February, reminder for Black History Month!

black history month

Throughout history, we have always witnessed the oppression of people of color. These same injustices and injustices eventually led to one month of the year being named Black History Month.

In fact, Black History Month is celebrated in February each year in various states in the United States and Canada, as well as in October each year in Europe as a reminder of the history of the African diaspora and commemorating the achievements of blacks.

Today we read about the black month, its history and the reason for its holding. Let’s go:

History of Black History Month

In 1926, a weekly movement was started in the United States, designed by historian Carter G Woodson. According to Woodson, the reason for designing such a day is to increase the awareness of others about the life history of blacks and African Americans. Later, in 1976, during the presidency of Gerald Ford, the weekly movement became a monthly movement and was recognized throughout the country.

Also in the United States this month, the activities and contributions of civil rights pioneers are being honored. People like Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. In addition, Canada is celebrating this month with black Canadians and the work they have done to advance Canada.

A picture of a black gathering in the BLACK HISTORY MONTH

Black Month History Activities

Indeed, various activities take place in museums, schools, universities and various ceremonies this month. The purpose of all these activities is to celebrate the participation and activities of blacks.

Also, a theme is selected for each black date month each year. This theme is the subject of talks, speeches and efforts for this celebration. The theme for 2022 is the health of blacks.

A picture of a girl of color smiling and a crown of flowers on her head.

Black history month colors

There are colors to celebrate this month that are black, red, yellow and green. Black is a symbol for the people of Africa. Red is a symbol of blood that has been unjustly shed from blacks over the years. Especially during the occupation of Africa by Europe. Yellow is also a symbol of the wealth of blacks that has been occupied by foreigners. And finally, the color green is a symbol of the greenness and fertility of black lands.

a picture of black month history that shows a person of color with red, yellow and green colors next to it

The last word

February is a month of the year to commemorate the history of blacks, to respect their rights, to respect their personalities, and to honor their services and contributions. In this way, we can better understand and know the life history of people with beautiful and special skin color. Finally, we are all human. It does not matter what you look like, what your nationality is and what your skin color is!

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