Everything About Silver, the Color of Technology

silver face

I think the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the name silver is the spaceship.  Because its silver color is as special as its shape.

The name silver color is like metal itself and is as valuable as it is. Silver, like other colors, has its own characteristics and different effects on our feelings and emotions.

In the following, you will get acquainted with the full applications of this particular color by fully understanding these features and effects.

Let’s drown in it!

1.Silver color structure

Silver is actually one of the colors, which is of two types: metallic and non-metallic. and is one of the neutral colors like gray, black and white. For this reason, this color is not in the color wheel.

Non-metallic silver is spectra of pale gray. And because, unlike metallic silver, it cannot reflect light, it replaces other neutral shades such as dark gray, black, or white.

To make this color, you can mix silver powder with a paint thinner. But in building painting, this silver color is created by combining silver powder with polished oil.

In the digital world, you can code this color

Hex # C2C2C2

Make, whose RGB is composed of 76.08% red, 76.08% green and 76.08% blue.

And its CMYK is composed of 0% cyan, 0% magenta, 0% yellow and 24% black.

tonnage palette of silver color

2.Silver color in history

The first use of silver color was recorded in England in 1481. During the 20th century, as advanced machinery developed, the use of metals such as silver also increased. This also made people pay more attention to silver color.

So, in the 1960s, silver color was used extensively in fashion, architecture, and interior design.

Later, product designers Ray Eames and Arne Jacobsen created chairs and lamps decorated in silver and fashion designers Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin created silver-colored dresses.

christmas tree and its silver decorations

3.Silver color in Psychology

The different colors of silver include dark silver and light silver. Light silver is a symbol of new ideas. Dark silver is a symbol of fear. 

Silver symbolizes wealth, intelligence, knowledge, maturity, technology and feminine power. 

Psychologically, silver is the color of reflection. This color helps to solve mental, intellectual and emotional problems. It also balances the body’s hormones. 

Silver represents insight, clairvoyance, foresight and telepathy. Give the silver of any energy, whether positive or negative, it will return it to you.

Silver is a color that is respectable and polite. In fact, silver is suitable for those who work in large companies and organizations, whether men or women.

On the negative side, silver can be hesitant, dull, neutral, cold, deceptive and hypocritical. But because silver is the equilibrium point between black and white in psychology, it is neither very positive nor very negative.

silver color tableware

Now let’s know the effect of this color on your personality:

If you like the color silver, it means you make decisions based on reason and logic, not heart emotions. You are introverted and you solve your problems in your inner world. Moreover, you are very calm and confident and have a high level of imagination, which helps you to be a good writer.

But if you don’t like the color silver, it means that you’re realistic and not interested in modernism.  You don’t like change and you’re not looking for new ideas.  This color is probably too dull for you.

a girl with silver ballon

4.Silver color in the culture

When colors can express a person’s mental state, then they can also show the culture of a nation and country.

  1. In most Western cultures, silver represents fashion and wealth. 
girl with silver dress

2. Silver with blue is the official color of Nevada. Also, Nevada is rich in silver mines. For this reason, the name of this American state is the ” silver state”.

las vegas state sign

3. Silver means brightness, in English, purity and virtue.

flowers in a silver vase

4. In India, only women whose husbands have died can wear silver jewelry.

indian girl with silver color piercing

5. In Japan, silver is a symbol of advanced technology.

silver color wheel

6. The color silver in Christianity is a sign of truth.

the roof of a church

7. In Middle Eastern countries, especially Saudi Arabia, women use silver color ornaments.

silver ring

8. In Iran, the use of silver handicrafts, in the interior of the house, with different designs is very common.

silver bag

9. In the flag of Croatia, there is a symbol in the shape of a silver crescent moon, which tells a part of the history of this country.

the flag of croatia

5.Silver color in food

Recently, a German company has produced food sprays in various colors, especially silver.  They spray paint on foods, fruits, and even various desserts, including cakes.  This makes the appearance of these foods extraordinary and stylish.

Usually couples buy or make a cake for their 25th wedding anniversary in silver.

In most restaurants around the world, especially France and England, edible silver foil is widely used to decorate food to make it look special and unique.

a silver color pineapple

6.Silver color in photography

A reflector is one of the basic photography tools that every professional photographer should use of this, because light is one of the important pillars of photography and this device regulates light. There are different types of reflectors, one of which is silver.

