Let’s find your aura color and its meanings!

aura colors

Have you heard about the aura colors that surround every human being? I want to share a little secret with you. If you find out about the bad mood and discomfort of those around you before they say anything to you, and so on, you are not a fortune teller, you are just an aura reader!

Auras are energetic colored rays that exist around living beings and show their general feelings and emotions. As such, some colors are associated with spiritual meanings. In this article, we will learn more about aura colors and their spiritual meanings.

Do you want to know more about the colored aura around you and its spiritual meaning? So, let’s dive to the bottom!

What is Aura?

Aura is derived from the Greek word meaning air that moves slowly, scent, halo and light. In fact, the aura is an electromagnetic energy field that exists around all living beings. The color of the aura may change to a different color with the vibration of the frequencies of that aura. In another definition, it can be said that different emotions and thoughts create different vibrations in the frequencies of the aura field.

This is the reason why each person has a different aura color combination. It takes a lot of training to see other people’s aura colors. But as I said before, most people can easily feel the aura of others, which is called aura reader, and the feeling that aura reading people get from others is called vibe.

an image of several flowers on a mirror with the word Aura written on them

What are the 7 layers of the aura?

  1. The Etheric Layer
  2. The Emotional Layer
  3. The Mental Layer
  4. The Astral Layer
  5. The Etheric Layer
  6. The Celestial Layer
  7. The Spiritual Layer

which means that:

The first layer of the aura: The Etheric Layer

This layer is the easiest layer to see with the naked eye and the densest layer of energy that is close to the surface of the physical body and easily absorbs the energy of the surrounding environment. In addition, this layer is connected with the root chakra and its frequency shows the level of happiness and physical condition of your body.

The second layer of the aura: The Emotional Layer

The second layer is more fluid than the first layer and is created based on the inner feelings and emotions of each person, so the color of this layer can change according to the person’s mood. Pain, sadness and failed feelings appear as dark or cloud-like spots in this layer. Also, this layer is associated with the sacral chakra.

The third layer of the aura: The Mental Layer

The third layer is created based on the mental processes and thoughts of each person, so the color of this layer can be brighter when you are focused on a mental task or when you are dealing with your mental conflict. Also, this layer is associated with the solar plexus chakra.

The fourth layer of the aura: The Astral Layer

The fourth layer is created based on the communication and expression of each person with others, so the color of this layer changes according to the love and affection you give or receive to others. Because this layer is the middle layer, it connects the soul to the body by creating physical and spiritual bridges. Also, this layer is connected to the heart chakra and healing energy is possible for us through this layer.

The fifth layer of the aura: The Etheric Layer

The fifth layer is related to everything that exists in the physical world. In fact, anything related to the physical body. For this reason, through this layer, you can connect to the energy of others who are on the same wavelength as you. Also, this layer is related to the throat chakra.

The sixth layer of the aura: The Celestial Layer

The sixth layer is the spiritual layer of each person’s emotional body, which is connected to the third eye chakra.  This layer helps each person reach a higher level of ecstasy and spiritual enlightenment through divine love and also reflects manifestations to the individual through dreams and intuition.

The seventh layer of the aura: The Spiritual Layer

The last layer represents spiritual purpose, soul contract and life plans, which means that this layer directs each person’s life path based on universal and divine life patterns perceived by the soul. Compared to other layers, this layer is more abundant and is related to the crown chakra.

a graphic picture that shows the layers of aura

Do you think you can see something? Here is the meaning of the colors that can help!

What do the colors of the aura mean?

The best way you can read a person’s aura in the best way and increase your learning about it is to understand its colors and shades.

We can say that there are 19 colors of aura, seven of them correspond to the seven chakras of the human body. But you should note that some colors have shades that can be seen in the aura, thus the number of aura colors reaches more than 20. Let’s see!

Black aura color meaning

If the color of your aura is black, it does not mean that you have a bad aura or that you are not a good person! Black aura means that a person remembers bad events and feelings that happened to him/her or other people in the past or present, he/she has not forgiven it and still carries the pain with him/her. Sometimes a person who has a black aura has lost his way, endured severe emotional pain, is in the grief of a personal loss, and is tormented by guilt and regret. Besides, a person with a black aura may suffer from depression, loneliness, malice and anger.

