What Does Red and Green Make?

What Does Red and Green make

How do red and green look if you combined them together? Brown or gray seem to come to mind, but are they the right colors? How about the color system you are referring to? What would the percentage be for each color? You may expect that different answers will result when considering different factors! So, let me ask again, What Does Red and Green make?

We’ll see some possible answers now! As a means of demonstrating the result of mixing red and green in this post, I used Dopely’s Color Mixer Tool. Likewise, if you use different color systems or proportions of different dominant colors, you can use it! Easy to use, yet professional!

Depending on whether the model is subtractive or additive, mixing colors has different results. RGB color system is an additive color system, whereas light colors are subtractive. As we examine the RGB color system, the same applies to other additive-based color systems. Additionally, all subtractive systems like monitors and photo lights fall under the same results.

What does red and green make using additive color systems?

In this case, let’s use the RGB system since it’s additive. R stands for red in RGB, so the color code of red is (255, 0, 0). And G stands for green so the green color code is (0, 255, 0). Hold on! To see what we commonly refer to as green and red, you can add some blue. Now, here are the proportions we’ll mix!

Mixing result of 25% red and 75% green: Limeade

According to some references, it is described as deep green, but this is not completely correct! You may know limeade as the fruit, and the color took the name after it. It is such a pleasing green shade, isn’t it?

Mixing result of 25% red and 75% green: Limeade

Mixing result of 50% red and 50% green: Olive

As we expected, the result is a brownish green color, named Olive! Isn’t that incredibly familiar? There’s an interesting fact you should know about the olive color family (olive, olive green, dark olive green, and olive drab). The U.S. military still uses them for webbing and accessories color!

Mixing result of 50% red and 50% green: Olive

Mixing result of 75% red and 25% green: Fire

As we increased the proportion of red, this one is a brownish red! And now we are finished by subtractive combination between red & green. You know that you can use the Dopely color mixer tool for free to mix different reds and greens in desired percentages!

Mixing result of 75% red and 25% green: Fire

What does red and green make using subtractive color systems?

A process of mixing colored lights is known as additive mixing. The primary colors for additive mixing are red, green, and blue. Putting all of these colors of light on a screen at the same time will result in white. as you can see in the picture below, if you mix green light and red light in equal proportion together, you will see yellow! Interesting, yeah? Do you want to know other fun results of mixing colored lights together? You can use premium version of Dopely color mixer tool!

Hope you enjoyed reading! Explore Inside Colors blog to learn lots of fun fact and inspiration all about colors!

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