12 Attractive Ideas for Wall Painting

Have you ever wondered how to do wall painting and use new ideas? Are you one of those people who are content with a simple coloring and have no idea how to do it? 

You may not have thought about this until now, but without a doubt, using attractive ideas and solutions for painting the wall can create a beautiful view and have a great impact on the beauty of interior design.

What you will see in this post:
  1. Tips for Wall Painting
  2. Conclusion 

Tips for Wall Painting

1. Use Coloring Strips

 Have you ever considered using vertical or horizontal patterns to paint your walls? One of the easiest ways to do this is to use colored tape. 

The use of these strips allows you to paint the wall yourself.

Striped wall panting
Striped wall panting

2. Use a Striped Pattern 

The use of striped patterns gives a special feeling and mood to the wall design. Using two color spectrums together creates a beautiful view. It is possible to use different techniques to do this. For example, you can use three color spectrums that work together beautifully. Be creative in doing this!

Remember to fill the space between colors with a neutral color such as white or gray if you use three dominant colors together.

Also, sing vertical patterns in the design of a room with a short ceiling can a help make the ceiling appear taller.

 Using horizontal patterns can also be used to make the room appear wider.

Striped wall panting
Striped wall panting
Striped wall panting

3. Use the Amber Technique for Wall Painting

 Using the amber technique is one of the most attractive solutions that can be used for wall painting. This idea is highly adaptable and is a new idea for painting the wall.

Also, the use of this solution creates coherence between the wall and the ceiling.

amber wall panting

4. Paint the Wall with a Rhombus Design 

The classic rhombus wall pattern immediately adds life and movement to your room and can be used well in the kitchen, master bedroom or study room. 

The important thing to use this method is to choose its colors. You can put a color next to white or be bolder and use complementary or contrasting colors for rhombuses and lines between them.

Rhombus wall painting

5. Paint the Walls with a Dotted Design 

This design is easily created using small and large circles, they create joy and energy in your space and are especially suitable for a child’s room. 

If you like to create more modern designs, get a little out of the rules and use your creativity.

 For example, you can paint the circles scattered and irregularly, or put large and small sizes together.

 This creates more visual appeal!

dotted wall design
dotted wall design

6. Stencil Technique on the Wall

 The stencil technique on the wall is one of the easy and simple ways to create a role and design in the decoration. 

All you have to do is prepare your desired design or pattern as a template and stick it on the wall. Then brush your favorite paint on it and then when it dries, remove the stencil from the wall. By doing this, in addition to seeing your favorite role on the wall, you have also changed the decoration.

stencil technique for wall
stencil technique for wall

7. Wall Painting with a Sponge

 One of the most popular methods in painting with a sponge.

 In this method, you only use a sponge for painting instead of a brush, and you have to do this by tapping on the wall. 

This performance does not require special painting skills and therefore will be a great project for the whole family. 

This technique can also be used in most decoration styles, depending on the color you choose.

Wall Painting with a Sponge
Wall Painting with a Sponge

8. Light Shade Colors

 If you are looking for a completely modern way to paint and change the mood of the house, be sure to try this technique.

 The idea that you can create a work of art in your room moves the color from dark to light.

 To achieve a better result, you should first paint a lighter color on the wall and then paint a dark color on it to the desired location.

 The higher you go, the lower the intensity of the dark color and the closer you get to the light color.

 Do not forget that the boundary between dark and light colors can be created both in the form of blurred and well-defined lines.

 It all depends on your taste and creativity!

dark to light wall painting

9. Metallic Wall Painting 

One of the most ideal colors that is used in modern and luxury spaces is metallic paint. Metallic paint that creates a metal-like appearance in space can create different sensations with its gloss or opacity. 

It may be best to use this color for a limited area of ​​the walls to maintain its special effect.

metallic walls
metallic walls
metallic walls

10. Color Wash Technique

 This technique is one of the methods that brings texture to your space at the same time as color. You must first paint the wall and then spread the colors irregularly on the wall with a brush.

 This will create a new texture that will be more or less up to you.

 Choosing a color can open your hands to a variety of styles.

color wash technique for wall
color wash technique for wall
color wash technique for wall

11. Personal Ideas for Wall Painting

One of the ideas that you can use in this field is to write a sentence that has a great effect on you, on the wall. 

Undoubtedly, using this method will motivate you whenever you see it.

wall color painting
wall color painting

12. Use of Symmetrical Painting Technique 

Using symmetrical painting technique is another idea that you can use in wall painting.

 Using this technique to paint the walls of bedrooms can be a good idea.

Symmetrical Painting Technique
Symmetrical Painting Technique


In this article, we reviewed 12 attractive and interesting ideas for wall painting. I hope you can make the best choice and this article has been useful for you. You can also see the best ideas for the living rooms’ wall here.

Which one of these 12 attractive ideas do you prefer?

And should also note that the best ideas come from your own creative mind. 

With a little creativity and initiative, the best idea for painting walls will come to your mind, you just need to look more beautiful and act boldly.

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