How Do Colors Affect Our Way Of Perceiving Different Fragrances?

color in perfumes

What is your favorite perfume?

Which brands do you use most?

How much do you know about perfumes?

We all use perfume, body splash, and eau de Cologne in our daily life, but how much attention do we pay to the type of perfumes that we wear?

Do you insist on one brand or some particular brands and smells?

Or, are you the kind of people who just want to use a perfume that smells good?

I myself, deeply care when it comes to perfumes.

I believe it’s very important how you smell, and it can have a very serious impression on others.

As an example, I remember many people by their smells. You may think it’s ridiculous, but it has a greater effect on people than you think.

Different perfumes have different colors, and each color can introduce the contained fragrance.

The same concept goes for this good-smelling industry: cool colors and warm colors. Yes, you’re assuming right; we have warm fragrances and cool fragrances (there are more to different fragrances that I will cover throughout this article).

Color And Fragrance

Colors are involved in almost all parts of a perfume; packaging, bottle, design, and even the fluid of perfume itself. It’s the first thing that catches our attention, even before we smell the scent.

The color of a perfume communicates to the customer about the nature and base of the scent.

Each person percieves colors and also smells differently, and the undeniable relation between fragrance and its color can affect that.

There are different types of odors, and each shade or tint of  different scents is bound to a particular color.

One factor that impacts the color of the perfume is the essential oil or oils that are used in the perfume fluid. Each essential oil has a unique color.

Essential oils are often light, even golden oils, while others retain the base color of the flower from which they are extracted.

Some oils have a light scent, and some others have a rather intense and sharp shade, like grapefruit. Some oils have a deep brown or green accent, like wood and root extracts.

different types of fragrances:

  • Oriental notes
  • Floral notes
  • Fresh notes
  • woody notes

If you would like to know more about each fragrance, here you can find some useful information:

The color that essential oils create depends on the blended oils and ingredients. It can vary from the honey shade, transparent, to bright, or even dark colors. But nowadays, essential oils are rarely used in perfumes, and perfume makers use artificial colorants instead.

It Is Now Time To Pay Closer Attention To Each Color And Fragrance:

There are several kinds of shades and tints for odors, such as:





Each of these different scents is usually presented in a specific shade of color.

The same theory of warm color and cool colors also applies here.

Warm colors present warm scents, and cool colors associate with cool scents.

We usually figure out whether a perfume or  an Eau de Cologne has a warm or cool smell and shade by seeing the fluid and its color; this is the very basic perception we receive before we actually smell a perfume.

Time to see actual perfumes and discuss them

What you will see in this post:
  1. Pink
  2. Blue
  3. Golden
  4. Green


How do you feel about this picture?

What feelings does this perfume and color trigger in your mind?

You would probably assume a warm and sweet fragrance and very light scent and that’s because of the pink color in addition to a resemblance of a fragrance. Well, congrats, you are right.

Now, why is that so? Probably because we usually have seen pink associated with sweeties, flowers, candies, and so on, and it’s also in the warm colors category. one thing led to another, and we created a smell in our, we imagine a floral and sweet type of scent.


How about this one?

How does this blue bottle make you feel?

Did you like it?

By the way, It’s one of my favorite ones and it’s bloody awesome, smells like heaven.

Ok back to the topic, how do you perceive this perfume and its color?

I’m 99% sure that you felt something cool and light and maybe woody or light sweet. But why? 

As I said before, we try to make a connection between things based on what we already know. In this case, a blue bottle of a blue perfume, we know that blue is the color of water, sea, and sky; therefore, we imagine some kind of cool, maybe even cold, clean and fresh sort of odor.


As you see, this one is golden (or maybe a little orange!)

This color may trigger intense scents for you. Golden often associates with strong and warm feelings, maybe because it is the color of the sun. Sunlight brings a sense of warmth, joy, and energy, and based on that, perfume makers use this color( honey shade colors) to make you feel the same. Many fruits or flowers are orange or at least close to this shade, so it isn’t hard to obtain essential oils to make this color of perfumes.


With no doubt, this image brings you a sense of freshness.and that’s most likely because of 2 things:

1_ the color of the photo

2_ the perfume bottle

This may not be true about everyone, but will be for so many.

What Are Perfumes Made From?

Perfume makers use either natural or artificial ingredients to make perfumes. Also, a combination of both of them is useful in the perfumery industry.

Natural sources:

Flowers and blossoms, wood and root extracts, cocoa, tonka bean, and lichens like oakmoss and tree moss are a few sources that are used in the making of perfumes.

There are synthetic aroma ingredients that are great alternatives for natural sources when it’s difficult to extract the same fragrances from natural ingredients.

*Colors and the way they change our feelings about fragrances aside, here are six tips when using perfume:

1- Take a shower before spraying the perfume

2_ Choose the right spots on your body to spray perfume

3- Don’t wear too much perfume ( it may be annoying and cause headaches to others)

4- It is better to spray perfume on your skin, not clothes

5- Moisturize your skin first, then spray perfume

6-  Don’t rub your wrists (when you spray the fragrance on your wrists, let it set, and don’t rub it).


Colors can have effects on everything, and perfumes or Eau de colognes are no exception. Also, fragrances can have effects on us. so, combine these two lovely and mesmerizing elements to create an aromatic and unforgettable impression. Make the right perfume choice to turn heads when you pass by.

If you’re interested in colors and would like to know more about them, DON’T miss our blog


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