impact from the environment. Colors such as white, yellow or blue allow us to receive positive energies from the environment. In contrast, colors such as black have harmful fluctuations that both affect the environment and absorb negative energies.

The processing of color preferences in the brain

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    Studies have shown that brain receptors affect color choice in humans. We usually prefer certain colors depending on the environment in which we live, the weather, and the amount of light reflected from different objects, and sometimes we remain interested in one color for a long time or lose interest in another color. Most psychologists believe that our brain interprets colors with reason, and therefore each color affects us differently. Nurses, for example, usually wear blue because most people find blue a soothing color. Or the feeling we have acquired about red is related to danger and blood, and this causes anxiety in most people.

Why “BLUE” is the world’s favorite color

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     According to the researches, blue is the favorite color of most people in different parts of the world. The reason for this can be that this color calms the mind and relieves mental and physical fatigue and increases the feeling of security and self-confidence. Blue is considered as a cold color and can even be effective in treating high fevers. Blue activates creativity and mobility in humans, and if combined with yellow, it is a very suitable color for decorating a study or work room. Also, using dark blue is suitable for the bedroom because it causes a deep and comfortable sleep. These properties and positive effects make most human brains choose this beautiful color.

Pink for girls, blue for boys!

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     Many people may wonder why blue is more masculine and pink is more feminine. A researcher from the University of Maryland says in a study that this does not reflect biological differences between the genders and it is merely a cultural issue. According to what this researcher says, this norm was not widespread until the 1980s. He believes that this unwritten law could reflect the French fashion industry. The country’s traditional culture gives pink to girls and blue to boys, and as France promoted fashion in the twentieth century, this tradition also prevailed in many cultures.

Things that affect our choice about certain colors we prefer

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    Education, personality types, environment, climate, family heritage, gender, ageing… influence people’s favorite colors. Here is the explanation of the impact of some of these items:


     Women generally prefer blue-based tints, whereas men tend to prefer yellow-based tints. The source of this preference is not entirely clear and it can be biological or acquired. But researchers suggest that this may be due to color blindness. Color blindness has a higher percentage in men, and they believe that because in ancient times, women were responsible for collecting fruits, they had to choose between red and green, and probably for this reason, color blindness could not enter their biological structure.


     The favorite color of most preschool children, under the age of five, is bright red. Young children between five and ten years old prefer bright yellow. As people grow, their color preferences change. Adults may have learned to associate red with negative things, such as blood and fire, and so their color preference changes from childhood to adulthood. Adults have been found cross-culturally to favor blue over other colors.


     Cultural habits can be an effective factor in color preference. According to the choices that have existed since ancient times in each country, people choose different colors for their clothes or the theme of the ceremony for different occasions. Like choosing black for a mourning ceremony or choosing white for a wedding theme.

     •Personality types

     Color psychology says that the color you like, tells some of your personality traits to people. You can read this concept for more information:

     You can also do this free test to find out your personality color:


       generally, people with high education, prefer complex colors, those mixed with shades of black. In contrast, people with less education and lower income favor simple or pure colors.


     Therefore, paying attention to color preference and the effect of colors on our emotions and choices, can affect the events and changes in our environment. This is one of those issues that we may not pay attention to and simply ignore, but its impact is undeniable and important even in our relationships with the other people, because we can know them better with finding out what color they like most. By the way, what color do YOU prefer? Why do you like this color? Comment below.

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