15 Pink Color Palette Inspirations with Names & hex Codes!

pink Color Palette Inspirations with Names & hex Codes
pink Color Palette Inspirations with Names & hex Codes

Hi Color lovers! This is Dopely’s blog, inside colors, and today we are going to enjoy exploring the pink properties and its stunting palettes! So, let’s begin with a few pink color palette inspirations based on color theory!

The addition of white to a color changes it into a toned down, pale version of its origin. The resulted color is not given a new name. For instance, there is no specific name for light-green or light-blue. The color pink, however, is the combination of red and white. Therefore, it tempers all the passion and energy of red with the purity of white, leaving us with the color of affection and tenderness.

Isn’t it a blessing to see hand-picked color palettes more often? Check out Dopely’s social media! It will keep you inspired whenever you are browsing the web. Here is a gorgeous pink color palettes post on Dopely Instagram.

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