15 Yellow Color Palette Inspirations with Names & hex Codes!

Yellow Color Palette Inspirations with Names & hex Codes

Hi, color fans! I’m very excited to be sharing Yellow Color Palette Inspirations with Names & Hex Codes today here on Dopely’s blog! Check out the other color combinations to get inspired!

First, let me introduce my source. Some tips you read in the “Color palette inspiration with names and codes” series comes from a book called “The Secret Life of Colors“. So, besides exploring the handmade color palettes, I highly recommend you to read the texts as well! 

Yellow Color Palette Inspirations

In subtractive color systems, yellow is a primary color. In art, yellow ochre pigment was one of the first colors used because it was widely available. It is worth mentioning the importance of ochre in art. When mixed with other colors it produces a broad variety of useful natural tones. Also, it is commonly used to produce flesh and skin tones.

Analogous Yellow Color Palette Inspirations

Also, you can see yellow as a primary color in Van Gogh paintings too. Yellow is associated with sun worship and may be connected to Van Gogh’s ambivalence towards his father. Here are two yellow color schemes derived from Van Gogh paintings, starry night and Café Terrace on the Place du Forum.

van gogh Yellow Color Palette Inspirations starry night color scheme
Yellow Color Palette Inspirations, van gogh Café Terrace on the Place du Forum color scheme

Since yellow is the color of gold and gold is expensive, it has been the color of value and beauty from the ancient time. As of now, yellow represents happiness, life-giving warmth, freshness, and energy. Hence, depending on the color you choose as its companion, you can emphasize its different meanings.

Analogous yellow and golden color combination with names and hex codes

When it comes to color theory, yellow can have lots of stunning complementary monochromatic and triadic schemes. To get the most out of these schemes, remember to adjust the tone, tint, and shades to make perfect harmonies. 

yellow orange, black and blue color combination with names and hex codes
yellow to blue, blending complementary colors palette inspiration
yellow to green color scheme

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So sad that I have to end this colorful adventure here! I would be more than happy to help you with any questions you have been searching for but could not find! The following are more Yellow Color Palette Inspirations with names and hex codes. Clicking on each palette image, opens Dopely’s color palette generator where you can edit it as you wish! Happy coloring!

yellow to azalea pink color palette inspiration
orange, yellow, purple color combination
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