7 US Presidents and their Oval Office Colors

oval office of presidents

My job is telecommuting. Well, that means my house is my office. Therefore, in order to do the job better and focus enough on it, I need to turn my surroundings as much as possible into a space that is mentally more suited to what I am doing. This is what American presidents do in their oval office.

With the election of each new president, they change their oval office decor to suit their personal feelings. This change can be the color of the curtains, carpets, walls or even the shape of their desk. Here, I reviewed the Oval office color palette of the last seven American presidents to inspire you.

Let’s take a look at them!

1. Joe Biden’s oval office color palette

The last US president to visit the White House recently. It has adopted a different decoration for its oval office than its previous competitor. This northern decoration is dark and neutral colors.

The navy color of the carpet and the golden color of the curtains remain the same. The use of wallpaper and furniture with neutral colors has made the navy and gold colors more visible, and it is also very compatible with the brown color of the table.

 oval office of Joe Biden color palette

2. Donald Trump’s oval office color palette

Golden and platinum colors for curtains and carpets, cream color for sofas and white and gray brocade wallpaper have made Donald Trump’s office very bright. The colors are lighter in tone and plain walls help to show these colors more clearly. But compared to the previous president, the choice of colors is very different. In fact, President Trump originally used former President Obama’s striped wallpaper, but decided to replace it during the August 2017 Oval Office renovation.

Donald's Trump oval office color palette

3. Barack Obama’s oval office color palette

Barack Obama’s office is more vibrant than the previous president. The use of red curtains, blue flags and cushions, white carpets and furniture, and white and cream walls are all reminiscent of the American flag. The color of the wallpaper has been chosen in such a way that it is very harmonious with the color of the furniture, carpets and tables, and has created a beautiful harmony.

Barack Obama's oval office color palette

4. George W. Bush’s oval office color palette

George W. Bush’s office is almost made up of neutral colors. Contains brown, platinum, cream. Although these colors are neutral, but their combination together has created a simple environment.

George W. Bush's oval office color palette

5. Bill clinton’s oval office color palette

Bill Clinton’s office is more vivid and uses lighter colors. The use of red for furniture and blue for carpets and white and plain walls represent the American flag. The choice of gold color for the curtains also shows authority.

Bill clinton's oval office color palette

6. George HW. Bush’s oval office color palette

Unlike George W. Bush, who decorated the oval room in neutral colors. Bush Sr. used bright colors in harmony with each other. The colors of the curtains, carpets and chairs are the same and both are light blue. The walls and furniture are white, which also matches part of the carpet. The use of solid colors in this decoration shows simplicity and calm.

The use of dark brown color close to black, for the desk is also attracting attention among all these light colors. In addition, the use of natural plants in this decoration due to the presence of green color, can induce vitality.

George HW Bush's oval office color palette

7. Ronald Reagan’s oval office color palette

The decor of George H. W. Bush’s oval room is similar to Reagan. Reagan’s room consists of neutral white walls, carpets and furniture. The cushions of the sofa, the curtains and parts of the carpet are red.

Excessive simplicity, in addition to calmness, also instills order. The use of natural green flowers and plants, in addition to the contrast it creates with red, also inspires vitality and freshness.

Ronald Reagan's office color palette

The last words!

As you can see, despite all the methods available to change an environment to an environment that is suitable for work, the most obvious is the choice of the right color. Depending on what type of personality you have (you are adventurous, curious, excited, calm), the choice of color for your work environment can also be different.

And this is where the color cycle and the optimal use of its relationships come in handy again. If you have not yet thought about creating your own home office, now is the best time to create the best for yourself by being inspired by different oval office and according to your personality traits and of course with the help of color relationships.

Now, tell me, if you work from home, what tricks do you do for your workspace?

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