15 Pink Color Palette Inspirations with Names & Hex Codes!

pink Color Palette Inspirations with Names & hex Codes
pink Color Palette Inspirations with Names & hex Codes

Hi Color lovers! This is Dopely’s blog, inside colors, and today we are going to enjoy exploring the pink properties and its stunting palettes! So, let’s begin with a few pink color palette inspirations based on color theory!

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Pink, blue and purple color combination galaxy inspiration with names and hex code

The addition of white to a color changes it into a toned down, pale version of its origin. The resulted color is not given a new name. For instance, there is no specific name for light-green or light-blue. The color pink, however, is the combination of red and white. Therefore, it tempers all the passion and energy of red with the purity of white, leaving us with the color of affection and tenderness.

pink, blue, gray, and yellow pastel color palette inspiration with names and hex code

The color pink is actually tinted red, as I mentioned earlier. Hence, the complementary color is pale green. Getting inspiration from nature is the best way to get your fill of color always, as the pink blossoms on the green trees. Now, let’s start having fun!

pink and green, complementary color scheme inspiration based on color wheel

Besides, below is just a happier version:

pink and green, complementary color scheme inspiration based on color wheel

To make it even more happier, add more yellow, or bright green!

bright and joyful green and Pink Color Palette Inspirations

Use shaded colors to feel more classic! Don’t hesitate, it’s just a play!

Analogous color schemes are always a safe bet to create harmony in a color palette. By choosing analogous pinks, a blend of red to pastel pink will bring both energy and calmness at the same time.

Analogous Pink (rose color) color scheme with names and hex code
Analogous Pink and red color scheme with names and hex code

Pink is a warm color. As a warm color, it could evoke emotions ranging from feelings of warmth and comfort to feelings of anger and hostility. Also, it could be the color of joy and playfulness.

So, to neutralized the palette, add old colors like blue:

pink and blue color combination, both warm and cool colors in a palette

Did you enjoy our journey through the pink color palette and its properties? If so, never miss other colors of this series, colors palette inspirations with their names & hex codes! Moreover, you can see yellow, black, orange, purple, red, green and blue posts, and its continuing!

orangish pink amazing color palette inspiration with color names and ode
pink and purple stunning color scheme

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