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To start talking about the impacts that each color has on fashion, we have to know what each color defines?  
Every color has its meaning and can have different impacts on our mood, feeling, and even behavior, and that also could affect the way we wear. Based on our favorite colors we choose some colors more than others. The colors and outfits we wear can somehow show our personality. So, pay attention to what you wear.
Each person has a different taste in style and colors, but some parts of it are up to fashion to tell you what suits you best. 
And some other parts are up to color meanings and psychology to give you a clearer vision to select.

Should I pick Multi-colored Or Single-colored Outfits?

Well, the answer depends on you(and to be honest some other factors).
Generally speaking, neutral, single-color styles are more appropriate for formal occasions, but when there is no necessity of being official, it’s completely your choice what to wear and what to throw away. To have a more precise solution, let’s drown in the world of colors.

Pink color in fashion

As a kid, it may have been the favorite color for many of us. I Just wanted to mention: you don’t have to be a girl to like pink. Although many people still believe that pink is a girlish color, I highly disagree.   
The pink color is known to imply different concepts, thus: love, kindness, femininity, empathy, caring, or sensitivity.  
Pink is one of the warm colors, and it can be matched with many other colors and create classy outfits.  
Due to its unique beauty, you can wear pink in all seasons.  
And not only any season but also on any occasion. By occasion, I mean both formal and informal. It can vary from a friend’s birthday party to an official meeting with your boss. For example, a mellow-pink shirt paired with rich-black suit for meeting with your boss. if you’re going to your best friend’s birthday you can go with a coral pink dress and cerise pink shoes.
But definitely, you don’t want to wear pink to a funeral, that’s for sure. So,    just in case it’s not a funeral, don’t hesitate to pick pink.  

Pink also is known to be the symbol of power and confidence. Maybe this is the reason that female politicians are wearing pink more often these days. 

 Purple color in fashion

One interesting point about purple is that it used to be exclusive to royal people because producing purple dye was difficult. But when it comes to fashion and matching colors it’s better to know what combination is a color made of.  
As you may know, purple is a combination of blue and red.   The best way to match a color is to match it to its undertones. so purple can go with either blue or red.
When it comes to fashion you don’t have to be a fashion designer to know how to pair colors, you just have to be a little creative and have a little sense of fashion.  

What you will see in this post:
  1. Red color in fashion

Red color in fashion

What does red mean to you?
A large number of people believe that red can stimulate aggression or in some cases danger or discomfort.
Red also represents different meanings, thus: love, passion, needs, aggression, violence, and so on.  
Red is one of the easiest colors to notice due to its long wavelength. and it doesn’t take much effort to recognize among other colors. So, if you want to catch attention, red is one of your strongest options. But here’s a tip, don’t use it too much because some people say it can cause irritation or aggression. You can match red with many colors and make astonishing styles.

Blue color in fashion

Many people like blue, it’s their favorite color, and I can see why. The color blue is found widely in nature as the color of the daytime sky, the sea, the twilight, and some fruits like blueberries. Does it change the way you feel? Does it affect your mood?  

Blue is a symbol of calmness, peace, serenity, and even security.So, if you want to get others to consider you as a trustworthy person, maybe blue is the best option.

These are psychological effects of blue (or any other color), and related research support the idea. So, you can apply these effects in your style and impress others. 

But don’t mistake this with putting others’ opinions first. First of all, “you’” should feel confident and comfortable in your clothes. 

You can consider blue for many occasions from very formal to very informal, which leaves you many choices. The blue color suits nearly every type of outfit (very casual and Saturday morning like for official business meetings).So, just give it a little bit of creativity and see the magic the blue can do. 

Is There Any Rule for Choosing Colors in Your Styles?  

First of all, you have to know your skin color and tone to figure out what colors and shades look better on you and after that, knowing your body shape will help you to pick clothes that make you look more attractive.  

There are many categories for colors but one of the most common is “warm and cold colors”. And according to your skin tone, you can choose the best colors for you. But if you’re not an expert or fashion stylist, how do you find out what colors make you shine?  

What Is My Skin Tone?

Don’t worry, if you don’t know how I’m here to tell you…  

The first thing you need to do is to know your skin tone and to do that look at your veins. 

If your veins appear to be green then you have a warm skin tone, therefore; colors like brown, green, yellow, and ivory can make you look stunning.  

But if your veins seem blue, you have cool skin tone and so, the best colors for you are blue, blue-green, violet, and in general, cooler colors.  

Even these two main categories(warm and cool) have different shades; therefore, there are different types of warm tones and also cool skin tones. So, my skin tone may be different than yours even if we share the main category. These differences are what makes us unique and beautiful each in our own way. 

Color Wheel

One useful method to find the best matching colors is a color wheel. you can use a color wheel to help you find your target color more easily. 

What is a color wheel anyway? 
Color wheel is an abstract circle in which primary, secondary and tertiary colors are put next to each other so you can see the relation among colors. You just have to find your favorite one and see what colors match it. you can read more about color wheel here:

There are many methods and tools to help you have a better style and match colors more professionally. But in the end, it’s up to you how to do it.So, do it the way that makes YOU feel better. 
It’s not just about clothing or one specific color, when it comes to fashion and colors, you have hundreds of magical items. 

You combine colors and fashion, two wonderful worlds, and the magic starts to show up.Don’t forget that you are beautiful the way you are. And by doing these modifications you just make yourself more beautiful.

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