The good news is that black auras do not last forever and by doing solutions such as giving up bad habits, meditating, praying, bringing joy back to life and changing the environment, you can change the color of the black aura. Because each aura color is related to one of the body’s chakras, the black aura color is also related to the first chakra, the root.

Black color spiritually can represent black energies, blockages, pain, fear, inner sadness, mistrust, weakness and anger. Also, this color can be a symbol of health, power, authority and unknown spiritual knowledge that is waiting for blossoming and opening. Mostly black is the color that is connected to the subconscious mind.

an image of a boy with half of his body covered in black

 White aura color meaning

Having a white aura equals having the rarest of all aura colors. Those with a white aura may have a tendency to absorb other people’s energy or a desire to protect their own energy. Indeed, the presence of white color in the aura has two meanings: first, the person gives more importance to the spiritual things that are done on the surface of the earth; Second, he/she does not care much about material needs. A white aura shows a person who is healthy, bold, strong, thoughtful, compassionate, honest, calm and balanced against the odds. Such a person has inner strength and character that makes him/her maintain purity throughout his life.

All this is not to say that a person with a white aura has a charming and peaceful life. This person may have internal challenges that are difficult for him/her to overcome, have a stricter attitude towards life and put himself in troublesome situations. People with a white aura are always ready to help others and do so with care and compassion. The effects of events and life experiences may have changed the color of this aura and become a color that dominates the person’s personality. The crown chakra, which connects everyone to the energy of the universe, is associated with this color.

Spiritually, white means purity, peace, innocence, freshness, truth, comfortable nature, cleanliness, spirituality, simplicity, lightness, health, completion, illumination, spiritual enlightenment and knowledge.

an image of a girl with a white shirt and white lights around her

Brown aura color meaning

The presence of this color in a person’s aura can indicate a warning for him/her, a warning that says that person needs to clean his energy. Because the brown aura represents greed, selfishness, insecurity and narcissism. People with a brown aura do not accept the ideas of spirituality easily and prefer to accept the principles that they can see. They do not behave freely, they spend carefully, sometimes they make greedy and materialistic decisions.

It can also be said that it is easier for people with a brown aura to accept their own flaws and those of others, they have calm and balanced self-confidence, and people tend to keep their promises. The most important chakra for the brown aura is the root chakra. From a spiritual point of view, this color is the color of earth and soil, so it is related to fertility and is a healing color.

an image of brown lights

Gray aura color meaning

Seeing a gray aura has complex meanings. A gray aura is a sign of a doubtful point of view in a person who only sees the glass half empty or is sad and depressed. Opening the door to experience new opportunities for such a person is difficult and requires a lot of effort, but if done, it brings a profitable result. 

Those with a gray aura are looking for a solution to a problem or moving from the light side to the dark side and vice versa. Those who have this aura for a long time, their lives may be under pressure, they have not progressed according to their expectations and have stagnated; Therefore, they feel stuck in their place. In some cases, a person may move towards a bright direction and find a new path, so this aura becomes a symbol of peace.

Gray represents compromise, the ability to see events from other people’s point of view, and the willingness to change opinions.

an image of gray cloud

Crystal aura color meaning

If you have a crystal clear aura, then you have a crystal aura. Having this aura is also very rare and tells information about the owner. As he/she is an introvert, has a deep inner life, that is, he/she goes inside himself/herself for spiritual thinking and feels the feelings and emotions of others easily. Such a person has high emotional intelligence.

One of the signs that make you sure that you have such an aura is that you easily recognize if someone has lied to you or not. Also, if you don’t enjoy anything but love to be alone and have few trusted friends, you have a crystal aura.

