Everything About Green, The Color of Nature

green leaf

Green color is in abundance around us. But have you ever paid attention to the properties and effects of this color?

How much have you tried to bring this color into your life?

To be honest, I’m one of those people who do not like green. And if I have to choose a color in my life, it is definitely not green.

However, this doesn’t mean that green has no role in my life. Now that I am writing this article, I look around, I see the plants on my desk clinging to the wall and extending to the ceiling, the picture that my brother drew for me as a gift, even my nail polish, are all green.

I want to give you fairly comprehensive information about green.  If you want to know more, join me!

1.Green color structure

The word green is from the word Grene, which is an ancient English word meaning grass and growth.

Green is a combination of blue and yellow, which are the primary colors.  So green is one of the secondary colors of the color wheel. Green is in the cool color spectrum of the cycle.

After blue, green is the most popular color available.

In the digital world, you can code this color

Hex # B9EF66

Make, whose RGB is composed of 72.55% red, 93.73% green and 40% blue.

And its CMYK is composed of 23% cyan, 0% magenta, 57% yellow and 6% black.

green tonage

2.Green color in history

From the classical era to the modern era, in Europe green was usually the color of the rich like merchants.  But red was like nobility for the upper class.

In ancient Egypt, green was a sign of rebirth and reconstruction.  On Egyptian papyrus and tombs, green was used to represent crops and fields.

In ancient Greece, they did not distinguish between blue and green and considered both to be one.  But this color was rarely used in their art.  Aristotle believed that the color green, which is close to black, is the symbol of the earth, and the color green, which is close to white, is the symbol of water.

The Romans were more interested in green. The color that represents the goddess of gardens and vineyards, which is Venus, was green. 

The Romans used green for paintings, glass and mosaics in the second century AD.  Furthermore in Latin, there were ten different names for naming this color.

In the 16th century, fabrics were dyed blue and then yellow, resulting in green fabrics. Also, In the 18th and 19th centuries, green was a color that had found its way into art and literature.

Besides, in the 19th century, green was to express different emotions. In the late 19th century, more attention was paid to colors that complement green.

men in the green car

3.Green color in Psychology

Green is a symbol of nature, growth and life, revival, money and wealth, self-confidence, empathy, safety and security, love, creativity, loyalty, peace, friendship and tranquility.

Most surgeons use green for their clothes, believing that green speeds up the healing process.

Green show wisdom and knowledge and even to strengthen it. Also, in all countries, the green light at traffic lights is a symbol of movement and non-stop.

Green color is widely for body health. And it stimulates the pituitary gland. It also relaxes the muscles of the body, increases the level of histamine in your blood and reduces the symptoms of allergies.  

This color is a calming color that treats stress, anxiety and depression and increases reading ability and creativity by improving brain activity.

furthermore it is suitable for pregnant women and prevents stress and anxiety. Sleeping on a green pillow prevents hair loss.

Green can also indicate a sense of greed and jealousy in people.

a flower house

Green also has an effect on people’s personality:

People who like in green are very emotional and make time for their friends and acquaintances, they are peaceful and also a good listener and can be a mentor.

These people also like to participate in social activities, they love nature and animals, they care a lot about family and they can be good parents, but they are usually very greedy.

In general, calm, cool and introverted people like the color green very much.

a girl in the flower house

4.Green color in the culture

Green is a symbol of different emotions in the culture of many countries.  Let’s look at some of them:

1. In China, green is a sign of betrayal. For example, if a man wears a green dress or a green hat, it means that his wife has betrayed him.

2. Also, in Scotland, green is a symbol of honor.

3. In all sacred religions, the color green symbolizes resurrection and rebirth.

4. Moreover, in Europe, green is for Sunday colors.

5. For Zoroastrians, after white, green had a special importance.

6. In Japanese culture, green was to denote eternal life.

7. Green is part of the color of the flags of many countries such as Italy and Iran.

8. in addition, a permanent residence and citizenship permit in the United States is green card.

9. Political parties that defend nature and the environment are the green movement because of the connection between green and nature.

10. In general, in American and European countries, the color green can be a symbol of nature, life, hope and health, or it can be a symbol of poisoning and ill health.

11. Also, in Asian countries, green is a symbol of moving forward, progress and happiness.

flag of Italy

5.Green color in food

Our sense of taste can be deceived by the sense of sight.  For this reason, the presence of attractive colors in the food makes the food look delicious.

Green is one of those colors that is present in any type of food to increase appetite and enjoy food.