The silver reflector reflects the most light. It is widely used in photography studios because the silver color does not change the color of the reflected light. This reflector is ideal for portrait photography.

silver color reflector

In the past, silver-based films produced black-and-white images. The use of these films in photography led to the recording of the first black and white pictures. 

Gradually, this genre of photography developed and gave way to color photography, but today, silver-based pictures are highly valued and considered antique.

Despite the advancement of digital photography, silver-based films are sometimes used for X-rays in developing countries because they produce very accurate images and are cost-effective.

In order for black and white photos to look good, a silver effect must be used on it. 

a hand

The silver fir called Abies alba, which is in Europe, is a very valuable tree and is also very popular for photography.

The photography of the silver fox, which is very rare and due to its genetic variation, is very popular in photography.

a silver fox

7.Silver color in fashion

The use of silver in style that is suitable for summer and winter seasons. To use, you need to make a part of your style look silver, for example, a skirt or pants should be silver and the rest of the clothes should be a different color.

a girl with silver color coat

But in spring or autumn to use silver in style, it is better to use silver accessories such as belts, bags and shoes.

a man with silver watch

Because silver is one of the bright colors, its use in style is very impressive, the combination of this color was in the disco style in the 90’s. The presence of silver is especially used in the composition of formal clothes.

This shiny silver color is like the sharp edge of a knife. For example, the combination of silver with black and white, although very attractive, requires more risk-taking.

In this combination, you must be very careful about the shape and form of your clothes.The combination of silver with black is attractive due to the strong contrast of the color, but its combination with white is very stylish and dignified.

an old woman with silver color jacket

Sometimes combining this color is enough to add a silver accessory to make your style more beautiful. Needless to say, the combination of silver with gray, brown and pink is also very attractive.

a girl with silver jacket

Besides, women who want to make their appearance more attractive, chic and impressive, usually use silver style.

some rules:

A) The combination of silver with black is a formal color and is suitable for formal and commercial meetings.

B) The combination of silver with gray is suitable for wearing in everyday life or holidays.

C) The composition of silver with pink is very bold and attracts attention, so it looks dramatic.

D) The use of silver accessories attracts attention and looks showly.

  Notice that the silver color shows you are bigger than you are, so if you have a curvature, be careful when using it.

a girl with silver color dress and ball

8.Silver color in makeup

Silver has made its way into the makeup industry. You can use this color in hair color and face makeup.

If you are wearing a silver dress at your party, you should not use light silver and gray for your eye makeup. You can use red, purple and pink lipstick, but not bright red, because it is hidden in the shine of silver. Also, use silver eyeliner and lipstick with natural and neutral colors and black mascara.

a girl who wear silver color dress

One of the eye shadows that is suitable for people with brown eyes is silver shadow.  If you use this shade alone or as a smoky makeup, it will suit the color of your eyes. Be careful not to draw silver eyeliner under your eyes, because in this case, the black around the eyes will appear more.

silver color eye shadow

The use of silver lipstick is suitable for modeling photos as well as attractive portrait photos and gives a lot of shine to the face.

silver color lipstick

Silver hair color is one of the most beautiful and colorful hair colors. This color makes you look unique and different. Using silver hair dye is a great and ideal suggestion for people who suffer from gray hair. You can also use silver hair color with highlighting other colors such as purple, blue and black. This hair color will make you look special, beautiful and powerful.

silver color hair

Combining silver with different colors used for clothes, can also be used for nail polish.  But usually this color is very popular for the color of nail polish because it is bright and reflects light.  Chrome silver nail polish is the most popular type.

face of a girl

9.Silver color in cinema

In the early 20th century, the first films were made in black and white and displayed on a silver screen, in which silver was used to reflect light.

Moreover, in science fiction movies, you can use silver color to show spaceships or the costumes of space creatures.

a spaceship

Also you can use silver color in movies to show rich, glamorous, prominent, earthy, natural, shiny and beautiful features or to show high technology.

You see a picture of an Inception film, a film in the science-fiction-action genre, which was released in 2010 in the United States and directed by Christopher Nolan.  In this film, silver color and its shades have been used a lot.

 color palette of a movie

10.Silver color in marketing

Colors are very important in branding and marketing. Even the interaction of these colors with the product of a brand helps to make it more visible. Our brains prefer recognizable brands, which emphasizes the importance of color when creating a brand identity.

