Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About 55 Types Of Photography!

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I’m sure seeing 55 types of photography is an exaggeration, right? Surely you thought there was only one type of photography? I have to say no, there are more than 55 different types of photography, each with a different subject and different techniques. Some of them need color and some are colorless.

For most of us, photography has become our second nature. We take pictures of things we want to remember. And that can include everything from exciting news to even the breakfast we eat! The world of photography is incredibly precise and delicate.

Although there are many types of photography, photographers usually focus on one or two specific types of photography and focus their technique and skills on them. I will explain what these 55 types of photography are? How are they taken? And finally, what effect do colors have on them? Maybe it will help you find your favorite type of photography or discover your old favorite type.

1.Abstract photography

Abstract photography, also known as conceptual or experimental photography.  Photographers in this type, using color, texture, shape, pattern, form and color and shadow, intend to affect the feeling, impression and sensation of the audience. 

Without providing an image of the object or scene they photographed. The subjects in this type of photo do not look immediately familiar to the viewer. In this photography, simplicity must be maintained to avoid distractions.

Camera angle and composition are other important points, play with light to find the desired result.

You can also do this photography in black and white. And you can also do this in color. Of course, be aware that in color photography of this genre, you should pay attention to the harmony and juxtaposition of colors in the image.

black and white abstract image
black and yellow abstract image

2.Adventure photography

In these photographic types, you take pictures of adventures.  Therefore, this type of photography is usually done outdoors and for adventurous travelers who are in challenging and sometimes dangerous situations.  

In this photography, you have to make the audience jealous of you, and follow you. This photography is mostly taken in color, but it is also possible in black and white.

If you take photos in color, you should pay attention to the complementarity of the colors in the scene. Framing is also important.

If you can be careful in choosing the color of your clothes that match the environment, the photos will be very attractive. The predominant colors in this type are green, blue and brown and their complementary colors.

a man in front of a waterfall in the mountains
two men riding motorcycles on the road

3.Archtectural photography

This is the first genre of photography. This type is a photo of the exterior and interior of buildings that gives an accurate view of their architecture and construction.

Interior photos can complement exterior photos to show a particular architectural style. But they can also be photographed independently.

Using daylight or ambient light at night is very important for this photography. Landscape control is also important due to the large size of the buildings.

I said that light is an important factor because it changes color. The darker the color, the harder the photography and the lower the quality. 

The colors of the facades of buildings are usually shown during the day with the light blue sky and at night using ambient light.

This type is available in both black and white and color. In black and white photography, we mean only shadows and lights to create contrast in the image.

photograph of the exterior architecture of the building
black and white photograph of the interior architecture of the building

4.Astro photography

Photos of planets, stars, meteors, lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, and other celestial phenomena include this type. This photography is very useful for astronomical research.

This photography requires equipment such as telescopes, tripods, fixed wide-angle photography lenses, imaging sensors and post-photography processing tools, etc.

What is clear is that color is very important in this photography, and color is in its natural state.  Because the beauties in the subjects must be in their own color.

Sometimes photographers use post-photography processing to enhance existing colors.

purple galaxy in the sky
galaxy in the mountains

5.Business photography

This photography aims to support the growth and development of business. These photographs focus on the world of work. It records the business owners, their teams and their services.

These images allow businesses to tell their stories and introduce their offerings. These photos are for websites, brochures and any kind of business advertising.

This photography is in color because it is for advertising purposes and not to understand a particular concept. What is important is a sharp eye to capture the scenes.

the team group that is working
a man working with his laptop

6.Industrial photography

In this style, the photographer must photograph the product and services of a business or person without magnifying or changing the subject matter.

This photograph is usually colored, Because it tries to show the facts. There is no need for a special color combination, you just have to be careful in choosing the right composition.

a man welding
a man showing an industrial piece

7.Candid photography

In this type, photographers tend to photograph the subject and the people on the move, spontaneously or in surprise.

Their goal is for the subjects to be in a more natural state without taking any particular gesture.  And of course in this type, the subjects are aware of photography.

Secret photography

It is a subset of the photography candidate.  And it is for times when the subjects are completely unaware of their photography, like paparazzi photographers.

In these photographs, because the focus is on the naturalness of the subject’s posture and behavior, it is not correct to use the camera flash, or to give any disturbing factor that draws the subject’s attention and turns a natural position into a controlled one.

