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If I had to eat a snack for the rest of my life, my choice would definitely be chocolate (I bet most of you chose that!). One of the most popular chocolate ingredients in the world is its combination with hazelnuts under the brand name Nutella.

This popularity is so great that Nutella fans celebrate the combination of chocolate and hazelnuts on February 5 each year. Nutella World Day is a day to share this popularity and interest with others. Let’s take a closer look at this day:

History of Nutella World Day

In fact, in 1960, the Fererro family introduced Nutella to the world. It can be said that the Fererro family got the idea of ​​Nutella from the chocolate hazelnut cake that existed in 1800 in Turin, Italy, called Gianduja. This sweet was created during the reign of Napoleon due to the lack of cocoa fruit and the addition of hazelnuts to chocolate.

The Fererro family owned a bakery in Alba, Italy, known for its hazelnuts. The father of the family, Pietro, produced a creamy version of Gianduja sweets called Supercrema Gianduja. Later, Pietro’s son Michelle changed the recipe a bit and gave it a new name, Nutella. Gradually, Nutella became a popular food throughout Europe, the United States, and almost the entire world.

For the first time, in 2007, the idea of ​​choosing a day to celebrate the arrival of Nutella was suggested by Sara Rosso, an American blogger based in Italy. The reason was Sarah’s love for Nutella. In this way, Nutella fans happily celebrated February 5 each year and shared it with others.

In 2015, Nutella’s maker made the day more sustainable and World Nutella Day. Because the company did something creative to support this day. Like launching a website. All the holiday plans are announced on this website and it is even possible to register for the chance to become Nutella’s main ambassador.

picture of a shelf full of Nutella jars in the store.

World Nutella day activities

There are no specific rules for celebrating this day. In fact, the only thing that matters is the pleasure you get from this day. But here are some ideas you can use to celebrate this day:

Make new flavors with it:

On this day, you can create new flavors in your kitchen with Nutella, or with a little search, find Nutella recipes and enjoy a meal made from your Nutella. In addition, you can make Nutella yourself. Why not?!

Have a Nutella party:

If you want, you can have a party and invite your friends and spend happy moments together. Of course, you can entertain your guests with Nutella snacks.

Share Nutella Images:

You can also share your photos from your parties, the dishes you made with Nutella, etc. with others with the hashtag #worldnutelladay, and through this, inform others about this day.

a picture of a girl holding a glass of Nutella in her hands.

Color palette inspiration of Nutella World Day

As usual, today I have brought some color palettes from Nutella World Day to get you ideas for your designs.

You can take a look at Dopely color palettes for more color palettes.

color palette inspiration of Nutella by Dopely color palette generator 1
color palette inspiration of Nutella by Dopely color palette generator 2
color palette inspiration of Nutella by Dopely color palette generator 3
color palette inspiration of Nutella by Dopely color palette generator 4
color palette inspiration of Nutella by Dopely color palette generator 5

Last word

Millions of fans of the world’s most popular and delicious chocolates celebrate February 5 every year. I suggest you celebrate this day with your friends or family, if you are also a Nutella fan. Tighten your apron and try new Nutella recipes!

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