As I said before, green is a symbol of peace and comfort and also show freshness, cleanliness and growth, reminding us of spring and the beginning again. Green creates harmony in the brain, body and soul.  

When food is green, we consider it healthy, so the brain increases its appetite by seeing this color.  Eating foods that are green makes a person eat a lot without feeling guilty.  

Therefore, green is also an appetizing color and this in turn can lead to overweight and obesity.

food in green plate

6.Green color in photography

Green is in the category of cool colors.  It is very easy to find cool colors in photography.  These colors are soothing in photography. 

Cool colors such as green are usually used in the background of the image, especially when there is a warm color next to it.

Among the cold colors, green is the warmest.  Due to its presence in nature, this color is easily accessible and reflects living life and brings peace.

It is interesting to know that the normal human eye has receptors for all colors, but the receptors for green in the human eye are twice as high as other colors.

Most of the world’s most common currencies and all of the plants are green, which is why this color conveys a sense of life and progress to humans.

One of the fascinating uses of green in photography is to show strange things.  This means that you can use this color to highlight things that you want to be unusual and unnatural.

For example, the radiation from a nuclear explosion is actually colorless, but they are usually green in photography.  Because this use of green color, makes the audience afraid of it and the creation of things that should not go or come into being!

the radiation from nuclear explosion

Although the main use of green is in color photography.  But this does not mean that it is not used in other genres of photography.

For example in monochrome photography, you can take beautiful and impressive photos by using different shades and tints and saturations of green.

Besides, in black and white photography, green filters are mainly to photograph plants, as this filter can separate green foliage from colorful flowers.  In landscape photography, this filter illuminates organic greens and gives a more natural look to the image.

a butterfly

7.Green color in fashion

If you are a person who cares about your clothes, then you should know how effective colors are in choosing the right clothes.

Green is the color of nature and nature is a symbol of peace, miracle and beauty for all people. The colors in the green spectrum are soothing and reassuring. 

For this reason, wearing green clothes has a very positive and good effect on the mood of those who see you. This color tells others that you are a creative, calm and trustworthy person.

a girl that wear green t shirt

Green is a good color that can be used in any situation. It gives a strong and stable aura to the person who wears it, but without any negative effects. Therefore, green and jade colors are usually in police uniforms to make people feel confident.

figure of soldiers

Also, using a variety of green colors is usually very suitable for light skin with a pink undertone.

a girl in green t shirt

The monochrome style of green also has a very stunning effect that can be very suitable for friendly parties.

girl with green dress

One of the most common ways to use green in style is to use a complement of green, i.e. red.  In fact, this type of style with its special contrast creates visibility and attracts the attention of the audience to you in any place.

girl with green pants

Of course, you should note that sometimes choosing complementary colors of green and red, due to their brightness, causes discomfort and ugliness for your eyes and your audience.  Indeed, to prevent this from happening, you can use soft shades of both colors. By mastering the color wheel, you can make the most of the green color in your style.

girl with green jacket

8.Green color in makeup

As you know, colors are widely used in makeup.  In the following, we see the effect of green on it:

Green dominates all human emotional thoughts.  It is a harmonious and balancing color that gives you a sense of calm and balance in relation to other people. If you use green for makeup, you will have a friendly look around you.

Green eye makeup

If you are wearing green, you can use light green eyeshadow and draw around your eyes with a bold green eyeliner. Because green and red are complementary. You can use red lipstick, which is very attractive.

green eye

If you have green eyes, first make up your skin.  Then choose a color for the shadow that is close to the color of your eyes. 

Apply a lot of mascara on your eyelashes and if your eyelashes are short, use false eyelashes. Moreover, the black color of the eyelashes makes the color of the eyes look more beautiful and the eyes are more attractive.

green eye shadow

White and silver do not look interesting to green eyes. Suitable colors for green eyes are: dark green, brown and beige.

Green lipsticks

Green lipsticks are suitable for light skin. People usually use this color for lipstick, for portrait photography or clothing models in fashion shows.

green lipstick

Green nail polish

If you use green nail polish, know that the character of green nail polish is dynamic.  This nail polish color has a lot of power and uses this nail polish color when you want to ignore the thoughts of others about you and instead absorb the energies of nature towards you.

green nail polish

Green hair

One of the most attractive fantasy hair colors is green hair color. This hair color can create a very beautiful combination with black and blue colors.

boy with green hair

Green hair color has a wide range, from light green to dark green.  This color is much more suitable for light skin with a warm color tone.

girl with green hair

9.Green color in cinema

Chroma key is a technique in filming and sometimes in photography to replace part of an image with a new image. In fact, videographers usually use this technique to replace the background with different images in their video contents.