This photography is in two ways, color and black-white.

african woman washing tomatoes in the market
a girl in a white hat outside the window

8.Wildlifd photography

Taking pictures of any wild animals falls into this category of photography.

Photographers in this field should look for safe places to shoot and have special equipment such as tripods and telephoto lenses and patience.  Because it may take days for them to photograph the subject.

This photography it’s colored and the technique of using the dominant color and filling the frame with a specific color is used.

photography of a tiger
photography of an owl

9.Pet photography

In this type of photography, we consider that as a subset of family photography. Photographing 2-legged and 4-legged pets such as cats, dogs, birds, and even fish are pet photography.

In these photographs, the subject is moving and the need for accessories such as adjusted camera or prime lenses, wide aperture.

There is very little of this photography in black and white and it is more in the form of color. And the main subject is Pet. 

Sometimes paying attention to the color of the pet and the environment around it plays an important role in beautifying the photo.

a parrot sitting on a hand
black and white photo of a dog

10.Wedding photography

This photography can include wedding photos, engagement, wedding anniversary and even honeymoon. This photography is different from each culture and tradition and taken in a different way.

The photographers usually take this photo in color to show the beauties and realities, but it turns black and white.  The color of the clothes in each culture is different.

indian bride and groom
black and white photo of a bride

11.Commercial photography

Many people confuse this style with industrial photography, but in this photography, the photographer takes a picture of a product with magnification and tries to show that product better, because in addition to raising awareness, it also strives to attract customers.

This photography has many uses in marketing.  And photographers need to have a mind full of new ideas.

This photography is only in color because it shows the facts. It’s very important to pay attention to the background colors of the subjects, the arrangement of the available equipment and the complementarity of their colors with the background, and there should be enough light.

commercial photography of a pair of shoes next to two stones and a stick on an orange background
commercial photography of a perfume on a mirror

12.Holiday photography

We use this photography to capture memories of the holidays. This holiday can be New Year holidays, etc. Includes a collection of portrait, night, landscape, and food photography.

The photographers take this, in color because it’s for recording personal memories. It’s essential to use a simple frame that does not contain too many colors that don’t distract.

a camera, glasses, straw hat and orange juice on the table
part of the Christmas tree and its accessories

13.War photography

War images taken from war zones to raise public awareness. This photography is very dangerous.

This photography is in black and white, and if it is a color, it uses a ton of dark colors such as black and gray.

three soldiers and their backpacks
two soldiers are shooting on the battlefield

14.Composite photography

In this photography, several images combine to create a composite image.  Therefore, this photography requires processing and editing several images.

This type of image is an artistic image. And they are incredibly creative and impressive. Due to editing, the production of these images takes time.

This type can be black and white and show the concept away from reality, and can also be created from the integration of color visuals, usually using a dominant color to quickly find the subject. Combining colored parts in black and white photos or vice versa in this genre.

combined image of a street in a pair of glasses
a combination of different shapes of the moon

15.Event photography

Photography of a party atmosphere and their activities during the party, corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, holidays, funerals, concerts and conferences, all include this type of photography.

We can take these photos in color. The colors play a major role in guiding the eye of the audience to the subject. It photographs with warm tones, which passes the positive sense in the images. If that event is not a burial.

people who participate in open-air clubs
people who participated in making an interview

16.Documentary photography

 In this photography, images are from the real daily life of people or historical events. This photography is often with photojournalism, but in this photography, we describe an event and subject by images for a long time, but in photojournalism, because it deals with breaking news, it describes a subject for a shorter period of time.

This genre can be black and white to raise the transmission of emotions and when there are little colors on the scene and the subject is close to us. But in cases where there are many colors on the scene and the subject is far away from us, colored.

photograph of a fight show in the past
image of a battle show in the past
a girl thinking
a girl arranging her hair with her phone camera


Photographers in this genre use images to tell a story. In this type, they have to express the visual news in journalistic terms. And it must be completely honest and impartial. These photos are for news media or magazines.

This genre, as a news genre, usually photographers use colors with cooler tonnage in color photography, which will pass the senses of the sadness in the image.

three children ready to play football

Social documentary photography

It’s a form of photojournalism and a subset of documentary photography in which photographers photograph social or environmental conditions, like photographing the lives of poor communities.

two children sitting outside the house, smiling at the camera

18.Drone photography

This also is aerial photographs.  Images taken from the heights of the sky. This photography requires access to helicopters or airplanes and aerial cameras. We use this type of photography in surveying, environmental studies, archeology and film production, etc.