Another name of this aura is chameleon aura. Because a person with this aura has a great ability to match the colors of the auras of those around him/her. In this way, he/she can easily coordinate with others and adapt to different environments. The greatest strength of having a crystal aura is the ability to deeply understand others. But because the nature of these people is often to be introverted, after a while their battery is empty and needs to be recharged. To recharge, they just need to spend time in solitude and self-centeredness.

an image of a crystal and its lights

Silver aura color meaning

Like the white aura, the silver aura is one of the rarest colors seen. So that it is thought that those who have this aura color are blessed with the clarity of spiritual thought. In other words, these people have a deep connection with power and wisdom. People with silver aura pay attention to details, are disciplined, have the ability to control their emotions and desire to help others.

Silver is a symbol of abundance, growth, self-confidence, spiritual awakening, cosmic power and the entry of spiritual and material wealth into one’s life. Silver is associated with the moon and female energy. The crown and root chakras are associated with the silver aura.

an image of a girl with silver lights around her

Golden aura color meaning

If your aura has golden rays, you should seize the opportunity and focus on your work because you will be much more creative at this time. A person with a golden aura has tremendous self-confidence, seeks deep levels of wisdom, has become a significant source of vitality, learns from past events and experiences, and maintains calm during exciting times.

Besides all these things, people with golden aura avoid having an ambitious and competitive personality. But they behave with humility and put all their focus on their goals. Gold is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It is a sign of good luck and is associated with the sun and masculine energy. The Golden Aura is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra as it focuses on purposeful action.

an image of golden lights

Magenta aura color meaning

Magenta is a combination of red and blue colors. So it can be said that the meaning of magenta aura is a combination of the meanings of red and blue auras. Red auras have a deep connection to the physical world and emotions. Blue auras are also related to natural gifts, intuition and thinking. This aura is also compatible with metaphysics.

A person with this aura is a creative thinker and has a high ability to work with the physical world in an artistic way. Besides, this person is very energetic, compassionate, empathetic and full of peace.

an image of magenta lights

Turquoise aura color meaning

The turquoise aura is a combination of blue and green, reminiscent of the sea and the sky. So it is a cooling and relaxing aura. People with this aura tend to take care of themselves and others, have a knack for finding the positives, and see everything as a learning experience. Also, the turquoise aura shows a sensitive person who is easily affected by adverse external and internal conditions. They also add the negative energy of other people’s problems to their own problems.

If you have a turquoise aura, then you are a lively person with a friendly demeanor. So, with the positive energy you carry, others can easily relate to you. In addition to all these things, you are an independent person and you try to handle your duties yourself. This aura is associated with the heart and throat chakra.

an image of turquoise lights

Teal aura color meaning

People whose aura color is teal are sympathetic, intuitive and sensitive (even to things beyond human senses). Such people become anxious and nervous about accepting new situations and changing. In fact, it can be said that these people avoid experiencing new things.

In addition, people with tail aura feel the energy of a place as soon as they enter it and understand the feelings of others more easily, to the extent that they may be able to sense some future issues related to themselves or those around them. Another advantage is that these people have a kind heart and a loving personality, and they can have and maintain balanced relationships.

In addition, The chakras associated with the teal aura are the heart and throat chakras. This color symbolizes peace, renewal and revitalization. It also indicates clarity of thought and open communication.

an image of teal lights

Pink aura color meaning

Having a pink aura indicates a kind person because he/she gives his/her heart freely to others without asking anything in return. For this reason, you must make sure that you give energy and importance to those who feel the same way about you.

Also, having a pink aura indicates a happy person who is in harmony with the people around him/her. This means that this person can be gentle towards the people around him/her and towards himself/herself. Therefore, the person with a pink aura is probably a very tender, thin-hearted, creative, caring and loving person.

So, pink color is a symbol of spiritual balance, tenderness, love, intimacy, sensitivity, friendship, emotions and sympathy. The pink aura is often associated with two chakras, which are the root and heart chakras.

an image of pink lights

Red aura color meaning

Indeed, having a red aura means having a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the person with the aura. These people only live based on their feelings and desires, they live in the moment. Also, they have no qualms about spending material wealth, love to pay attention to the simple pleasures of life, and feel strong feelings towards themselves and others.