They use green color in this technique.  This means that the part of the image that is to be replaced with another image is made possible by a green cloth or wall.

If the background is a solid color, it is much easier to separate the subject from it.  Green is less common in clothing and is even rarely seen in skin color.  This means that choosing green to remove from the background will not affect other parts of the image.  And that’s why this chromakey method is to create superhero movies, or animations, and sometimes even weather news.

The use of green alone in the movies, instills a sense of safety and power in the audience. But sometimes some filmmakers use green to create a sense of insecurity in the viewer.

chroma key

In the movie, Across The Universe, the main color is green tonnage.  In this film, with the musical genre, green and other cool colors create a sense of happiness.

color palette of movie1

We can see the same thing in the movie, The Dark Knight.  In this film, green color and elements of this color show insecurity, depression.

color palette of movie2

10.Green color in marketing

As you know, colors have a great impact on brand creation. Each brand comes with a color.  This color becomes the symbol of that brand.  Let’s look at the impact of green on brands and marketing.

One of the standard colors of web page writing language (HTML) is green. Green in this case is the best color for stability, peace and relaxation, money and altruism of the audience.  This is why webmasters often use green for download links, highlights, and humanitarian issues.

In marketing, green is often used as a soothing color and is sometimes used for environmental brands, but this is not necessarily the case and is sometimes used for financial space brands.

Johal Cole has done some interesting research on color assignment in marketing, and the study found that men are more likely than women to buy green accessories and clothing.

In branding, green is a symbol of peace, growth and health. And for brands, it shows their maturity and professionalism.

Android: This logo no longer needs to be introduced!  The logo of the mobile operating system, which has many users, is also in the form of a green robot.  To instill a sense of security.

android logo

Subway: This brand is part of a chain of restaurants that serve salads and sandwiches to the people.  Because this brand emphasizes the health of its food, it has used green color in its logo.

subway logo

Acer: The electronics company, which makes laptops and desktops, uses a green logo

acer logo

John deere: This brand is active in the field of agricultural machinery production.  In addition to heavy industries, the company has extensive activities in the field of providing financial services, banking and investment in various industries at the international level.

john deere logo

Land Rover: The brand specializes in car manufacturing.  Land Rover is a British car company.

land rover logo

Starbucks (Starbucks): This brand belongs to an American coffee company. Starbucks serves hot and cold drinks such as coffee, espresso, latte, tea, fresh juice, pastries and snacks.

starbucks logo

Spotify: The logo of this brand, which is related to software for listening to online music, is also green.

spotify logo

So, these brands, by choosing the right color of green in accordance with the activities they do, have made their profession prosperous and bold.

11.Green color in interior and exterior design

Interior design:

The use of green color in home decoration, in addition to helping the beauty of your interior design, creates a special and calm atmosphere.

Green color in living room

The living room is the first place that people see after entering the house.  For this reason, the design of this part of the house is very important.  Today, the promotion of apartment life has caused most people to distance themselves from nature.  

green furniture

One of the best ways to handle this is to use a houseplant to enhance the green of your living room.  Or you can make the wall of a part of the living room green and even use green items such as curtains, carpets and green furniture.

green plants

Green color in kitchen

The use of green color for the kitchen creates a lively and active atmosphere.  The easiest way to do this is to use green cabinets, use green appliances in the kitchen, such as a green table and chair and of course, use green houseplants.

green cabinets

Green color in bedroom

For interior design of the bedroom, if you suffer from nervousness or stress or spend most of your time in the bedroom, it is better to use green color for the walls.  Because it gives a beautiful effect to your bedroom.  Using dark green color for the walls solves the problem of lack of space in your room. Also, considering that green is not gender specific and plays a role in creativity and reducing stress and children’s study, the best color you can consider for your child’s room is green.

green bed

Combine green color with other colors

Green is set in countless colors in interior design.  These colors include blue, red, white and yellow.

