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Emojis. We’re using them a lot these days. There are many kinds of emojis, and each of them has a meaning. There are heart emojis, face emojis, flags, signs, flowers, etc. these emojis form a vast part of our communications. We can add emojis to our text to express our feelings better and more vividly. In some cases, emojis can even show a reaction or emotion more effectively without using words. In other words, emojis can be more explanatory than words. So, it is clear that emojis are integral for our virtual and online communications. We use some of these emojis more than the others, such as faces and heart emojis. Obviously, we have seen different colors for heart emojis. But do we know what each connotes? here, we’re going to discuss different heart emoji meaning.

What do they say or indicate? If not, don’t go anywhere. Because in today’s article, we’re going to talk about different colors of heart emojis and what they mean?

Red heart emoji meaning

The red heart emoji is probably one of the most-used emojis among all the others. We usually use the red heart (the classical sign of love) to express our feelings of love and romance. It can show passion and deep love. This tiny red heart indicates warm emotions as well. It can also mean gratitude, love, happiness, hope, or even flirtatiousness.
This emoji directly shows love and feelings. So, using a red heart can say enough, and you won’t need to say many words to make it clear. How often do you use the red heart emoji? Who do you mostly send it to?
What do YOU mean when you use it?!!

Pink sparkle heart emoji meaning

The sparkle or shimmering pink heart emoji indicated love and affection. The love of sparkle emoji comes with a sense of happiness, joy, and a sweet tone. It is playful and cute. But usually, it doesn’t show deep and heavy romance. The ink is a color of femininity and romance. The pink heart is not as passionate as a red one, but yet, it conveys the meaning of love and caring.
You can use a pink heart emoji in more happy and friendly situations.
When was the last time you used a shimmering heart for anyone?

Purple heart emoji

The purple color is utterly unique and special in itself. It also brings the same feeling to the emoji. The purple heart represents a classic depiction of the heart. It mainly conveys concepts of love, support, or deep and close bonds. Because of its color, it can also show appreciation for things that are associated with the color purple. People also use the purple heart emoji online to represent the Purple Heart in the U.S. military. The Purple Heart is a medal awarded for wounds received in action against an enemy or as a direct result of an act of the enemy.

Blue heart emoji

The blue color is so many people’s favorite color. It’s also rare and not as popular as the red heart; which makes it even more special. It illustrates a classic depiction of the heart in blue color. A blue heart emoji means love, support, and happiness. Sending someone a blue heart can convey stable and deep love. It can also stimulate feelings of admiration and excitement; specifically toward things that share any kind of connection with the color.
Originally, people often use the emoji as a sign to support raising awareness for autism. 
It’s also known as Brand heart or Neutral Heart.

Yellow heart emoji

Yellow is the color of joy, happiness, and friendliness. The yellow also shows energy. So, we can guess what the emoji means. A heart emoji colored yellow shows love, just like all the other heart emojis. It can connote concepts of liking and friendship, which is the opposite of red (symbol of romance).

Using the emoji in your communications indicates happiness and excitement. The social app Snapchat introduced the symbolism of the color yellow in 2015. At The time, Snapchat represented the yellow heart emoji to represent two users who are Best Friends. The person to whom you send the most messages (snaps) to and receive the most snaps from. 

Green heart emoji

A green heart emoji, how does it make you feel?
Do you use it a lot (at all)??

Apart from its color, it’s a heart icon. And as always, first of all, it indicates love, affection, and feelings. But what kind of love? It shows possessive love. Some people may find this kind of love annoying or even bad or negative! We mostly associate green with envy and jealousy. On the bright side, it can also convey close bonds and support.

You can use it when you don’t want to express serious feelings. A green heart is a good choice for thanking some as well. So, its meaning sort of depends on the person and situation. Having said that, we better be careful about this emoji.

Orange heart emoji 

What do you think about this one? Any ideas? The combination of orange color and heart icon! What does it say? The orange color symbolizes warmth, joy, happiness, and energy. It also represents heat and sunshine, enthusiasm and creativity. Last but not least, the orange shows encouragement and success. Using orange heart emoji indicates that you only wish to stay friends and have nothing mutual. You can also show comfort, great care, and serenity by sending this emoji.

White heart emoji

People use the white heart icon to say someone is passing away. The white color is the symbol of purity, peacefulness, and cleanliness. Accordingly, a white heart emoji shows pure and innocent love and affection. Again, depending on the person you’re sending it to, its meaning can differ. If somebody sends you the emoji, They intend to say they love you dearly. Or that they have a special place in their heart for you. 

Black heart emoji

Here’s my favorite one. I deeply love this emoji. How about you?

It’s a common belief that a black heart is a sign of morbidity, sorrow, and sadness. It symbolizes emptiness and lack of emotions. A large number of people associate black with lifeless and depressing feelings. The black heart emoji can be demonstrative of heartless and cruel people ( I highly disagree). This emoji comes with a variety of symbols such as death, anguish, and evil.
What does it mean to you? How often and for what purpose do you use it? 
Feel free to share your opinions with us
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  1. Conclusion


Emojis alongside words can improve our way of communicating with each other. In other words, emojis are the equivalent of the faces we make in the real world. We’re happy: we laugh. We’re sad: we make the long face. We’re sad: we cry, etc.

Emojis help us to express our feelings better. But we need to know what each of them means; so we can use them correctly. Because using the wrong ones may cause misunderstanding. And sometimes, ONLY emojis can say enough. 

Color psychology

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