Red symbolizes passion, strength, endurance, vitality, love and healthy libido. Red is also the color of blood, so it is associated with violence, war and anger. Besides, red is the color of the first chakra.

an image of red lights

Orange aura color meaning

Creative, thrill-seeking and adventurous are the main characteristics for a person with an orange aura. People with this aura can relax if they focus on one thing. Their minds are too active to the extent that they can turn their ideas into reality by strengthening them, so it can be said that they are inspirational. Also, they make friends very quickly.

Orange is a symbol of trust, courage, friendship, abundance, adventure, ambition, thinking and creativity. Sacral chakra is related to this aura.

an image of orange lights

Yellow aura color meaning

Being optimistic, having high energy and inner balance are the characteristics of people with a yellow aura. Moreover, they need a stress-free life. People with a yellow aura prefer to play games that amuse them or give them peace instead of serious work. Although they work hard, you have to take care of them because their thirst for using all their abilities to achieve their goals is insatiable and this makes them tired.

In addition, yellow symbolizes optimism, playful spirit, vitality, thirst for greatness, spiritual awakening, inspiration, passion, open mind, self-esteem and high intelligence. The name of the chakra associated with this aura is Solar Plexus.

a girl with yellow aura around her

Green aura color meaning

When the color of a person’s aura is green, it means two things: firstly, they are in love with someone, secondly, they have a kind heart. People who love nature and are hardworking and love themselves usually have a green aura. They strive to grow, love to help others, and see the glass as half full most of the time. But these people can also be competitive and jealous.

Green symbolizes gentleness, fertility, support, balance, well-being, acceptance, vitality, compassion and a soothing nature. The heart chakra is related to the green aura.

an image of green lights

Blue aura color meaning

Blue auras make their owners sensitive. These people are shy and when they talk you have to listen to them completely. Also, people with blue aura like meditation and protect those they love. The blue aura is associated with the expression of opinions and interest in beliefs. Mostly, they are loyal, dedicated and reliable and have a great work ethic.

So, blue symbolizes loyalty, trust, calmness, artistic abilities, moodiness, intelligence, honesty, empathy and expression. The throat chakra is related to this aura.

a girl with blue lights behind her

Indigo aura color meaning

A person with an aura of indigo color is a wise person but with an old soul. This person is looking for unknown truths and can understand the energy of others to the same extent. Sometimes they go into their secret world to protect their energy from others. These people can predict events and behaviors that have not yet occurred.

Indigo is a symbol of spiritual journey, search for truth, peace, certainty and more stability in life. The third eye chakra is related to the indigo aura.

an image of indigo aura

Purple aura color meaning

People with a purple aura have a strong desire to connect deeply with others. Other signs of these people are having emotional awareness, spiritual awareness and psychological feelings. These people have a kind of intuition that makes them able to read the thoughts and feelings of others. They care a lot about their privacy.

Purple symbolizes magic, imagination, fulfillment, intuition, nobility, luxury, leadership, visionary qualities and a high level of awareness of the world. The highest level among all the chakras is the purple color. Thus, the crown chakra is related to the purple aura.

an image of purple lights

Rainbow aura meaning

A person with a rainbow aura is a chameleon of personality. Because a person can change the color of his aura very quickly. The rainbow has always been associated with beauty, positivity, rain and light for us; People who have a rainbow aura can also evoke these concepts. He/she also has high self-confidence and a popular personality among all.

Someone with a rainbow aura floats in a pool of colors, and when they need to use a certain skill, the color associated with that personality trait becomes bold and prominent. For this reason, in certain situations, these people can act quickly and become a leader or therapist. The rainbow aura can be aligned with different chakras. It seems that people with rainbow aura can take help from their inner strength and in this way easily solve their problems and save themselves from misery.

a hand with rainbow aura on it

What is the meaning of the shade of aura colors?

We saw the main colors of aura and the meaning of their colors. But sometimes, in the aura of different people, shades of the main colors also appear, which have their own meaning. We will learn more in the following:

Red shades of aura

Deep red aura:

The presence of this color in a person’s aura indicates that person has a warrior spirit and can stand up in any situation. Also, they are realistic people.