The silver color in the company logo is a sign of balance, neutrality and calm. Logos that use silver in combination with other colors, including black, indicate luxury and uniqueness.

The color silver is increasingly used in health and dairy products, and new technologies such as Apple, Wikipedia and Honda

The Apple brand logo, which is a bitten silver apple, reflects the transparency and quality, as well as the simplicity of the brand’s products.

apple company logo

Designing the Toyota logo took three years.  This design is in such a way that you can see the Toyota logo from the front view and even in the front car mirror. 

The two inner circles of the logo represent the relationship between the customer and the brand. This logo is silver, because the use of silver color in this logo shows the quality, skill and mastery in the production of these popular products.

Toyota logo

In business, silver is a symbol of power, wealth, perseverance, modernity, elegance technology, quality and advanced technology.

Delicate, beautiful and expensive jewelry and goods need a silver packages, because the shine and elegance of silver show the high value of the product well. Also, modern kitchen utensils and appliances are usually silver to show their up-to-dateness.

But silver is not a good color for website design because it looks dull and cold. However, if combined with other suitable colors, it can convey your desired message to the target market.

silver pen

11.Silver color in interior and exterior design

Interior design:

Silver is one of the most widely used and popular colors for home interior design, which is easily set with blue, pink, purple, green and yellow. The purple spectrum from lilac to bold purple as well as the pink spectrum create a good combination with silver. Silver has a special elegance and poetry that purple and pink can complete and stylish.

In decoration design, silver is like gold for metallic colors.  Using silver alone and without accompanying other colors can create an industrial and depressing atmosphere.  But using silverware or painting a part of the wall along with other colors will completely change your opinion about designing decoration with silver color.

living room

Silver with neutral shades such as cream and whitish gray creates a soothing combination.  You can use silver color to modify the effect of bold and dark colors such as green, red and blue and any other color.  To make your home more modern, be sure to use silver in decoration design.  This effect can be enhanced by adding black to silver.

Use silver whenever you want to increase the effect of other colors.  The reflective nature of silver enhances the effect of other colors.  Silver also brightens the room. 

silver color decoration for living room

Many designers do not agree with the combination of silver and gold in decoration design because they believe that the two compete for attention and become boring to the eye. But believe me, the combination of these two creates a wonderful, very luxurious and magnificent atmosphere. It also makes the home space warm and dynamic. Traditional spaces can be turned into modern spaces with the help of silver.

Silver reveals contamination quickly. If you use silver in your kitchen or bathroom, you need to make sure they are always clean or they will look dirty and ugly.

Silver color in living room

To design the decoration of the hall with silver color, you can use this beautiful color in the accessories available in your living room, such as furniture, curtains, decorative items, etc. Also, if you want to use wallpaper to cover the walls of the reception hall, it is better choose silver wallpaper for this part of the house.

silver color lamp

Many people think silver is the color of peace and security, but this is not always true.  Silver color can create an incredibly glamorous and luxurious interior architecture. The use of silver mirrors is one of these attractive materials in which the glow of local lights in it doubles the beauty and charm of your environment.

silver color mirror

 Silver color in bedroom

The silver theme is an attractive theme for the bedroom. You can combine this theme with other colors that do not make the room look dull.  A variety of other colors such as charcoal can be suitable for this purpose. In addition to furniture, you can complete the silver decoration of the bedroom with decorative accessories such as bedside lamps and silver sculptures.

If you have a large and beautiful bed, you are halfway to creating a silver decoration.  With a few silver cushions and a silver bedspread, you can increase the concentration of this color, and in the rest of the room, you can use other neutral colors to make the silver bed stand out enough.

silver color bed


silver color in kitchen

Choosing this color for cabinets is a growing trend.  Silver all-metal cabinets along with electrical appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and microwaves make the decoration completely integrated, modern and advanced.

silver color kitchen

Exterior design:

One of the most common colors for use in the exterior architecture of commercial buildings is silver.  Because it builds confidence and commitment in the client.

exterior design

You can also use silver paint for the ceiling or exterior walls of residential houses to indicate a safe and quiet place. Of course, in this case, you can combine silver with other colors such as pink or red and purple or other neutral colors.


