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Ever wondered what happens if you mix red and yellow together? You seem to think of orange, but how accurate is that? And what color system are you talking about? How about the percentage of each color? As you may expect, consideration of different factors results in different answers! 

Now let’s see some possible answers! To demonstrate the result of combining red and yellow in the following text, I used Dopely’s Color Mixer Tool. Also, if you have other color systems or different proportions of each dominant color, you can use it too! It is simple to understand but professional to use!

Mixing Colors has different result, whether you are using a subtractive or an additive color model. For an example RGB color system is an additive color system, and CMYK is a subtractive one. Even if we discuss the RGB color system, the same result will hold for the other additive based color systems. Also, the same is applied for all subtractive systems, like RYB or CMYK.

What does red and yellow make using RGB color system?

R stands for red in RGB, so the color code of red is (255, 0, 0). Also, combining Red and Green would result in yellow as a secondary color in the RGB system. So, the yellow color code is (255, 255, 0). Now let’s mix them in different proportions!

Mixing result of 25% red and 75% yellow: Vermilion

Vermilion! This is a brilliant red or a bright scarlet pigment consisting of mercuric sulfide. Don’t you feel like you have seen it before? Yeah, Vermilion is popular in Indian culture, mainly by Hindu women. Even in china, a shade of vermilion is called Chinese red. Such a famous result, isn’t it?!

Vermilion, the mixing result of 25% red and 75% yellow

Mixing result of 50% red and 50% yellow: Flush Orange

As expected, the equal proportion of red and yellow mixture will result Flush Orange. It is an active color so it is warm and bright. It is a very powerful and saturated color, and its RGB code is (255 , 128 , 0).

Mixing result of 50% red and 50% yellow is flush orange

Mixing result of 50% red and 50% yellow: Amber

Even it has a little brownish tint, It has a golden look. It base is yellow, which is why this is a happy color! Also it has the warmth and energy of red too. I guess you have seen it in streets, in traffic lights!

What does red and yellow make using RYB color system?

RYB color model is used in art and applied design. You have to mix water colors, oil colors and other color tubes regarding to RYB rules.

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