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About Color Palette Generator

Another powerful tool from Dopely's color tool set, this one helps you with picking the right color scheme and color mood. With its color wheel, you can apply color theory, or choose the right tint, shade, and tone for the colors, even you can use the randomize button. Make sure to check all the color palette templates to see how different colors interact with each other, and consider using the color blindness simulator to see if others are able to see your color scheme perfectly.

What Is A Color Palette Generator?

As the name suggests the color palette generator tool is a tool which makes color schemes and color harmonies.You can either use pre-made color palettes or if you are a professional designer, you can create your ideal color combinations and save them for later. Dopely color palette generator enables you to choose your palette and modify colors’ details (shade, tint, tone).A color palette or a color scheme is a combination of colors used by creative people when designing or re branding, to add feelings and meaning in design or just to make it more appealing. When used correctly, color palettes form the visual foundation of your brand, help to maintain consistency, and make your design aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable to use.

A color palette sample made with Dopely free online tool with gradient and hex code

Usage of color palette

Create your color palettes and use them for your motion designs, illustration, web design, graphic design, info graphic design and more; or even get inspired by these palettes for your drawings and paintings. Choosing the right color palette will form the basis for your brand's visual identity, and you will be able to maintain consistency and make your user interface more appealing and usable.

Dopely free online color palette explorer have millions of idea to get inspire to choose your color combination

A common way of creating color palettes, is to set a main color, and use its tints, shades and tones as secondary colors. It is a promising and a popular way to get color harmonies, but it is not a special way to make unique and eye-catching colors. You can use Dopely’s color toner to make tints, tones and shades in adjustable steps.

Color Shade

Shade is the combination of a hue (pure color) with different percentages of black. As a color gets closer to black, it gets darker and the shade decreases.

Choosing the desired color shade for your color palette

Color Tone

Tone is the combination of a hue with grey (equal amounts of black and white), as you increase the tone of a color it gets more neutral. In other words, by adding gray to a color, you will make it duller. If you mix too much gray into a hue, it will become over-dulled, and restoring its brilliance will be difficult.

Choosing the desired color tone for your color palette

Color Tint

A tint is a color hue (pure color) with the addition of white. Pastel colors are generally tinted colors. Despite the changes, the back color remains the same, but it tends to be paler. If you want a particular tint, start by mixing just white color and gradually blend in color until it is the desired color.

Choosing the desired color tint for your color palette

You can select different color formats like HSB, RGB, CMYK, PICK, SET, and adjust them as you wish. By changing these adjustments, you'll have a variety of colors.
HSB: Hue, Saturation, Brightness
RGB: Red, Green, Blue
CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key

Adjustable hue, saturation, brightness (as in HSB),  red, green, blue (as in RGB), cyan, magenta, yellow, key (as in CMYK) in Dopely free online color palette generator


Dopely color palette generator allows you to:

  • Generate color palette
  • Increase or decrease the number of colors
  • Adjust shades, tints, tones
  • See gradients on the gradient circle
  • Change the gradients
  • Apply your target hex codes and change them
  • Get all the details and info about each color
  • Change the palette template
  • Like or share palettes
  • Save color palettes for later us

Dopely free online color palette generator offers you lots of features


Edit the entire color palette by using the adjust button and see the changes under the first color palette.

How to edit a color in your palette with Dopely free online tool

See some secondary info like: color name, RGB, CMYK, and hsv codes of each color by using the setting button.

How to get secondary info of your colors in palette

We have made it easy for EVERYBODY to use Dopely tools. But how? Since Dopely is all about colors, and there are color blind conditions, we have considered these conditions too. Choose the “eye icon” to see colors accordingly.

How to see what color blinds see

Pick colors from an image by selecting the camera icon, uploading the picture, and generate its color palette.

Creating your color palette using Dopely free online image color picker

You can also edit the colors by using the color wheel of each palette (the circle below the palette).

Improving your color palette using Dopely free online color wheel

You can see your color palette in 10 templates and different shapes.

10 template and different shapes of Dopely free color palette generator

You can decide what colors to add or remove. Also, the adjustment options are shown on the colors and you can make changes based on your opinion. Click on the “ lock icon” to fix a color when using the dice for random palettes.

Add, remove or lock a color in your color combination

Below each color, there is a gradient circle that shows the amount of each pigment used in the given color. each color goes by the code below the gradient circle. You can change the gradient of each color by clicking on and rounding the icon on the circle.

Adjusting the gradient circle under the colors of your palette

You can select different color formats like HSB, RGB, CMYK, PICK, SET, and adjust them as you wish. By changing these adjustments, you'll have a variety of colors. HSB: Hue, Saturation, Brightness RGB: Red, Green, Blue CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key

Selecting different color formats like HSB, RGB, CMYK, PICK, SET, and adjusting them with Dopely free color palette generator

You can save each color individually, by clicking on and exporting only one color (saving color info).

How to save and export each color of your palette individually

When you're done editing your color palette, you can save and export it in several formats.

How to save and export your color palette in url, pdf, png, jpg, scss, or svg