Color Idioms, Hidden Meanings In Colors!

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Why do we use idioms and expressions? What is the purpose of these idioms? Well, idioms apply some sort of irrelevant words to say a meaning or message. Colors are also involved in expressions. There are several color idioms that we use to show our feelings or moods.

There are so many expressions related to colors. We can use them to express our emotions. But how?? As said many times before, colors represent meanings and concepts. And there is color psychology to help us associate meaning with colors. Therefore, different colors can transfer various messages. And considering those meanings, people have made idioms to say what they mean in different words. Today, we are going to talk about color idioms and their meanings. 

What Are Idioms?

Idioms fall into the category of figurative language that we use to add dynamism and character to otherwise stale writing.

Why Idioms?

colorful starts, featuring color idioms

By using idioms, we can express complicated concepts in a more simplified way. Idioms and expressions can turn abstruse ideas into more understandable concepts.

Several colors are used in expressions, and each of them indicates a different meaning. Sometimes, even if we don’t know the meaning of the point of an idiom, the colors in it can help us to figure it out.

Now, it is time to see what those idioms and expressions are.

Color Idioms with Blue

How does the blue color make you feel? How does it affect or change your mood? The color psychology of blue suggests that blue color brings calmness and serenity. Most people associate it with peacefulness, tranquility, and order.

Blue Idioms

Let’s start with some blue idioms:

1.Out of the blue

Example: my high school friend called me out of the blue last week, and she asked me to hang out with her! 

Meaning: out of the blue means to appear suddenly and without a warning. Things that happen randomly or by surprise. 

2.Once in a blue moon / every blue moon

once in a blue moon, color idioms, by dopely colors

Example: I care a lot about my health, so it’s once in a blue moon that I eat junk food.

Meaning: happening very rarely, very long while between each occurring.

3.To feel blue

to feel blue, color idioms, dopely colors

Example: I canceled my appointment because I was feeling blue.

Meaning: to feel/seem blue means not to feel very healthy and good; kind of feeling sad or even sick.


blue ribbon idiom, color idioms,

Example: a blue-ribbon team of experts was on the case, no wonder why it was solved very quickly!

Meaning: to be of higher quality or superior, to be the best of something

5.A bolt from the blue

color idioms, a blue from the bolt, by dopely colors

Example: they got divorced last week, it was a complete bolt from the blue!

Meaning: to get bad news unexpectedly and without warning, to suddenly learn a piece of bad or shocking news.

6.Blue in the face

color idioms, blue in the face, by dopely colors

Example: The young boy was blue in the face because his mother wouldn’t buy him ice cream.

Meaning: to try your best to win somebody’s vote or agreement, but fail in the end. Not being successful in convincing someone of your interest. 

Color Idioms with Pink

As color psychology says, the pink color often comes with a love and romance feeling. People mostly associate pink with kindness, softness, and compassion. 

Pink Idioms

Pink also comes in many expressions and conveys different meanings.

1.To be tickled pink

tickled pink feeling, color idioms, By Dopely colors

Example: I was tickled pink when I found out that I got into my favorite college.

Meaning: to feel very satisfied, pleased, or happy about something. to be thrilled.

2.In the pink of something

color idioms, to be in the pink of, feeling very good. BY dopely

Example: I hope you are all in the pink of your health and mood. 

Meaning: in the pink of something means to be in a very good mood, in the best of health and state.

3.To see pink elephants

Color idioms: to see pink elephants meaning. Dopely colors

Example: When I got to the point of seeing pink elephants, I knew that something had to be done.

Meaning: to see things that are not real, to see things in your imagination. having some sort of hallucinations.

4.Pink slip

pink slip color idioms, pink stick note on a keyboard

Example: My boss personally handed me my pink slip, so I have to look for another job!

Meaning: a notice of dismissal from employment. getting fired from a job.

Color Idioms with Green

Green is the color of growth and nature. It can provoke strong feelings. green shows life, new beginnings, and fresh starts. 

Green Idioms

1.To give a person the green light/ to get the green light

color idioms, to give the green light idiom meaning, by Dopely

Example: she gave me the green light to throw her a big birthday party.

Meaning: to allow someone to do something, to receive the permission to get something done. 

2.The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

Color idioms: the grass is always greener on the other side idiom meaning

Example: you cannot possibly want to leave your job because you think you can become a singer. The grass is always greener on the side of the fence.

Meaning: this idiom is used to describe a place or situation that is better than yours. a place or situation that is far away and also better than the current ones.

3.To be green

Example: when it comes to making important decisions, he can be quite green. I don’t think he’s ready yet.

Meaning: people use this to describe an immature, untrained, and inexperienced person. someone who’s not a grown-up. 

4.To be green with envy

to be green with envy idiom meaning, color idioms

Example: I could see that all the girls were green with envy when I came out in my new dress.

Meaning: green with envy means that a person is extremely jealous, or full of envy.

Color Idioms with White 

In color psychology, white indicates purity and innocence. It can also represent cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity. 

White Idioms

1.To raise or wave a white flag

to raise white flag color idioms point, color idioms
White flag blowing in the wind in front of a clear blue sky

Example: They raised the white flag soon after the election results came in.

Meaning: to admit to have been defeated, to give up. 

2.White-tie event/affair 

the meaning of white-tie affair idiom, color idioms

Example: there’s his white-tie wedding ceremony next month, and we’re invited too.

Meaning: occasions where the guests have to wear formal dress such as men wearing white bow ties with formal evening attire.

3.To be white as a sheet

meaning of to be white as a sheet idiom, color idioms, dopely colors

Example: she seemed white as a sheet, I’m sure she wasn’t feeling ok. 

Meaning: to look very pale and colorless.


Expressions and idioms can come in very handy in our communications. But first of all, we should know what they mean, and also what we mean to imply. The color idioms can make our points much more clear, and save us the explaining. By using the correct expressions make your communications spicy, and give them some taste.

What is your favorite expression? Share with us in the comment section below.

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