Dull red aura:

This color represents a person who carries a lot of anger inside him and needs to release this energy and needs help for this.

an image of a sunset landscape with red shadows

Yellow shades of aura

Dark yellow aura:

Dark yellow in a person’s aura represents a person who once loved education but has now run away from it. Because he/she is under a lot of pressure and stress to get higher grades.

Bright yellow aura:

Bright yellow in the aura of a person who is very playful, has a happy spirit and is even having a spiritual awakening.

Lemon yellow aura:

Lemon yellow is present in the aura of those who have lost something important in life or are afraid of losing it in life. Loss of family, job, love, money etc.

an image of a sunset landscape with yellow shadows

Green shades of aura

Light green or emerald aura:

People who can be therapists, have a good ear to hear the words of others and are ready to help others in any situation can have this color in their aura.

Dull forest green aura:

The existence of this color in a person’s aura is not related to a good meaning and it indicates that a person does not accept his/her mistakes, is not responsible and has a lot of jealousy and malice.

a picture of nature with green shadows

Blue shades of aura

Royal blue aura:

Royal blue in the aura means a person who loves adventure, does not give up and does not get tired.

Light blue aura:

A person who is honest, communicates well with others, is at peace with the world around him/her and seeks positive energies around him/her.

a picture of mountains with blue shadows

Can the location of colors in the aura have a different meaning?

The answer to this question is a big, very big yes! The meaning of different patterns of colors in each person’s aura can be as follows:

I. If all colors or a group of colors are on the left side of the person, it shows the energies that the person brings into himself.

II. If all colors or a group of colors are on the right side of the person, it shows the energies that the person brings to the outside world.

III. If all colors or a group of colors are on the top of the head and close to the crown chakra, it indicates the emotional and mental intelligence of the person at the current moment.

IV. If all colors or a group of colors are in the lower part of the body and close to the sacral chakra, it represents your subconscious intelligence at the present moment and the emotions you are carrying.

a picture of a girl that doing yoga with colored aura around her

How to understand the color of your aura?

The best time to see the aura is when you are in a relaxed and natural state. This will take 15 minutes to half an hour. In the end, in addition to knowing the color/colors of your aura, you can also find out about the energies that need healing and cleansing.

Therefore, try the following methods; If you don’t get a result, you can do a test to predict the color of your aura. Want to try it? Touch here!

Aura camera

There are many ways to see the color of your aura. One of the most common is the aura camera, which can be used to photograph your aura. In addition, you can get help from an aura reader for this.

a picture of an aura camera

Mirror and white wall

Another way to see your aura is to stand or sit 3 or 6 feet away from a mirror. If you are facing a simple and bright background like a white wall. Look at yourself in the mirror, stare at one point on your body like the middle of your forehead for 30, 60 or more seconds. Of course, you can also focus on the point that borders the wall and your body, such as the point between the neck and shoulder.

Concentration is very important here, so much so that you have to resist the temptation to look around. After some time, you will first see a thin, white and clear band around your body. Keep your focus and don’t take your eyes off the desired point. Gradually, this narrow white band expands and turns into recognizable colors.

If in the meantime your mind begins to analyze what it has seen, the aura will disappear. But if you don’t allow your mind to think at this stage and stay focused, the color of the aura will be brighter. So that it covers half to one foot around your body.

a picture of a mirror and a hand on it

How to see the color of other people’s aura?

To see the color of other people’s aura, you need to be about 10 feet away from the person in question. Focus on the bridge of his nose. In addition, you must be able to have peripheral vision and see the objects around you without looking directly at them. After a while, look at the center of the other person’s forehead and gradually you can see the color of the aura around the person’s head.

Another method is to look at the target person or even their photo for 45 seconds using one open eye and one closed eye. This may seem easy, but it is not, and sometimes you need to repeat this process several times before you can see the aura around them.

a girl with her aura

Can the color of the aura change?

Your mood is constantly changing, so the color of your aura is constantly changing. When you are sad or sick, the color of your aura becomes weaker or more dark spots appear on your aura. The color of each person’s aura can change even in different moments. For example, if you are playing with a child or going out with your friends for a while, the color of your aura is different from when you are checking the monthly bills or discussing with a close person.

