Autism and the use of color in its recovery!

autism colors

Colors have found their place in our lives. So that each color or palette of colors is associated with a brand, a work of art, a real or imaginary character, an adjective and even represents special celebrations and occasions. But is there a color that is reminiscent of autism?

For example, a medium purple background with a yellow color (Tan) will definitely remind you of Monica’s apartment (if you have seen the Friends series!). However, have you thought about the colors that indicate autism? Today we will answer this question together. Let’s go!

Autism; Disorder or disease!

In fact, autism is not a disease, it is just a disorder of brain development. The disorder manifests itself in three cases: problems with verbal and non-verbal communication, poor social relationships, and limited activities and interests for the sufferer.

The symptoms appear in the first three years of a child’s life and will probably stay with him for the rest of his life. The root cause of this disorder is unknown and there is no cure for it. Of course, with special training, social communication can be improved faster and inappropriate behaviors can be reduced. To the extent that autistic people can lead normal lives.

In general, this disorder makes it difficult for people with the outside world to communicate with others. Sometimes people will even behave aggressively and self-harmingly towards themselves. However, there are colors that affect people with autism. Colors that have a history of their own.

Blue puzzle pieces in a white background on which autism is written

History of autism colors

It can be said that before 2000, the world of autism was like a colorless painting or a white canvas. In the early 2000s, psychologists conducted laboratory studies to see the effect of color on people with autism. In fact, it’s the only way to raise awareness about autism and its consequences.

The first, and in fact the only color that psychologists thought was appropriate for autistic people, was blue. This tendency towards blue was due to the calmness and coolness that this color conveyed. In addition, another reason for choosing this color was that the disorder was more common in men than women. However, assigning blue was wrong because men were more likely to have the disorder!

Moreover, in 2005 an American charity for autism was founded that turned its logo into a blue puzzle. So this helped in the spread of this color for autism. Well, knowing the history of colors, now is the time to get to know the colors themselves.

White square-shaped beads with autism letters located in a field of colored circles

Autism colors

For many years, however, blue was a sign of autism. But in recent years, other colors have played a role in evoking this disorder along with blue:

Blue in Autism

The reason for choosing blue was mentioned earlier. In addition, blue can convey a sense of sadness as much as it conveys a sense of calm and stress. But for people with autism, cyan and light blue are used to treat depression, pain and sadness. Dark blue shades are also used to treat insomnia.

Red in Autism

Red is a contrasting color with blue. This color was chosen as one of the colors of autism to increase the awareness of others to understand the love and passion of autistic people. Because autistic people were accused of disability in both cases. Of course, excessive use of this color for autistic people causes mood swings and pain in parts of their body.

Golden in Autism

This is the color of intelligence, wisdom and enlightenment. In fact, gold is mostly used by those who are aware of autism and tend to accept it.

Purple in Autism

The British National Autism Society considers purple to be a symbolic color. It can be said that distancing this association from blue and choosing purple is a kind of progress. But on the other hand, because purple is a rare color in nature, it may send a negative message. A message like that autism is much less prominent than it should be. On the other hand, because purple is a royal color, it can be said that it considers autism special and aristocratic or puts a crown on autism.

Rainbow in Autism

Rainbows are sometimes used to depict the spectrum of autism and its overall diversity. This use is a sign of happiness and optimism. But there is also concern that this use of the rainbow should be confused with the colors used by the LGBTQA community. 

A toy with colored rings for autistic people

In addition to the above, which are the colors of autism, there are colors that affect people with autism. Colors such as:

Green color

This color along with blue color in autistic people can cause calmness and relief. Seeing this color, these people feel fresh, energetic and safe. Green is used to maintain the emotional balance of people with autism.

White color

The use of white is not recommended for people with autism because it is directly related to the feeling of fatigue and depression in them.

Orange color

This color is used in the treatment of autistic children. In this way, orange stimulates the appetite, causes happy emotions and increases mental activity. So it can be useful for people with autism who have food allergies to use this color.

Pink color

This color belongs to the red family but does not have the effect of red. Pink is the favorite color of autistic children. A light face can be effective in focusing these people.

Pictured is a child with autistic disorder playing with his colored toy

The effect of color on autistic children

According to studies, 85% of children with autism perceive colors more intensely and clearly than normal children. In fact, the five senses are felt more intensely in these children. So you can guess how colors affect people with autism. For this reason, dyes can be used to treat (chromatherapy) people with autism.

In general, the benefits of using color to treat autistic children can reduce discomfort, help them understand better, and increase their self-confidence. It also makes it easier to communicate with these children.

A picture of a number of colored toys used to improve autistic people

Color palette inspiration of Autism

Like any other article, we came to the part where we talk about the color palettes. In this section, I have brought you color palettes of Autism colors to get ideas for your designs. If you want more palettes, go to Dopely color palettes.

color palette inspiration of Autism by Dopely color palette generator1
color palette inspiration of Autism by Dopely color palette generator2
color palette inspiration of Autism by Dopely color palette generator3
color palette inspiration of Autism by Dopely color palette generator4
color palette inspiration of Autism by Dopely color palette generator5

The last word

Autism is a disorder that most people are unaware of and often consider to be a disease. By knowing exactly this disorder and the colors that affect it, you can start informing others.

If you know someone in or around you who is in a relationship with an autistic person, you can share this content with them. What other colors do you think can help people with autism?

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