12.Silver color in art

Choosing a silver or gold color in a painting can indicate wealth and possessions.

In modern style paintings, most use silver and gold colors. 

In perspective paintings, silver is used to draw shadows and show perspective.

When silver is used in oil paintings, it represents a distinct and even aristocratic truth.

The most common use of silver in painting is in black and white painting and oil paints, which consist only of black and white, to create contrast and distinction.


13.Silver color in the industry

In the automotive industry, one of the most important colors used for cars is silver. Actually, silver is the most popular car color in the world, according to Kelley Blue Book.  One study in New Zealand found this color to be the safest;  Another study claims that silver cars are up to 10 percent more likely to crash.

However, there is no doubt that darker spectrums are more difficult to see than silver or gray, such as black, and are more likely to crash.  But the presence of light silver color makes the car visible to other drivers at night.

silver color car

The electrical appliance industry, such as mobile phones, computers, laptops, headphones, chargers, televisions and any other electrical device, use silver color.  Because using this color is important to show calmness and brings simplicity.

Street artists, in some of their street paintings, have created extraordinary masterpieces using silver spray paint, along with other colors.

In some countries, street artists perform in theaters, some of which usually cover their entire bodies in silver or gold.

Iphone mobile

14.Silver color in idioms and quotes


  1. The phrase “every cloud has a silver lining” is used to explain that good things can come out of bad things.
  2. The term “silver-tongued” is applied to a person who is persuasive, outspoken, or even witty.
  3. The phrase “born with a silver spoon in his mouth” refers to someone born into a wealthy, high-class family.
  4. Throughout East Asia, Korea, China, and Japan, there is a term called “Silver River” used instead of the Milky Way galaxy.
  5. When a person is 55 years of age or older and divorces, that divorce is called a “silver divorce.”


♡ “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in Beverly Hills, but I was born with a great deal of self-worth.” 

Yolanda Hadid

 “The air is of silver and pearl; the night is liquid with moonlight.”

Willa Cather

♡ “Gold and silver have always had value, never gone to zero. Can you say the same for stocks and bonds?”  

Mark Skousen

♡ “Education is the silver bullet to improve this nation’s standing worldwide…. and our teachers know that.” 

Solomon Ortiz

♡ “If the people of Sheffield could only receive a tenth part of what their knives sell for by retail in America, Sheffield might pave its streets with silver.” 

William Cobbett

♡ “The Moon is a silver pin-head vast, that holds the heaven’s tent-hangings fast.” 

William R. Alger

♡ “No lower can a man descend than to interpret his dreams into gold and silver.” 

Khalil Gibran

♡ “Too many people miss the silver lining, because they’re expecting gold.” 

Maurice Setter

♡ “Every silver lining has a cloud.”

Mary Kay Ash

♡ “Genius without education is like silver in the mine.” 

Benjamin Franklin

♡ “Nobody cares about the bronze or silver medals” 

Buzz Aldrin

15.Extra points

  1. Those who claim to have experiences outside the body say that a silver rope connects their physical body to the astral body.
  2. In the 1930s, there was an American fascist organization called the Silver Shirts.
  3. Christopher University Newport, which is one of the most famous schools. Silver is one of the two colors of this school.
  4. There is an insect that eats cloth and paper. Its name is Silver Fish.
  5. Silver Hematite, Moonstone, Silver Pearl, Tourmaline and Silver Spinel are silver color stones in nature.

16. Silver color palette

Because silver does not have a complementary color, it has high flexibility in combining with other colors and coexisting with them.  The silver color reflects the energy around them and increases their brightness.  Silver energy is very similar to gray in that it is more optimistic and happier.

Here are some color palettes to inspire you:

 palette inspiration1
 palette inspiration2
 palette inspiration3
 palette inspiration4
palette inspiration5
 palette inspiration6
 palette inspiration7
 palette inspiration8
palette inspiration9
 palette inspiration10


I tried to explain everything about the properties of this color as much as possible. By knowing this feature and its effects and mastering their use, it can help you get a better view of your decoration, clothing, makeup, and even your brand and marketing. You can also get to know yourself and those around you better in terms of personality.

Now tell me, what effect does the color silver have on your life?

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