In fact, if you take care of yourself, the color of your aura can stay stable for a long time and not fade or darken. Some self-care practices include getting enough rest, drinking plenty of water, avoiding negativity, and cleaning your aura regularly.

some pictures of two person showing that the color of the aura changes

How to clear your aura?

Have you ever felt restless, anxious or tired? This is probably due to the energies that we receive from others most of the time, energies that are not for us and do not belong to us. In this situation, you need to clear the aura. As your skin needs cleansing!

You can use different methods to clean your aura:

  • Take a bath.
  • Take a Himalayan or Epsom salt shower.
  • Apply white sage to your body.
  • Apply the selenite crystal all over your body.
  • Meditate.
  • Say specific affirmations.
  • Focus on your feelings.
  • Perform cleansing by healers.

 After doing all or part of these things, you will change from a sick, heartbroken and unhappy person to a confident, healthy and happy person.

a picture of some crystals of yoga

Which aura colors are compatible with each other?

1. The red aura is compatible with the light green aura, and the result of this compatibility is that it makes people turn feelings into reality.

2. The orange aura is compatible with the dark blue aura, and the result of this compatibility is that it creates a positive feeling between people.

3. The yellow aura is compatible with the purple aura, and the result of this compatibility is that it makes people make artistic investments.

4. The green aura is compatible with the lilac aura, and the result of this compatibility is that it makes people more spiritually inclined to each other.

5. The blue aura is compatible with the pink aura, and the result of this compatibility is that it makes people achieve creative greatness.

6. The indigo aura is compatible with the turquoise aura and the result of this compatibility is that it makes people feel more social.

7. The violet aura is compatible with the red aura, and the result of this compatibility is that it helps people understand their mutual feelings on a spiritual level.

8. The white aura is compatible with any color and the result of this compatibility is that it can be aligned with different energies.

9. The black aura is compatible with the golden aura and the result of this compatibility is that it acts as a healing energy for people.

10. The gray aura is compatible with the magenta aura, and the result of this compatibility is that it can help people find their purpose.

11. The brown aura is compatible with the light green aura, and the result of this compatibility is that it is useful for opening people’s hearts.

a graphic picture of some peoples with their auras

What is the relation between aura and zodiac signs?

Each of the colors of the aura is connected to the signs of the zodiac according to their different characteristics. If you want to know yours, follow me:

Aries color

Are you born in Aries? So the color of your aura is red. This means that you have a lot of passion in your soul and heart. You are brave, passionate, forthright and practical.

Taurus color

For those born under Taurus, the color of the aura is assumed to be orange-red. In the sense that you are constantly striving to improve yourself, you are creative, enthusiastic and in tune with the environment.

Gemini color

Yellow color is suitable for those born in Gemini. You are easily remembered by others because you have an energetic, cheerful and bright demeanor. Above all, you are funny, free and playful.

Cancer color

For those born in Cancer, no color is better than blue. Like a nurse, you take great care of those who are important to you in life. Indeed, you are compassionate, gentle and kind, and have a big heart and a strong mind.

Leo color

The aura color of Leo born is golden. You, and people like you, seek exciting adventures, are natural leaders, and have a clear purpose in life. Getting attention is one thing you live for.

Virgo color

Bluish green is the aura color of people born in Virgo. Having a sensitive soul, having many thoughts and opinions, and the power of professional analysis are among your characteristics.

Libra color

Born in Libra has a pink aura color. Thus, born this month, you are an energetic being, full of love for life, kind and magnificent. Also, you always like to look good and you tend to make others feel good. But sometimes this may cause others not to expect to see your bad mood.

Scorpio color

Born in Scorpio, he/she has a burgundy aura color. Therefore, you have a deep and indescribable passion for things and people. Your anger is a lot in some cases and this causes others to misunderstand you.

Sagittarius color

Light ocean blue is the aura color of people born in Sagittarius. Passionate, risk-taking, thinker, gambler and always traveling are your characteristics.

