The Ultimate Revelation Of Rainbow Flag Colors!

rainbow flags

I bet you all have seen the rainbow flag, at least for once!

In fact, this flag has different shapes and symbols and is not just representative of LGBT pride.  I’m here to make you more familiar with it.  This is going to be very attractive!

Do you want to know more about them?  Let me show you the secrets of colors in these flags!

Rainbow flag meaning

This flag consists of several different colors and designs.  But most of them have colors based on the colors of the rainbow and that is why they are called rainbow flags.

In addition, the flag has been a symbol of international peace since 1961, especially in Italy and less so in Europe and the rest of the world.  As I said before, it has been a symbol of LGBT pride since 1978.

In some countries, indigenous peoples also use the rainbow flag.  Above all, this flag is also the PACE flag.

rainbow flag in the sky

What do the colors of the rainbow flag mean?

The use of the rainbow flag has a long history. Besides, each color in the flag symbolizes something.  Below we will understand the history of the rainbow flag and its color symbol. Follow me!

Rainbow flag in Europe:

For the first time in Europe in the 16th century, people in war raised rainbow flags on their boats.

Indeed, the choice of this flag was rooted in the Christian Bible at the time.  Because they believed that God had shown Noah that the flood was over and that peace and tranquility were on the way by making a rainbow.

So, the European rainbow flag was a symbol of hope and aspiration.

the flag of Europe

Rainbow Flag in South America:

In Peru and Ecuador during the Inca Empire, the rainbow flag was used.  Because people in Inca culture used this flag to identify their native tribes and called it Wiphala. For this reason, this flag became a symbol for recognizing tribal peoples.

the rainbow flag in South America

Colorful Buddhist flag:

Also in 1885, a flag consisting of several colors blue, yellow, red, white and orange was designed in Sri Lanka, which after some changes is still used as a Buddhist flag.

Each of which symbolizes several concepts:

•Blue: It is a symbol of love and peace.

•Yellow: It is a symbol of avoiding extremes.

•Red: It is a symbol of luck, status and constant blessing.

•White: A symbol of sincerity and guidance for freedom.

•Orange: Symbolizes the knowledge and teachings of the Buddha.

buddhist flag

Flag of the Cooperative Union:

In 1921, the International Union of Cooperatives chose a rainbow flag with seven colors as its symbol.  They saw the flag as a symbol of hope and enlightenment. This flag contains the following symbols from top to bottom.

The first color is red, which is a symbol of courage.

The second color is orange, which symbolizes the manifestation of abilities.

The third is yellow, which is a sign of the challenge posed by green.

The fourth color is green, which indicates the effort for the growth of members and the importance of cooperation.

The fifth color is indigo, which is a sign of striving for global unity and education.

The sixth color is blue, which is a sign that people need cooperation.

The seventh color purple is a sign of friendship and beauty.

Flag of the Cooperative Union

Meher Baba flag:

In 1924, Meher Baba, one of the claimants of the incarnation of God, designed a rainbow flag consisting of 7 colors. 

This flag shows human growth.  In this way, people grow from anger and lust (shown in red) to reach God and to the highest degree.  (Indicated by the blue of the sky.)

Meher Baba flag

Rainbow Flag of Peace:

In 1961, the flag was used as a symbol of peace during a demonstration against nuclear weapons in Italy.

The rainbow flag of peace, from 7 colors that from top to bottom includes: purple, blue, indigo, green, yellow, orange and red, and the word Pace means peace in the middle.  And expresses peace.

Pace flag

Armenian Republic rainbow flag:

After Armenia’s independence during World War I, Martiros Sarian, a famous Armenian artist, designed a rainbow flag to symbolize independence.  

So, he designed the flag using the colors used in the former kingdom of Armenia.  In fact, he used darker and richer colors that reflected Armenian fabrics and carpets.

Armenian Republic rainbow flag

Herri Batasuna rainbow flag: 

In 1978, Harry Batasuna made the rainbow flag the symbol of his left-wing party, which was a rainbow version of the Ikurriña (Basque national flag) flag.

Herri Batasuna flag

LGBT rainbow flag:

The most famous use of the rainbow flag in 1978 by LGBT people and their supporters is as a symbol of freedom.

The rainbow flag of the LGBT people, which was initially in 8 colors, but later the two colors pink and cyan were removed from it and became today’s flag, which from top to bottom, each color means:

Pink color: a symbol of sexual orientation (which was later removed).

Red color: a symbol of life.

Orange color: a symbol of health.

Yellow color: symbol of brightness.

Green color: a symbol of nature.

Cyan color: a symbol of magic and art.

Blue color: a symbol of harmony.

Purple color: symbol of soul and psyche.

pride flag

Jewish Autonomous Oblast rainbow flag:

In 1996, the Jewish Autonomous Oblast designed a rainbow flag.  It contains gold instead of yellow.  Instead of light blue and dark blue, there are vivid blue and indigo, respectively. The number of colors represents the Jewish menorah and is therefore seven branches. It is a safe symbol due to its white background and striped colors.

Jewish Autonomous Oblast rainbow flag

Rainbow flag emoji

The well-known wave of the flag with 6 colors purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, is a symbol of LGBT pride.

Another wave representing the rainbow can both refer to the LGBT movement and is a symbol of peace and hope.

rainbow flag emoji

Use rainbow flags

Each rainbow flag, in addition to having its own symbol.  But because of the combination of happy colors in them, it is very popular.

Many LGBT people use accessories, clothing, and even decorations that reflect the colors of their 6-color flag. And many people use accessories for their style or posters for their living room wall because of the energy that comes from the combination of the colors of the rainbow flag.

So, I have put rainbow posters for you from the Goods Dopely store. You just have to click on the photos, if you want them!

rainbow poster1
rainbow poster 2


It does not matter what color is used in what flag, but we all know that not every color is in vain in a flag.

In fact, the colors give the flags spirit and meaningAnd it makes these flags attractive!

Live colorful!

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It's Nazanin. For me who loves the rainbow after the rain. What could be more beautiful than writing about colors ?! Well, I'm here now, in Dopely, to share my writings about colors with you and take you with me to the world of colors!


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