8 Interior Design Rules To Be Careful About

interior design rules

Have you recently decided to change your house or office interior decoration? Are you confused and have no clue where to start, what to start with? If so, stay tuned
There are integral interior design rules that we should be careful about. But before engaging with those rules, let’s talk about interior design itself. What is interior design?
Interior design is the art and knowledge of elevating the interior side of a building or place to make it more aesthetically appealing with  more sense of comfort and beauty.


There are many important things in interior designing. The tiniest mistakes can ruin all your efforts for a decoration. Thus, first of all you need to know why and how you want to change a decoration?!
What are the integral factors that are involved in designing?
We are going to talk about them all

1.Planning guides you

If you’re going to redesign a place you should know why. How are you going to change it, and to what? The things that you like or dislike about a design. So, all this can give you a clearer vision, so you can start with a neat plan.

Now, it is time to discuss design elements.

2.Colors should be chosen carefully 

Colors are integral parts of any kind of design. So, choosing colors for decorations can be a devastating job. But there are some tools like color wheel that help you pick harmonious color combinations. 

There are various color schemes. Therefore, when you’re selecting colors for your designs, you should consider the number of colors and also their functionality. Don’t pick too many colors because it makes the space look cramped. So, choose one or two matched colors and apply them to the décor and furniture.
In general, dark colors make a space seem smaller, and light colors help to make it seem bigger than it really is.

Here are some of the best color combinations you can go with:
  1. Living Coral (#FC766AFF) and Pacific Coast (#5B84B1FF)
  1. Ultra Violet (#5F4B8BFF) and Blooming Dahlia (#E69A8DFF)
  1. Turquoise (#42EADDFF) and Warm Sand (#CDB599FF)
  1. Sailor Blue (#00203FFF) and Mint (#ADEFD1FF)
  1. Gray (#606060FF) and Lime Punch (#D6ED17FF)
  2. Forest Green (#2C5F2D) and Moss Green (#97BC62FF)
  1. Black (#101820FF) and Blazing Yellow (#FEE715FF)
  1. Sky Blue (#89ABE3FF) and White (#FCF6F5FF)
  1. Black (#101820FF) and Orange (#F2AA4CFF)
  1. Royal Purple (#603F83FF) and Ice Flow (#C7D3D4FF)
  1. Pink Salt (#FAD0C9FF) and Charcoal Gray (#6E6E6DFF)
  1. Hunter Green (#435E55FF) and Raspberry (#D64161FF)
  1. Dark Green (#006B38FF) and Black (#101820FF)
  1. Lemon Tonic (#FCF951FF) and Purple (#422057FF)
  1. Aspen Gold (#FFD662FF) and Princess Blue (#00539 CFF)

3.Space is the determiner in interior design rules

The size of an environment can change all the rules. then, you should choose patterns based on how big or small a space is. For example, too many colors, dark colors, stuffed furniture, and too many artworks make the space seem small, muddy, and cramped. On the contrary, a few pieces of stuff and furniture in a large space make it look empty and unfinished. Like as if something’s missing. Therefore, all the aspects of a design should be in adjustment.

4.Scales matter in interior design rules

As said above, the scale of things should be harmonious. For example, tiny stuff for vast environments, or the other way around, huge stuff in  small places disrupts the equation. For example, the length of the curtain, the scale of carpet, and the size of other furniture like sofa or tables. Or the length of the curtains, they shouldn’t be too short. Too short curtains show a sense of incompleteness. Rugs and carpets  too. The sacel of your carpets should match the  scale of the environment. Like short curtains, too small rugs make the place look unfinished.

5.Light, a game changer in interior design 

The lighting makes a huge difference in  an environment. Proper lighting provides a better and more gallant view. The source for lightning should come from several spots of a place, not just overhead. hence, with wisely usage of light you can add another dimension, depth, and life to your design. 

6.Function is important in interior design rules

What does function mean?

Everything you set in a decoration should serve a purpose. Therefore, it’s either to add comfort, or to garnish. Stuff that is used for making the area more cozy and relaxing, like sofa ,arm chair, or cushions. And garnishing appliances such as vase, crystals, and sculptures. Everything has a functionality. So, don’t crowd the design with useless stuff. 


Furniture is the most important part of your interior design. Furniture is the movable stuff that helps us in our daily activities, like seating, sleeping, eating, etc. When setting up your furniture, consider getting the best utilization of the space. Furniture layout should provide enough and free movement. Be careful not to waste the good space!
Then, we can consider furniture as a functional and circulatory element in interior decoration. 
Interior designers use furniture to set things and layouts into order.

8.Artwork, can come in handy

Artworks bring a sense of beauty to the space, and help you decorate it more adequately. You can use artwork to present the area as a complete package. accordingly, you can use artworks as a means to show your creativity. Artworks also bring more color and texture to the room. Make your designs stand out by using special and unique pieces of artwork. 

There are a wide variety of artworks like:
  • Canvas paintings.
  • Photographs (especially black and white motifs)
  • Art prints.
  • Mixed media paintings or montages.
  • Sculptures.
  • Metal art.
  • Glass art.
  • Mosaics.

So, you can use these different kinds of arts to garnish your design according to your ideas.

Interior design styles 

There are also several interior design styles which we will mention briefly in the following.

7 styles in interior design:

  • Scandinavian 
  • Hamptons
  • French provincial
  • Mid-century modern
  • Industrial
  • Eclectic
  • Contemporary


Scandinavian interior design style has a minimalistic theme and uses soft and light colors and textures. Some of its bold characteristics are functional, beautiful, and cozy.


Hamptons style offers a light, bright, whitewashed theme, and brings a sense of sophistication yet effortlessness and calmness.

French provincial

The main theme in French provincial style is beauty combined with luxury, represented throughout country style features and stuff. Thus, elegant and chic stuff form a huge part of this particular style.

Mid-century modern

As the name suggests, this style uses architecture, furniture, and designs from the middle of the 20th century. therefore, using organic and geometric shapes, minimal ornamentation, and contradicting materials and textures are some of its main features.


Industrial chic describes an aesthetic attitude which utilizes themes from old factories and industrial places that have been transformed into livable areas. Accordingly, it synthesizes raw and industrial materials to convey some sort of incomplete and unfinished feelings.


Eclectic is a popular style in interior design which includes heterogeneous elements.
Heterogeneous elements are a combination of textures, trends and styles, time periods, and colors.


Therefore, Interior design and decoration is the art that makes the space aesthetically more attractive and exquisite. With applying interior design principles to a space we can make it elegant and modern. But there are simple and basic rules that we should observe to get the best result out of our design. These basic rules show us the right path to a well-designed decoration. Hope you like it and find it useful for your next design.

and finally, for more about interior design you can check out our blog. here you can read more about interior decoration:


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