Due to the calming effect that the combination of blue and green colors in interior design has on human behavior, it can evoke a calm and pleasant atmosphere in the mind.

green and blue living room

Due to the complementarity and contrast between green and red, its use in interior design, in addition to doubling the beauty of the room, will make your favorite objects more visible.

green and red  living room

Because white is among the neutral colors, it combines well with all colors, including green. Therefore, if you do not intend to use special colors for the walls, you can use the color of white walls with furniture or green decorations, a beautiful effect.  Give it to your home.

green and white  living room

The combination of green and yellow is very popular in recent years, and because in the past, yellow is a symbol of hatred, but today yellow enhances a sense of confidence, creativity, optimism and intimacy.  So, it is hearty and its combination with yellow color makes these feelings more visible.

green and yellow  living room

Exterior design:

In some countries, people use green plants to design the exterior of their homes.  This will bring both comfort and beauty to the exterior of their home.  The use of green for the roof is also common, but it is a matter of taste!

green exterior

12.Green color in art

By using green in their drawings, children actually show a desire to be loved and noticed.  It is especially seen in the paintings of children who have separation anxiety or are highly dependent.

The color green in painting means hope and life again. As has been said many times before, it is a symbol of nature. Green is a sign of resurrection and spiritual ascension to the higher world. So they use green to draw something that is highly respected. Green is usually seen in paintings of Christ. In addition, painters use this color to show the power of nature and life again.

green color for paint

As I mentioned before, in the past, different colors were to indicate social class. So, the use of green was common for bankers, the rich and the merchants. Maybe that’s why the green color of Mona Lisa, in Da Vinci’s famous painting.


In the early Renaissance, some painters first covered their faces in green and then painted them pink to show a realistic face.

the paint

13.Green color in the industry

In fact, in most countries of the world, green color is used for packaging health products and it has been confirmed that the use of color in packaging attracts buyers.

Also, in industry, green is to indicate safety, the location of first aid kits and safety equipment.

In addition, in the automotive industry, green is one of the most special and luxurious colors.  Expect to pay more for an orange or purple car, but green is just like these two special colors.  But sometimes it does not communicate easily with cars and audiences.  Especially when you use bold green in forest areas for your car instead of light green.

green color

14.Green color in idioms and quotes


1.A novice and inexperienced person is Greenhorn.

2. Green-eyed monster refers to jealousy.

3. Greenmail A term used in finance and corporate ownership.

4. A room in a theater where actors rest when they are not on stage, or a room in a TV studio where guests wait in front of the camera, is green room.

5. Environmental activists sometimes use the term greenwashing to describe corporate advertising promoted by positive environmental measures to cover up environmental degradation.

6. The term “green around the gills” is used to describe a person who is physically ill.

7. The term “going green”  is commonly used to preserve the natural environment and to participate in activities such as material recycling.

8.  The term “Looking green” is a description of a person who looks revolted or repulsed.


  •  “When you’re green, you’re growing. When you’re ripe, you rot.” -Ray Kroc
  • “Nature in her green, tranquil woods heals and soothes all afflictions.” -John Muir
  • “Green is a process, not a status. We need to think of ‘green’ as a verb, not an adjective.”  -Daniel Goleman
  • “Learn of the green world what can be thy place in scaled invention or true artistry.” -Ezra Pound

15.Extra points

1. Because in the past billiards were played on the grass, today the billiard table is also green.

2. Also, in judo, different ranks are determined by the color of the belt.  One of these colors is green.

3. In games like football, a green card is used to vote in favor.

4. Green was George Washington’s favorite.

5. Tourmaline, diopside, emerald, green agate, tesaphorite, chrysoberyl, bloodstone, green jade and emerald are green stones in nature.

6. Avocado, green apple, green grape, pear, sour lemon, kiwi and cantaloupe are some of the fruits that are in nature in green.

7. Besides, artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Chinese cabbage, green beans;  Peas or green peas, cucumbers, spinach, celery, lettuce, onions, green bell peppers and squash are green vegetables in nature.

8. Above all, green flowers, roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, orchids, lilies, gladiolus, carnations, hydrangeas, wild hornbeams, dahlias, coriander and tusk or pigeon flowers are some of the green flowers.

green veg

16.Green color palette 

Because green is in the color wheel.  All color relationships in the color cycle also include green.  So you can match the green with different colors.

color palette inspiration 1
color palette inspiration 2
color palette inspiration 3
color palette inspiration 4
color palette inspiration5
color palette inspiration6
color palette inspiration7
color palette inspiration8
color palette inspiration9
color palette inspiration10


Finally, I did my best to bring you green content together.  I hope that with the full knowledge that you have found of this color, you will have a proper use of it in your brand and industry or your clothing and makeup model.

Do you have any other information about green?  How much do you use this color in your surroundings?  

Share your experiences with me in the comments below!

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