Interesting Color Facts You Never Knew About HARD HAT

colorful hard hat

Hard hat, responsible for saving human lives. It can be said that the first use of these hats dates back to 1930 in the United States. In fact, these hats were first used in California during the construction of the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge.

The construction and design of these hats saves the lives of many workers and people in the workplace and structures. But the problem is, using different colors of this hat. Because it confuses people when using them properly.

That’s why I’m here to explain this to you. If you want to follow me to the end. Let’s go!

Why should we use hard hats?

Any industry that has hard work will need these hats. One of the most important areas is construction sites. These hard hats are for cover to protect the head.

In fact, this hard hat protects people from falling on a heavy object, falling on slippery surfaces and injuries caused by burns or electric shock. This is very important because a head injury can be severe and can cause brain damage and death.

Therefore, it is necessary to use a hard hat. In addition, the color coding system that exists for hard hats allows each person to use a specific type of hard hat with a specific color and suitable for their industry. In this way, the responsibilities of each person will be easily recognizable according to the color of their hard hat.

the engineers wear white hard hat

Hard hats color code meaning

Now that we understand the importance of wearing a hard hat. It is better to know the meaning of each color code.

The colors of each hard hat accurately define the role of the workers. Despite the differences that exist in different countries for color coding hard hats, the principles are all the same.

If you are still with me, let’s see!

Red hard hat meaning

Red represents danger and symbolizes fire. So it is natural that people who work in the emergency and fire departments wear red hard hats due to facing incidents such as accidents and fires.

red hard hat

Orange hard hat meaning

Due to the easy detection of orange color from a long distance, it is used in hard hats of forklift workers and traffic marshals. So orange hard hats are very useful in road construction.

orange hard hats

Yellow hard hat meaning

General workers wear yellow hard hats. Like earth-moving operators, laborers and heavy machinery operators who generally have yellow hard hats. This indicates that there is no specialization!

yellow hard hat

Green hard hat meaning

As you know, green indicates safety and health. For this reason, safety inspectors also use green hard hats.  In addition, new workers in the training course also use this hat color.

green hard hats

Blue hard hat meaning

Usually technical operators such as electricians and carpenters use blue hard hats. In addition, medical workers use blue.

blue hard hat

Pink hard hat meaning

If a worker has forgotten or lost his hard hat, the only solution is to use a pink hard hat. In fact, using this hard hat is temporary until another hard hat is replaced.

pink hard hats

White hard hat meaning

High-ranking people, such as managers, supervisors, engineers and architects, wear white hard hats.  Because this color is very simple and recognizable. Vehicle marshals also wear both white hard hats and recognizable white vests.

white hard hat

Gray hard hat meaning

If you are a visitor to a building and a worksite in general, you should use gray hard hats.

gray hard hats

Brown hard hat meaning

Brown hard hat is usually used to identify workers who are dealing with heat. Therefore, welders use this type of hard hat.

brown hard hat


Paying attention to each color and using each hard hat correctly makes it easy to identify anyone in the work environment who is required to use these hats.

It is not bad to know that hard hats are made in two types.  The first type protects people but does not have lateral protection, while the second type has much more security and also protects people laterally.

I hope this article is useful for you!

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