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There are many religions in the world. So, there are about 4,200 known religions in the world. Each religion is known for its different customs and characteristics. One of these features is the different meanings of colors in religions.

However, it is possible for people to come together in one day with any religion and share the similarities and differences of their religion with others. This day is the third Sunday of January every year.

Today we will read about World Religion Day, which reminds us of the need for harmony between religions. We are also going to see the meaning of colors in major religions. So let’s go:

History of World Religion Day

In October 1947, the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baháʼí Faith delivered a speech in Putland, Maine, USA, deciding to hold an annual ceremony representing world peace through a world religion. By 1949, the event was gaining popularity in other parts of the United States.

Finally, in 1950, this day became World Religion Day. On this day, well-known people are usually invited to various ceremonies to speak about the unity between religions, the importance of preserving and harmonizing them, and respect for another religion.

a picture of a Bible with wooden dice next to it showing the words PRAY

The importance of World Religion Day

As I said before, the most important reason for the importance of this day is the harmony between different religions. This day allows people to get acquainted with other religions and understand the similarities and differences between their own religion and other religions. As a result, harmony between religions leads to unity among peoples. In this way, by knowing other religions, other people’s religious beliefs are more easily accepted.

a picture of a stone pillar in the street on which the words of SOLIDARITY are placed.

World Religion Day Activities

Familiarity with other religion:

On this day, you can get acquainted with the religion and religious beliefs of others, hear their words and even learn from them. Therefore, this day provides a good opportunity to get involved in getting to know other religions.

Participate in interfaith ceremonies:

There are ceremonies in different countries where anyone of any religion can attend and listen to the speeches of others. And thus become acquainted with the religions, beliefs, and philosophies of others.

an image of a Muslim religious assembly showing women in black veils.

Making a religious experience:

I think the most exciting thing any searcher can do is create a religious experience. This experience can be going to a mosque or temple, celebrating a religious holiday that is related to another religion, or reading a Bible that you are not familiar with.

Share your experience with others:

Finally, you can write about your experience on this day on social media and share it with others with #worldreligionday.

a picture of a child of color holding a Bible book

The color of religions

In this part, I want to express the meaning of colors in 4 major and popular religions around the world. Let’s see:

Colors in Christianity:

– The color red represents wounds, temptation, life, war, self-sacrifice, repentance and purification.

– The color blue represents sacred services, water and heaven.

– The color yellow is a symbol of injustice and corruption.

– The color green represents life, growth, repair, fruiting and fragility.

– The color purple is also associated with corruption and wealth.

– The color golden (orange) is a symbol of radiance and divine presence.

– The color white is also associated with health, purity and righteousness in Christianity.

– The rainbow in Christianity represents the promise that God made to Noah after the flood.

picture of a painting of Christ in the church

Colors in Islam:

• Red is present in most Islamic flags and is a symbol of blood and self-sacrifice.

• Blue is often used in the architecture of mosques and is a symbol of protection.

• Green is a symbol of nature, but after combining with gold, it is a symbol of life and paradise.

• White also represents peace and purity.

an image of the Muslim Qur'an on a beautiful red background

Colors in Judaism:

1. Red symbolizes life, joy, blood and temptation.

2. Blue is a symbol of divinity, glory and balance.

3. Yellow is associated with disease, weakness, corruption and justice.

4. Green symbolizes life, growth and greenery.

5. Purple is also associated with cleansing from sin.

6. Gold (orange) means divinity and celestial light.

7. White represents purity of thought, light of life, innocence and death.

8. Finally, the rainbow, like Christianity, represents the promise that God made to Noah after the flood.

an image of a woven hat with the symbol of Judaism next to bouquets and colored flags

Colors in Buddhism:

I. Color red represents wisdom, wealth, dignity, virtue and life.

II. Color blue is a symbol of kindness and peace.

III. Color yellow indicates liberation from worldly cares.

IV. Color green is associated with youth, freshness, karma and balance.

V. Color golden (orange) is also the color of crumbs.

VI. Color white means liberation from space and time.

VII. Finally, the rainbow represents Dharma.

an image of a colorful and popular Buddhist mandala.

Color palette inspiration of world religion day

We have reached the colors section, in this section, I have brought the color palettes that are inspired by different religious ceremonies. Instead, you can get ideas for your designs from them. Let’s get some inspiration:

For more Color palettes, click here!

color palette inspiration of religion day by Dopely color palette generator 1
color palette inspiration of religion day by Dopely color palette generator 2
color palette inspiration of religion day by Dopely color palette generator 3
color palette inspiration of religion day by Dopely color palette generator 4
color palette inspiration of religion day by Dopely color palette generator 5
color palette inspiration of religion day by Dopely color palette generator 6
color palette inspiration of religion day by Dopely color palette generator 7

The last word

Familiarity with other religions unites people despite the differences that may exist. That’s why celebrating this day is so important. In addition, the meaning of each color in different religions can inspire us.

I hope this content has helped you!

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