Get ready for National Wear Red Day!

National Wear Red Day

Colors play a significant role in conveying the message and informing others. This role is such that people on certain days, wearing color, intend to convey a message to the ears of people around the world. One of these days is the first Friday in February and the national wear red day.

On this day, everyone wears red clothes to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke, as well as hope that these diseases will decrease in women. Today we are talking about the reddest day in the world. Let’s find out:

History of National Wear Red Day

Every year, heart disease kills 1 in 3 women. So this disease can endanger women’s health a lot. Of course, about 87% of all heart problems are preventable. Awareness of these problems and the necessary precautions for it is the reason for the creation of the National wear red day.

This day, sponsored by the American Heart Association, is celebrated on February 4, which coincides with Heart Health Month. In this way, everyone wears red clothes and accessories on this day to inform others together to take preventive measures for their heart health.

Picture of a girl in a red T-shirt making a heart shape with her hands.

National Wear Red Day … Why?

Celebrating this day is very important for three reasons:

1. Prevention is better than cure: I said before that 87% of heart problems are preventable and treatable. As long as a simple disease can be prevented with simple prevention, why not do it?

2. The importance of the status of women: Women, because of the many roles they play, as well as their responsibilities outside and inside the home, seem to be an integral part of the functioning of society and the life of each of us. So having this day can encourage them to take care of themselves to prevent disease and keep them strong.

3. Importance of information and awareness: Heart health is very important. If the heart stops, life ends. So this day, which is the day of awareness of heart care and prevention of heart problems, is very important because of its important role in informing.

Picture of a girl in the dark holding a neon red heart.

National Wear Red Day activities

On this day, you can register any purchase you have on the Go Red website. Purchasing from this website provides financial support for women’s heart health.

In addition, you can have a red party and a red round. And discuss how to protect the heart from problems and diseases. You can even raise money for heart support organizations.

Finally, on this day, you can share your photos with red clothes to the hashtag National Red Wear Day on social networks and inform others about this day.

Picture of a girl in a red dress and white pants holding a white flower branch in national wear red day

The last word

Together we understood the importance of this day. Understanding this can help eradicate preventable heart disease among millions of people, especially women, on this day. So, go to your closets and put on your reddest clothes and start your red day with the activities of this day and bleed the city 😀

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