In this type, photographers usually use a form of symmetry. Color symmetry is important. So they try, the colors around the subject are similar. And different with the color of the subject. As a result, by creating color contrast, the subject recognition becomes easier.

drone photography of a road and the surrounding snow forest
drone photography of a sea, beach and the forest

19.Double-exposure photography

In this photography, they create a photo using double exposure and merging two images. To create it, you need a basic image that creates two different images with two different types of exposure and then creates the final image by processing them.

Because in this kind, we have integrating photos with different color light, so it also color. Sometimes it is black and white to show an abstract image.

double exposure photography of a girl in a silver dress
an integrated image of a girl with a tree

20.Fashion photography

This photography dates back to the mid-1800s. So it is one of the oldest types of photography. This type is for photography of models’ clothes. And it is for advertising purposes.

This photography requires equipment and especially enough light. Hairstyles and face also play an important role in highlighting those clothes.

This genre deals with colors, choosing the color of the clothes that coordinate with the environment, choosing conflicting colors, choosing complementary colors, color fitness between clothes and models, all of this photography.

fashion photography of a girl in nature in a floral dress
fashion photography of a girl on the street in a rainbow dress and red pants

21.Family photography

We take these types of pictures, with personal value for families. It includes relationships between parents, children and even large families, family visits or family occasions. This photography should be as natural as candid photography.

This genre is color photography. And in it, we use the colors with warmer tonnage for positive sensory transfer.

photograph of a family of four
a pictures of grandparents with their grandchildren

 22.Indoor photography

Photographs taken indoors are indoor photography. In this type, due to the limited ambient light, special equipment such as reflectors or even flash must be used. And that makes this kind of photography challenging.

In this type, the colors are to show the sensory we want. Occasionally used bright and complementary colors.

indoor photography of a girl drinking coffee
indoor photography of interior of a home

23.Fine art photography

These types of photos taken by an artist who intends to use photography as a tool to express and convey ideas, concepts and feelings to the audience in the image.

This type, due to specific concepts, is the majority of black and white. If it’s in color, it usually mixes with cold colors.

photograph of a boat alone on the water
photograph of a boy holding a mirror

24.Time-lapse photography

In this photography, a series of frames of a specific scene or a specific subject record to show change or fluctuation. After putting them in a row, it can be like a short film that shows how the subject changes over time, like the movement of the sun and the moon and the growth of plants and the movement of people.

Depending on the opinion of the photographer, it can bring this genre into black and white and can make it color. Colors in any environment are specific to the same environment.

time lapse photography of people who are in the street
time lapse photography of a boy sitting on his bicycle on the street

25.Long exposure photography

Also known as time exposure or slow-shutter photography. In this photography, high shutter speeds are important to capture still aspects of a scene or moving subject. Like photographing moving water. Light painting is another way to use this photography.

This genre is not very black and white, and its colors depend on the light of the bulbs that existed at night, but most of them are hot colors.

long exposure photography of an amusement park
long exposure photography of cars on a road

26.Infrared photography

To capture these images, you need film sensors or infrared sensitive images. These images require processing and are usually dreamy and unrealistic quality images.

They are with a false color or in black and white. It is a kind of color photography, in which the colors are abstract. These colors can be any color. All colors of the scene are complementary.

infrared photography of a farm
infrared photography of a forest

27.Still-life photography

This photography is one of the prominent genres in photography. It has many fans. It photographs inanimate objects and their arrangement for personal or commercial purposes.

The photographer must use his ingenuity and creativity in capturing these images, which they sometimes mix with art. Lighting and framing are also important in this photography. Something that is very important; Taking pictures of different angles and harmony colors in this genre.

a vase full of flowers with oranges and scissors on the table
pots of flowers next to fruits

28.Underwater photography

This photography is done while diving underwater. Which provides images of marine life and awareness of the underwater environment.

Mastering this style is challenging due to having the necessary equipment such as waterproof cameras, the presence of water waves and bubbles, the dangers underwater and so on.

Black and white photography in this genre does not have a concept, and the dominant color in its color photography is blue and green. 

underwater photography of the fish table
underwater photography of a turtle

29.Seascape photography

Includes photography of oceans and seas.  Sometimes taken photos of geological structures such as islands or people in the water and ships and boats. This photography is a subset of landscape photography. Coastal photography has a special place in this type of photography.

Gold time and blue time are ideal times for this type of photography. And having equipment like a tripod is important.

