What Do You Know About Bahia Bands Colors?

Bahia Bands

Brazilian wish bracelets, or bahia bands, have been garnering a lot of attention. They are a popular fashion accessory that have caught the attention of people all over the world for their uniqueness and color.

Religious and cultural symbols of good luck have existed for centuries, often becoming fashion statements or fads. Over the past 200 years, Bahia Bands have developed a rich history in Brazil and have recently gained in popularity around the world. The color of each band conveys a message or a desire to the wearer, thought to bring good luck.

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The History of Bahia Bands

Bahia Bands, originally called fitas or bonfim ribbons, were silk ribbons with handwritten writings in silver or ink, worn as necklaces with medallions and holy images, according to bahiaband.com. The origin of wearing Bahia bands is unknown. According to legend, it originated from the African beliefs that had influenced Brazilian customs.

Bahia Ribbons are worn today primarily around the wrist, ankle, or tied to a church gate. You can also use them as a good luck charm for hats, bags and for home decor as well. Bahia bands symbolize good fortune and faith.

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Brazilian Bahia Bands Tradition

The way a ribbon is tied and how it is removed is more important than where it is tied.

The ribbons are wrapped and tied in three knots. Each time a knot is tied, a wish is made. Wearing a Bahia Band is a way to remind yourself of your goals, wishes, and dreams. The Bahia Bands will remain in place until they fall off on their own. Apparently if you cut off a wish bracelet, you will have bad luck, but if they fall off on their own, you will be granted 3 wishes.

Bahia Bands Color Meaning

Despite their simplicity, these objects have a long history. Additionally, each Bahia Band’s color has its own meaning.
Colors became a part of the wish ribbon tradition over time, and certain colors acquired meaning.

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Let’s take a look at their color meanings together.

  • Red: strength, passion
  • Orange: courage, energy, joy, enthusiasm
  • Yellow: success, intelligence
  • Dark Green: money, growth
  • Green: life, renewal
  • Turquoise: love, peace
  • Light Blue: love and peace
  • Dark Blue: health, comfort, fertility
  • Purple: spirituality
  • Hot Pink: friendship
  • White: wisdom, inner peace
  • Gray: patience, understanding

Turquoise and Light Blue

Light blue and turquoise look quite similar. On a Bahia band, they also have a common meaning. Both turquoise and light blue bands symbolize a wish for love and peace.

Green Bahia Bands Have Very Different Meanings

Green bands can have different meanings depending on their shades. Dark green Bahia bands usually have some connection to money. It is also possible to interpret them as signs of growth. Bands of light green usually represent life or rebirth. Princess Madeleine of Sweden’s recent wedding is a notable example of a light green band. On her wedding day, she wore a subtle, yet readily apparent light green band. Clearly, she was hoping for all of the wonderful renewals in her life and love that a wedding brings.

A Darker Shade of Blue

Similarly to green bands, blue bands have different meanings depending on their shade. A light blue band symbolizes a desire for peace or love. It would change the meaning if we took the blue into a darker shade. Dark blue represents comfort, fertility and health in this context. It’s clear that a dark blue band would also be a good choice for a wedding.

Enthusiasm Radiates from Red and Orange

Red and orange bands feature an eye-catching motif. In addition, they have quite similar, if still distinct, meanings. Both colors represent an energetic passion. A red band, however, is more heavily focused on pure strength. Orange bands indicate enthusiasm that has been renewed.

Brilliant Ideas Come from Brilliant Yellow

Yellow comes in many brilliant shades. The yellow Bahia Band represents intelligence. A brilliant yellow color signifies bold ideas. It may also be a sign that someone wants to achieve greater success in life.

Gray and White Are Signs of Wisdom

Gray and white blend together quite easily. Both of these colors also have similar meanings when seen on a Bahia band. White is usually associated with wisdom or tranquility. Gray is similar, but it focuses on our relationships with others. A gray band indicates that someone wishes they had more patience or understanding for others.

A Beautiful Shade of Purple for Spirituality

The color purple has traditionally been associated with royalty. However, when used in Bahia bands, purple means wishing for spirituality. In other words, white, grey and purple bands have a lot in common. Generally, each of these signifies that someone is looking for a more enlightened and spiritually in tune way to relate to the world.

The Color Pink Shines as Brightly as Friendship

Bright pink Bahia Bands are certainly noticeable. Those who wear it typically hope for friendships as noteworthy as the brightest hot pink.


There is a strong connection between Bahia bands and religion. In addition, the colorful bands also serve to serve as a reminder of the beauty all around us. People tie the bands to the gates of Salvador’s Church of Our Lord of the Good End as well as to their bodies. Together, they create a unified whole that is both beautiful and unified.

The bands also share a common theme that binds them all together. Every band represents someone who is using color to envision a future he would like to create for himself. While the colors symbolize beauty on their own, they also represent a strong drive to make the most of life.

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