Know the colors of Halloween, get scarier!

Halloween colors

If you love Halloween, you probably love adventure, horror and ghost stories. Isn’t that so?!

My childhood was spent playing escape games with my brother and friends. Later, during adolescence, it was R. L. Stein books and horror movies that accompanied me. So, you can probably guess how excited I am to get Halloween every year 🙂

Halloween is Halloween despite the weird costumes, carved pumpkins, delicious chocolates and vibrant colors. Now I’m here to talk about Halloween and its vibrant colors.

Let’s go:

History of Halloween

Let me first tell you about the past of Halloween: Halloween or Hallowe’en is a Christian celebration that is held every year on October 31 for three days and nights.

The origin of this celebration can be considered the land that now includes Ireland, Britain and the north of France. The ancient Celts lived in this land about 2000 years ago. Every year on November 1, they celebrated Samhain to celebrate the arrival of the cold and dark season.

Three girls amuse each other with their scary masked costumes that they prepare for Halloween festivities.

In fact, the Celts believed that on the first day of November, the line between the world of the dead and the living would be blurred. So the dead can step into the living world and take revenge on them. Their solution was to wear scary and weird clothes from the night before the beginning of November (October 31). That way no ghosts could find them anymore!

Gradually, this celebration was added to America and Christianity and became a celebration that we now know. A celebration in which colors play the first role.

a small baby girl who goes with a snow white Halloween costume to Halloween Festival.

Fun Fact: Legend has it that if you walk backwards on Halloween night in a costume you wear, you will meet a real witch!

Halloween colors meaning

Halloween is truly known for its vibrant colors. Colors that are only for this day. Let’s see them:

The meaning of black in Halloween

Black is the color of death and darkness.  Halloween is also a holiday in which it is believed that the border between the land of the living and the dead is blurred. In addition, Halloween is celebrated at night. Mostly, most of the scary and symbolic creatures of this celebration are dark. Like spiders, black cats, vampire cloaks, the Grim Reaper, witches and bats.

an image of black cat with yellow eyes.

The meaning of orange

Orange, in contrast to black, is a vibrant, cheerful and energetic color. But orange, like black, is a traditional Halloween color. This color is the color of autumn. Because Halloween is also a celebration that takes place in early fall, it is wise to choose this color. The symbol of this color on Halloween is the orange pumpkins, which are among the products that are harvested in autumn.

two pumpkins engraved on the front door of a house.

The meaning of red in Halloween

Red is the color of blood, so it makes sense to have a strong presence at a party where everything is related to death. In most witch potions and voodoo magic, red blood is needed. Vampires eat red blood and the devil wants his contracts with signed blood. So you can understand the importance of red!

a girl reading a book about vampires with blood on her hands and drops of blood on the book.

The meaning of green

Green can be considered as one of the new colors introduced to Halloween. However it is a popular color for Halloween. Green has a long history of showing the supernatural. Monsters, zombies, witches skin and some of their potions, Frankenstein and alien blood are green.

Cluster of glowing green scary skulls Halloween lights for Halloween Festival.

The meaning of purple in Halloween

However, purple is a royal color and can be used for wealth. But in recent decades, purple has become one of the most popular and widely used colors on Halloween. In fact, adding green and purple to Halloween colors can reduce children’s fears. Purple is often used for witches. This color is used in witches’ clothes and their potions.

a girl dressed as a witch with an orange light in her hand amidst purple smoke

The meaning of white

The meaning of brightness and purity of white in Halloween is completely reversed and takes on an ominous meaning. In fact, white on Halloween represents ghosts coming out at night, evil skeletons, sharp werewolf teeth, clown costumes and mummy bandages.

picture of a white skeleton on an old book.

Color palette inspiration of Halloween colors

Color palette inspiration of Halloween colors 1
Color palette inspiration of Halloween colors 2
Color palette inspiration of Halloween colors 3
Color palette inspiration of Halloween colors 4
Color palette inspiration of Halloween colors 5

The last word

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays for everyone, especially children. Paying attention to Halloween colors and using them can help in the designs you need for your work, as well as the design of your house and your clothes.

Now you tell me, do you like Halloween? What colors do you prefer for this day?

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