This genre can be black and white in terms of taste, but its genre is colored and its color varies with sunrise and sunset, but the dominant color is blue and orange.

water wave
boat by the beach at sunset

30.Macro photography

We call this photography macrography.  It photographs very small subjects, such as insects and plants, or close-ups of other subjects. In this type of photography, we must use special macro lenses.

There is no place in this black and white genre. Instead, there is color photography and photos are usually a dominant and hot color and a cold isolated background.

macro photography of an insect
macro photography of dew on the leaves

31.Minimalist photography

In this photography, they create an image using the simplest and most limited elements available. We consider colors, patterns, shapes, lines and textures in this photography.

In black and white minimal photography, something that is important is the difference between the points of dark and bright, and in color minimal photography, color relationships, especially the opposite colors to highlight the subject and the environment around is important.

photograph of a boat and two man
a cactus on the white background

32.Portrait photography

A portrait contains an image of one or more people. In this type, it tries to convey the character of the desired subject, using gesture, light and background.

There are two types of portrait photography, black and white and color.  Light plays a very important role in that. Also, the background color should match the color of the model’s clothes and make-up.

portrait of a girl with a rainbow on her face
portrait of a girl

33.Social media photography

We use this type of photography for social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. These images are either for personal purposes and to tell a story about a person. Or for commercial purposes and to introduce a product and attract customers.

Flat lay photography is a kind of famous photography for this genre. In this genre, mastering the color wheel can be a big help. Especially in flat lay photography, which should be colors close and complement.

image of books, watch and bouquet
image of a desk

34.Newborn photography

This photography is for baby photography. Of course, it can also be done with parents, but it is mostly done by babies alone who are in a beautiful environment. Many babies are photographed at bedtime because it is easier to photograph them.

In this genre, usually used for girls from pink colors and for boys. In black and white photographed.

photograph of a newborn baby and his father
photograph of the hand of newborn baby

35.Golden hour photography

This type of photography is very desirable for photographers. The golden hour is the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset when the sun is at its lowest point.

This watch gives the images a warmer tone, with less contrast. And it is more suitable for color photography. That is why it is the magic hour. Suitable for landscape photography.

picture of a mountain slope

 Blue hour photography

This photography is in contrast to the photography of the golden hour, and to the hour before sunrise and after sunrise when the sunlight is indirect.

This watch gives a cool tone to the images.  Suitable for urban landscape photography.

types pictures of a wooden pier

36.Lifestyle photography

In this genre, people’s real and daily lives are as a documentary form.  Or taken to show a person’s lifestyle. These photos are in social network photography. In this genre, the colors are important and the photographer takes photos of his taste.

a girl is preparing food in the kitchen
a boy working with his laptop in a cafe

37.Night photography

All photos taken at night fall into this genre. Due to low light at night, equipment such as tripods, camera lenses, etc. are required.

Night photography is only attractive by different colored lights or moonlight. Black and white photography in this genre is not taken much.

picture of skyscrapers at night

38.Nature photography

This genre includes any nature photography.  Sea and ocean photography, landscape photography, wildlife photography and even cloud photography.

Cloud photography is usually in black and white. This genre is more colorful and the dominant color is mostly from cold colors like green and blue.

photo of plants
types of photography of foggy jungle

39.Landscape photography

It’s called photography in open spaces and natural landscapes. Some prefer this photography to man-made landscapes such as farms and gardens, while others focus on landscapes that are devoid of human activity. It’s important to use tripods and lenses with high depth of field.

This genre is often in color, including the beauty in nature, and includes any color to attract attention.

snow mountains
a road

40.Food photography

In this genre, food is the main theme. They are photographed for commercial purposes. Contains fresh ingredients and even parts of the kitchen. They are used for blogging and printing in the menu of restaurants and cookbooks and magazines.

This type of color photography is important, the color of the food is important with a mess. The mess with the background color should be complementary or close. The color and shape of the utensils used are also important.

food in an earthenware dish
photo of a food

41.Travel photography

Photographs taken during a trip are intended to capture the culture and life of the people of a country and their feelings, or to show the historical and symbolic areas and tourism of a region.

They are usually in black and white photography. The photos of this genre are mostly colored, and in it, a warm color is used in a colder field, which can be detected quickly.

a girl and a boy talking by a waterfall

42.Street photography

It’s called capturing images in a public place such as a street. Usually these photos are simple and without any prior planning. For this type of photography, there is a consent form for photographing people in public.