Capricorn color

Well, as a Capricorn, you are creative and confident. You also have a great desire to do great things. That is why the color of your aura is purple.

Aquarius color

The color cerulean corresponds to the aura of people born in Aquarius, which is a deep shade of indigo. Your outlook on life is different from others, but you can easily attract others to you. As a person born this month, you are respected, trusted by people, kind, brilliant, charismatic, full of love for life.

Pisces color

And for the last month, Pisces, the color of your aura is indigo. So it can be said that you are a very sensitive person, but you do not show this sensitivity. In addition, you have complex and deep thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Well, do you want to know more about the zodiac signs? Check the button below!

a graphic picture of zodiac signs

What is the relation between auras and chakras?

Before reaching the answer, it is better to get to know the chakra itself:

What is a chakra?

Chakra in Sanskrit means a spinning vortex of energy. Basically, chakras are energy centers in the body of each person, which are responsible for distributing energy throughout the body. These centers continuously receive and send energies. There are 7 types of chakras, each of which corresponds to a specific part of the body and has its own colors. Depending on whether each of your chakras is open or closed, you may experience various physical or emotional problems.

Different types of chakras, their colors and meanings

In general, there are 7 types of chakras:

  • Root Chakra
  • Sacral Chakra
  • Solar plexus Chakra
  • Heart Chakra
  • Throat Chakra
  • Third eye Chakra
  • Crown Chakra


Root Chakra (Muladhara)

The position of this chakra is in the lowest part of the spine near the coccyx. The color of this chakra is red. It symbolizes energy, stability, comfort and safety. The activeness of this chakra makes people have a positive view of their life and not be anxious about it.

Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)

The position of this chakra is in the lower abdomen and just above the pubic bone. The color of this chakra is orange. It is a symbol of sexuality, companionship, pleasure and emotions. Maintaining balance in this chakra creates a healthy life sexually, physically and mentally.

Solar plexus Chakra (Manipura)

The position of this chakra is in the abdomen and above the navel. Its color is yellow and it symbolizes strength, will and character. Because this chakra helps people to be determined to achieve their goals.

Heart Chakra (Anahata)

The position of this chakra is in the middle of the chest and its color is green. Love, compassion, honesty and acceptance are symbols of this chakra. Because green is the color of renewal and this chakra helps people to renew positive feelings in their hearts.

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

The position of this chakra is from the bottom of the throat to the eyes. Its color is blue and it symbolizes creativity, inspiration, expression and communication. Because this chakra increases people’s ability to communicate better and see things more clearly.

Third eye chakra (Ajna)

The location of this chakra is right between the two eyebrows and the middle of the forehead. Its color is indigo and slightly purple. It is a symbol of intuition, meditation, trust and clarity. Because this chakra connects people with their spiritual world.

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Just above the head, this chakra is located and its color is purple. It is a symbol of knowledge, awareness, spirituality and realization. Because the crown chakra is related to the soul and divine things.

a graphic picture of chakras and their colors

Connection of auras and chakras

Each person is born with a set of spiritual colors. To know the spiritual colors, it is important to know the aura, chakras and the connection between them. Earlier we read about aura and chakra and found out what exactly they are.

Aura is the circuit of energy around the physical body of each person and chakra is the center of energy inside the physical body of each person. The mood and morals of each person can change the colors of the aura, but the colors of the chakras are deeper and remain constant most of the time. Unless a major external event causes the chakra to change color, which is rare.

However, keeping the auras clean and keeping the chakras active as well as maintaining the balance of each of them makes the person’s body, soul, mind and psyche healthy and makes him progress in his worldly and spiritual life.

a graphic picture of the relation between aura and chakra

Last line

Each aura color represents the thoughts, desires, behaviors and intentions of each person at different times. These colors actually represent the colors of our soul. As bright and bold as these colors are; A person’s soul is also stronger, healthier and happier.

On the other hand, the color of the aura is constantly changing based on the energy level of each person. With 10 to 15 minutes of daily practice to see the aura and paying attention to the continuous cleaning of the aura, you can know your weaknesses and strengths and try to become a better version of yourself.

Wish you all a very colorful and happy day!


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