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Summer is a hot season. Most people may find it difficult to tolerate high temperatures. For this season, it is not recommended to wear dark-colored clothing. Dark colors absorb more heat, and this can induce a feeling of warmth. Cool and neutral colors are suitable colors to wear in summer and they can make a cool style for you. 

Let’s see what colors are the best to wear in this season.

1. Bright Pink

It started with flurry of women wearing Argent’s hot pink suit during the election, but the Barbie-approved shade has gained in popularity all throughout 2021, and it is showing no sign of slowing down. When it’s hot in the summer, you might prefer a large midi dress or a flowing maxi dress instead of a structured suit (they’ll keep you cool and breathable). In addition, a bright handbag can add just the right amount of flare to a floral sundress or casual jeans paired with a button down shirt.

woman in pink outfit

2. Sage Green

Even though it may not stand out as much as bright pink, this pale spring hue certainly stands out on its own. Sage, like camel, tan and beige, looks really luxe, even if you’re sporting affordable pieces rather than designer ones. Similar to those light brown shades, you can wear this now and then through spring, summer, and fall, so if you decide to invest, it might very well be worth it. If you want to let this delicate green shine, pair it with other lighter shades, such as white, tan or any pastel, rather than bold patterns or bright pops of color.

sage green outfit

3. Emerald Green

Green may be a reflection of our newfound enjoyment of nature or just our desire to relax, but it’s the It color of 2021. In addition to sage, deep emerald is a popular choice at holiday time or in winter. The truth is, it works equally well for summer as long as it’s paired with more subdued shades rather than a multitude of jewel tones and brights. If you want to add some other colors to the mix, stick with white, gold or brown accessories.

emerald green outfit

4. Sky Blue

In contrast to sage green, this light hue works well both on its own and as a background color. As a neutral color, it works well with just about any hue, and looks particularly great paired with bright pink. We enjoy pairing it, however, with other hues of blue, such as cobalt or cerulean, and gold jewelry.

sky blue outfit

5. Yellow

This year, pastels are the most popular choice for women, but mustard yellow and neon have also been extremely popular. Yellow is often considered a hard color to wear, but all you have to do is find the right shade for your skin tone. If you have cool undertones, choose daffodil, lemon or superbright yellow. If you have warm undertones, choose buttercup, goldenrod and honey hues.

woman in yellow outfit

6. Varsity Red

Symbolic of energy, power, and strength, red is an extremely powerful color. Therefore, you should keep it front and center in your closet. In addition, it’s a good choice for adding a pop of primary colors if yellow is too much for you.

Red is also a sign of danger, of course. In menswear terms, that means red trousers.

girl in red summer dress

7. Millennial Pink

As masculine as Bear Grylls on steroids, pink only gained its feminine status in the early 20th century. In the years since then, it has been championed by celebrities like Barbie and Paris Hilton as well as Becky in HR who loves her glitter pen. However, a new generation of men has chosen to ignore this and is diving head-first into the millennial pink trend.

Millennial pink takes on subtler shades like peach, rose, blush and salmon.

“For casual attire, look for earthier, more washed-out pinks than vibrant takes,” says menswear creative Nas Abraham, who has worked with the likes of Hackett and Adidas. “Then combine them with olive tones, warm bronzes and browns, and [wear with] pale wash jeans or denim jackets to ground them.”

Pink has the advantage of being versatile. Fine-gauge jumpers or shirts look good with black or blue jeans, navy or sand shorts, or even green chinos. 

As with any brighter hue, you should consider your skin tone before going for it. Those with darker skin hues can wear a variety of shades of pink, but those with fairer skin should opt for darker versions in order to avoid whitening.

Millennial Pink outfit

8. Pastel Purple

Purple is not entirely surprising to be overlooked in menswear, especially with its associations with Disney villains, fortune tellers and nineties goths. Then there is Prince as well. Consider wearing pale purple this summer as a nod to the late trendsetter’s style, but not in full glam rock regalia. 

A pale purple anorak, jacket, or hoodie looks regal teamed with white jeans, as do some sand chinos and chunky trainers for peak 90s normcore vibes.

In order for your wardrobe to experience a purple patch, you need to essentially strip everything else back. If you can, wear this hue as your main piece – a pair of swim shorts, a t-shirt or blazer, for example – and keep the rest of your outfit pared-back with black, grey, sand, beige or white.

pastel purple outfit

9. Orange Peel

In the seventies, bright orange was often paired with the not so delightful bedfellows of yellow and brown. In subsequent seasons, the colour appeared tentatively pale, but this season punchy orange has re-emerged with digitally-savvy teens as the movers and shakers.

Similarly to that other citrus shade yellow, orange should be one of your standout pieces. You can wear a light knit or anorak in the hue with classic indigo jeans and white high-tops, but in the summer, a simple orange tee looks great.

In addition to swimming shorts, orange should never appear on your top half: we have not seen orange trousers that look appropriate outside of American prisons.

black girl in orange style

10. New-Season Neutrals

The neutral color scheme might not be your best friend at a summer barbeque, but if you’re sans condiments, it’s the key to looking like a modern-day Jay Gatsby. Neutrals of the new season include beige, stone, white and pale grey. If it invites grass stains, it’s in.

Matthew Braun, design manager at River Island, says these neutrals are a nice alternative for those not willing to go bright. But they still give your outfit a stark, standout quality.

Add a cream blazer to your summer wardrobe: It can be dressed up or down for the wedding or a day at the races. Try Henley tops, lightweight knits or T-shirts in cream, stone and beige, which can go with nearly anything. And if you select designs with mottled weaves, you’ll get more menswear points.

It plays well on everything from streetwear (like Kanye) to suiting (like Johannes Huebl) if you are brave enough to go full neutral.

neutral color outfit


Depending on your personality, each color you wear harmonizes or antagonizes. Depending on the current season, one color may seem appropriate (to your character) when another may not.
Summer is a good opportunity to appear in a style with cheerful and beautiful colors.
In the end, wear whatever color you like and do not be afraid to be yourself.

Also, if you want to know what colors are suitable for other seasons, you can read this article.

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