This kind is usually colored, and it is used in a crowded and colored background for a single subject.

street photography types of a man in the street
photograph of a three bicycle

43.Sport photography

It is called photography of any kind of sports activity. These photos are usually published in sports magazines and newspapers.  Or taken for advertising purposes. Depth of field can vary depending on the type of sport, but due to the high speed of the sport, the shutter speed must be high.  And be sure to use a tripod.

This genre can be black and white. Finding a color that is contrasted with the whole environment can make our photo more beautiful.

a boy riding a bicycle in the mountains
black and white photography types of a boy and his bicycle

44.Real estate photography

Photos taken for commercial and advertising purposes from home and real estate for sale. Includes indoor and outdoor photography.  Because these photos are for sale real estate, it is important to create a warm tone for the space.

a view of the exterior of a villa
a view of the interior of a home

45.Cityscape photography

Photographs taken of cityscapes during the day and night. High-angle lenses are required. And a tripod, which is also an integral part of photography. In this type, there are highly used cool tones.

tall urban buildings
a street full of cars

46.Urban exploration photography

The genre focuses on photographing urban explorations of places that have long been deserted and forgotten. In this type, it should also be of cold colors to show empty from its habitation.

a boy in a half-finished building

47.Theater photography

This photography is to record beautiful movements on the theater stage. Taking these photos is not easy.   And to get them at high shutter speeds, you need to catch the movement of the actors on stage in time.

In this case, we do not have any punishment on colors, but we can create a beautiful photo with the right frame. Black and white photography can also be helped.

photograph of a theater scene
show ballet on the theater stage

48.Fairy tale photography

Stories and legends have been around for hundreds of years, and today’s photographers are trying to recreate and photograph them. Some photographers exaggerate more in capturing these legends. For these photos, special clothes and decorations are used. In this genre, the colored photos are taken, colors should have harmonic environments or complement.

a girl with her horse
a fairy tale photography  types of a girl

49.Weather photography

In this photography, they usually focus on severe weather conditions. Like tornadoes, sandstorms, hail, lightning and severe storms. This photography is dangerous, but if it succeeds, it has a good income.

This type of photography that is color has cold colored colors such as purple and blue and sometimes orange.

photography of stormy sea air
photography of stormy city air

50.Cubism photography

This photography is one of the turning points of the West and one of the most influential styles. There is a lot of creativity and abstraction in these photos. In these photos, usually at first glance, the image is tangled, which with a little attention you can see the purpose of the photographer.

In this photography, the color of the environment is almost similar in color or colors near each other, and the color of the subject is different, and it makes it easier to detect it.

cubism photography types of a paint
cubism photography types of a building

51.Beauty photography

This genre focuses on the real beauty of the subjects. And usually for photography, special make-up of models is used. In it composition and light are essential. In this type, the color of the make-up has any fits to the color of its own skin and by putting a dark background behind them, the subject is highlighted.

photography of a make up girl

52.Body scape photography

This photography is the art of taking pictures of naked human subjects in a way that is mesmerizing, not erotic!

These types of photography are in black and white.

photograph of a naked girl

53.Firework photography

This photography, as its name suggests, is a fireworks display, especially at night. This photography is relatively easy. Because of the red and orange and warm fire, these photos are accompanied by a sense of passion.

photograph of fireworks

54.Forced perspective photography

In this photography, we use optical illusion to show the subject bigger and smaller or closer and farther from reality. This genre creates entertaining images that attract the viewer.

In this photography, one subject is considered and the other items blur the image. Of course, the color of the subjects also helps to quickly diagnose them. Because they should be conflicting.

a boy standing in front of a tall building
a picture of people in the back alley

 55.Tilt shift photography

This is a new types of photography, also known as fake miniature photography. This photography involves taking fake examples of real-world scenes, or turning the real world into a miniature.

In this color photography, crystalline and angle affects the creation of such photos. Here are the subjects again by their color.

aerial photography types of houses in an area
construction workers working


See? There are many types of photography. 

Each of you who photographed has at least one to three of these photographs!

My experience is that you don’t need all these photographic genres

Just at least once, try any of these types, then try more and enhance your skills. 

Of course, in this choice of genre should be careful, in addition to interest, does your chosen genre need to be with the equipment? How is the income? And what are you looking for, colored or black?

If you have made your choice, now is the time to start! Are you ready?

Share your experience with me!

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