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Let's start with the definition of a brand:   In fact, a brand is a promise that the product fulfills according to the customer's needs. Each brand has a logo with which it is known. And usually the logo of each brand is different from the other. And various colors are used in each logo. Also, a brand's color palette isn't limited to the colors of its logo, it can also include other colors. Gradually, those colors become part of its brand identity.

In Dopely Explorer you can find color palettes of different brands. There are thousands of brand palettes in it, ranging from famous brands like instagram, amazon, and other popular brand colors, to even unknown brands. You just have to choose the brand you want and use its color palette.

Of course, you can edit these palettes through the palette generator tool and bring its colors closer to your desired colors. Finally, share the desired palette with others or download, save and like it.